Law & Order Season 18
It’s a new day for law and order. Jeremy Sisto joins the cast as the unorthodox and unapologetic Detective Cyrus Lupo, Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) move (more…)
Law & Order Season 16
The longest-running crime series and second longest-running drama series in television history just keeps getting better. Season 16 follows Detectives (more…)
Scoring, Not Hurting
Claire interviews a woman about a sex tape linked to the suspect in a rape case.
Swann's Promise
The detectives find a businessman and ask him some questions about his partner.
Foreign Business
The detectives speak to a travel agent about his business dealings in Colombia.
Video Evidence
The detectives examine a tape to find clues in a mysterious case.
These Are Their Stories
We went out into the streets of New York City to find out if people could recite the opening line to the original Law & Order. Some fared better than (more…)
Back To Trial
A case from Van Buren s past comes back for another round at a trial.
What's Your Alibi?
After being seen arguing with a man who winds up dead, the police question a mechanic s whereabouts.
Wise Words
Claire goes to Mac and recieves some unsettling pieces of advice about her choice to be a lawyer.
A Disturbing Twist
When Detectives Logan and Briscoe question the daughter of a murdered man, the investigation takes a sudden turn.
The Shooting
Detective Logan s partner is shot and killed in front of his home.
Searching For A Cop Killer
Detective Logan discovers who may have killed his partner and will stop at nothing to find him.
Curtis Snaps
Detective Curtis loses it with an antagonizing criminal.
Coming In January
Kick off your New Year right with a Law & Order marathon! The drama comes to WE tv in January!