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Latest Episode: Family Scrapbook

Jun 20, 1963 Season 6 Episode 39 watch on (Subscription)

When June finds a dusty family scrapbook while cleaning, the Cleavers gather to look through it and reminisce.

Most Interesting Character

Jun 25, 1959 Season 2 Episode 39

When Judy chooses her father as the subject for her "Most Interesting Character" assignment, Beaver follows suit and decides to write about Ward.
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Found Money

Jun 18, 1959 Season 2 Episode 38

When Larry's mother, Mrs. Mondello, refuses to give him money so that he and Beaver can go to the carnival, Larry comes up with a scheme.
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Beaver the Athlete

Jun 11, 1959 Season 2 Episode 37

Determined to prove he's a good athlete after receiving a poor grade in physical education, Beaver signs up for a "girls vs. boys" baseball league.
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Forgotten Party

Jun 04, 1959 Season 2 Episode 36

Beaver hurts his friend David Manning's feelings when he forgets that he's given his word to attend his upcoming birthday party.
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The Cookie Fund

May 28, 1959 Season 2 Episode 35

While looking after the class cookie fund, Beaver and Larry are swindled out of $3 by a new kid named Roger.
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Wally's Haircomb

May 21, 1959 Season 2 Episode 34

Inspired by Eddie's new haircut, Wally begins greasing his hair into a flop-top style, much to the chagrin of his mother.
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Dance Contest

May 14, 1959 Season 2 Episode 33

Wally discovers that Mary Ellen Rogers has signed the two of them up to be contestants in a cha-cha dance competition.
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Beaver's Sweater

Apr 30, 1959 Season 2 Episode 31

Beaver convinces his parents to buy him a sweater he spotted in a store window. But Judy Hensler has come to school wearing the exact same sweater!
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Beaver's Newspaper

Apr 23, 1959 Season 2 Episode 30

Beaver and Larry decide to have an old typewriter they found in the garage fixed so they can start their own newspaper.
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Beaver Says Good-bye

Apr 16, 1959 Season 2 Episode 29

When his dad tells him he's made an offer on a new house, Beaver informs everyone at school that he's moving.
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Beaver's Hero

Apr 09, 1959 Season 2 Episode 28

After realizing that his father was in the war with President Eisenhower, Beaver brags about his dad to all of his classmates the next day.
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A Horse Named Nick

Apr 02, 1959 Season 2 Episode 27

When Wally and Beaver take jobs at the local carnival, Ward and June sense their sons aren't being treated fairly.
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Price of Fame

Mar 26, 1959 Season 2 Episode 26

Convinced that the school principal keeps a "spanking machine" in her closet, Beaver snoops around her office and gets himself locked inside.
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Beaver and Gilbert

Mar 19, 1959 Season 2 Episode 25

Beaver becomes fast friends with his new neighbor, Gilbert. But Gilbert has a habit of telling tall tales, which starts a rift between the two boys.
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The Bus Ride

Mar 12, 1959 Season 2 Episode 24

June and Ward employ Wally to escort Beaver on a bus trip to his friend Billy Payton's house for a weekend visit.
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Beaver Gets Adopted

Feb 26, 1959 Season 2 Episode 22

Ward, June and Wally accuse Beaver of jealousy when he breaks Wally's trophy by accident. Hurt by the accusations, Beaver consults an adoption agency.
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The Tooth

Feb 19, 1959 Season 2 Episode 21

Beaver's apprehension over going to the dentist balloons into outright fear when his friends at school tell him horror stories about "the drill."
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Beaver's Pigeons

Feb 12, 1959 Season 2 Episode 20

Beaver comes home with a pair of pigeons. But when Beaver comes down with the chicken pox, Wally is forced to take care of the birds in his stead.
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Wally's Pug Nose

Feb 05, 1959 Season 2 Episode 19

Wally wallows in self-consciousness when Gloria, the new girl in school, tells him that he has a "pug nose."
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The Garage Painters

Jan 29, 1959 Season 2 Episode 18

Inspired by the adventures of Tom Sawyer, Wally and Beaver decide to paint the garage doors to earn a little extra money. But the task turns chaotic.
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Beaver Plays Hooky

Jan 22, 1959 Season 2 Episode 17

Hoping to avoid the wrath of Miss Landers for being late to class for the third time in a week, Beaver and Larry decide to play hooky.
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Wally's Present

Jan 01, 1959 Season 2 Episode 14

Beaver goes to the local five and dime to buy Wally a birthday gift. But he allows himself to be swayed into spending the money on himself!
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Happy Weekend

Dec 25, 1958 Season 2 Episode 13

Even though Wally and Beaver would rather go to the movies, Ward insists that the family take a trip to a rustic cabin in Shadow Lake.
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The Visiting Aunts

Dec 18, 1958 Season 2 Episode 12

Wally and Beaver's plans to go to the town carnival are spoiled when the family gets a surprise visit from their Aunt Martha.
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School Play

Dec 11, 1958 Season 2 Episode 11

Beaver's debut as an actor gets off to rocky start when he's cast in the school play as a giant canary -- a part he's ill-equipped to play.
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Wally's New Suit

Dec 04, 1958 Season 2 Episode 10

Wally convinces Ward and June to let him pick out his own suit for the upcoming school dance. But the Cleavers come to regret their decision.
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The Pipe

Nov 27, 1958 Season 2 Episode 9

Beaver and Larry sneak into Ward's things and ruin the antique pipe he's received as a present from his friend Fred Rutherford.
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The Shave

Nov 20, 1958 Season 2 Episode 8

When his teammates tease him about his "baby face," Wally tries to remedy his lack of facial hair by breaking into his father's shaving supplies.
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Beaver's Ring

Nov 13, 1959 Season 2 Episode 7

Beaver breaks the promise he made to his Aunt Martha when he takes the family heirloom ring she's just given him to school to show it off.
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Her Idol

Nov 06, 1958 Season 2 Episode 6

Beaver's friendship with Linda Dennison falls under the scrutiny of his other friends when he and Linda climb a tree to do some bird watching.
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The Lost Watch

Oct 30, 1958 Season 2 Episode 5

Beaver finds himself in a tight spot when Wally's friends ask him to guard their personal belongings while they play basketball.
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Beaver and Chuey

Oct 23, 1958 Season 2 Episode 4

Beaver's on the receiving end of another one of Eddie's cruel jokes when he asks him for help in communicating with his new Spanish-speaking friend.
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Ward's Problem

Oct 16, 1958 Season 2 Episode 3

Ward makes plans to take Wally on a fishing trip on the very same weekend that he promised to take Beaver to his school's father-son picnic.
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Eddie's Girl

Oct 09, 1958 Season 2 Episode 2

Eddie says Caroline Cunningham is his girl. When he and Wally pay her a visit, she immediately falls for Wally and asks him to the upcoming dance.
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Beaver's Poem

Oct 02, 1958 Season 2 Episode 1

Ward gets himself into hot water when, instead of helping Beaver with his poetry assignment, he does the entire project all by himself.
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