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Latest Episode: Family Scrapbook

Jun 20, 1963 Season 6 Episode 39 watch on (Subscription)

When June finds a dusty family scrapbook while cleaning, the Cleavers gather to look through it and reminisce.

Cat Out of the Bag

Jul 16, 1958 Season 1 Episode 39

When the Donaldsons go out of town, Beaver and Wally are given the responsibility of looking after their cat, Puff Puff.
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Beaver's Guest

Jul 02, 1958 Season 1 Episode 38

Larry plans to spend the weekend at Beaver's house, which promises to be lots of fun -- that is, until the two friends get into a fight.
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Beaver Runs Away

Jun 25, 1958 Season 1 Episode 37

After succumbing to pressure from Larry to use Ward's new drill, Beaver damages the garage wall and gets into big trouble.
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Beaver and Henry

Jun 18, 1958 Season 1 Episode 36

An animal has been chewing up June's flowers. But in the process of trying to catch the culprit, Beaver traps a rabbit and insists on keeping it.
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Boarding School

Jun 11, 1958 Season 1 Episode 35

Impressed by his old friend's stories from military school, Wally starts thinking that he'd like the same experience.
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Beaver's Bad Day

Jun 04, 1958 Season 1 Episode 34

After ripping a pair of expensive pants at a construction site he was told not to visit, Beaver makes up an incredible lie to tell his parents.
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Wally's Job

May 28, 1958 Season 1 Episode 33

Wally is excited when Ward offers him a job painting garbage cans for 50 cents each. But Wally soon learns Eddie got paid $3 a can for the same job.
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Beaver's Old Friend

May 21, 1958 Season 1 Episode 32

While cleaning out the garage, Beaver stumbles upon his favorite childhood teddy bear.
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New Doctor

May 14, 1958 Season 1 Episode 31

When Wally comes down with a sore throat, June, Ward and Dr. Bradley all pay careful attention to him, which makes Beaver jealous.
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Music Lesson

May 07, 1958 Season 1 Episode 30

Beaver feels neglected when Ward and June make a fuss about Wally making the baseball team, and wants to impress his family with his own abilities.
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Tenting Tonight

Apr 30, 1958 Season 1 Episode 29

Ward plans a camping trip. But when Ward gets called into the office and his outdoor adventure falls apart, Beaver and Wally go camping anyway.
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Next Door Indians

Apr 23, 1958 Season 1 Episode 28

To impress Wally's friends, Beaver lies and tells them an Indian battle occurred in a nearby lot. Beaver is under pressure to prove that it's true.
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My Brother's Girl

Apr 16, 1958 Season 1 Episode 27

Wally is planning on going stag to eighth-grade dance. Mary Ellen Rogers wants Wally to take her instead, and turns to Beaver for help.
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Train Trip

Apr 09, 1958 Season 1 Episode 26

The boys convince their Aunt Martha to let them buy their own tickets home.
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The Broken Window

Apr 02, 1958 Season 1 Episode 25

After Eddie accidentally knocks a baseball through the Cleavers' window, Ward forbids anyone to play ball near the house.
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The State vs. Beaver

Mar 26, 1958 Season 1 Episode 24

Ward builds Beaver his very own soapbox racecar. Beaver knows he's not supposed to ride it without supervision, but he disobeys the rule.
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Beaver and Poncho

Mar 21, 1958 Season 1 Episode 23

After finding a stray Chihuahua, Ward tries to find the dog's real owner, while Beaver and Wally become attached to their new furry friend.
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The Perfect Father

Mar 14, 1958 Season 1 Episode 22

Ward becomes jealous when Mr. Dennison starts to act like more of a father to Wally and Beaver than he can because of his busy work schedule.
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Cleaning Up Beaver

Mar 07, 1958 Season 1 Episode 21

To impress girls, Wally cleans himself up and starts paying attention to his appearance. Ward and June try to encourage Beaver to follow suit.
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Lonesome Beaver

Feb 28, 1958 Season 1 Episode 20

Wally attends a meeting for the Boy Scouts, which Beaver is too young to join.
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The Bank Account

Feb 14, 1958 Season 1 Episode 19

They planned to save their loose change to buy baseball gear for themselves, but now they have their eyes on a different purchase.
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Child Care

Feb 07, 1958 Season 1 Episode 18

After hearing that the Cleaver boys are dependable, the Wilsons ask Wally and Beaver to babysit their young daughter.
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The Paper Route

Jan 31, 1958 Season 1 Episode 17

Wally and Beaver find jobs delivering newspapers when Ward refuses to give them money to buy new bikes. But the boys need help.
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Lumpy Rutherford

Jan 24, 1958 Season 1 Episode 16

Inspired by one of Ward's stories, Wally and Beaver play a practical joke on Lumpy Rutherford, the neighborhood bully who's been picking on them.
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Party Invitation

Jan 17, 1958 Season 1 Episode 15

After accepting an invitation to Linda Dennison's birthday party, Beaver finds out that no other boys were asked to come.
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Part Time Genius

Jan 10, 1958 Season 1 Episode 14

Results from a test show that Beaver is the smartest person in his class. Beaver's principal suggests that Beaver transfer to a school for the gifted.
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Voodoo Magic

Jan 03, 1958 Season 1 Episode 13

Eddie convinces Wally and Beaver to go see a horror movie, which the boys had promised their parents they wouldn't watch.
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The Perfume Salesmen

Dec 27, 1957 Season 1 Episode 12

In order to win a brand-new movie projector, Beaver and Wally team up to sell bottles of perfume around the neighborhood.
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Beaver's Short Pants

Dec 13, 1957 Season 1 Episode 11

With June out of town, Aunt Martha comes to help take care of the Cleaver boys, much to Wally and Beaver's chagrin.
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Wally's Girl Trouble

Dec 06, 1957 Season 1 Episode 10

Beaver is left alone when Wally starts dating Penny. But after the couple breaks up, Beaver selflessly decides to help his brother win Penny back.
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Beaver's Crush

Nov 22, 1957 Season 1 Episode 8

Everyone at school notices that Beaver likes his beautiful teacher, Miss Canfield, so they start calling him a teacher's pet.
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Water, Anyone?

Nov 15, 1957 Season 1 Episode 7

The Cleaver boys want to buy baseball uniforms, but they're broke. Wally lands a job and works slowly. Beaver also finds a way to make lots of money!
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New Neighbors

Nov 01, 1957 Season 1 Episode 5

Beaver delivers flowers to the family's new next-door neighbors, the Donaldsons. Mrs. Donaldson surprises Beaver by giving him a peck on the cheek.
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The Haircut

Oct 25, 1957 Season 1 Episode 4

Beaver's in hot water because he keeps losing his lunch money. After he loses his haircut money, too, Beaver decides to cut his own hair.
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The Black Eye

Oct 18, 1957 Season 1 Episode 3

When Beaver brings a black eye home from school, Ward vows to teach the boy how to fight.
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Captain Jack

Oct 11, 1957 Season 1 Episode 2

Without getting their parents' permission, Wally and Beaver order a baby alligator through the mail. The boys hide their new pet in the bathroom.
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Beaver Gets 'Spelled'

Oct 04, 1957 Season 1 Episode 1

After his teacher hands him a sealed note to take home to his parents, Beaver starts to believe he's being expelled.
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