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May 17, 2010 Season 20 Episode 22 watch on (Paid)

A crew from a reality television show discovers a dead man's body locked in a dog cage.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: Venom

Apr 04, 1997 Season 7 Episode 18

Detective "Fin" Tutuola is torn between his family and "the system" when his son Ken Randall is roughed up and arrested for digging in a vacant lot late at night.
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Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: Class

Mar 27, 1997 Season 7 Episode 17

A Hudson University co-ed, Caroline Pereira, dependent on financial aid, is found murdered with an unexplained influx of cash.
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Law and Order: Criminal Intent: Reunion

Mar 20, 1997 Season 7 Episode 16

When the host of TV's "Rock 'n' Talk" Sylvia Rhodes (Joan Jett), is bludgeoned to death with a champagne bottle, Logan (Chris Noth) and Wheeler's (Julianne Nicholson) investigation delves into the seamy music world. The last known person to see Sylvia alive was her assistant Ava Reese (Denise Ramirez).
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Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: Rockabye

Jan 08, 1997 Season 7 Episode 9

A teenage girl runs away from home to get an abortion and winds up brutally attacked -- killing her unborn child.
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Law and Order: Criminal Intent: Seeds

Sep 25, 1996 Season 7 Episode 2

Brothers Eli (Michael O'Keefe) and Zach (Steven Cambria) Rush are ob-gyn doctors and share a practice when one night after the two argue Zach is brutally murdered. Logan (Chris Noth) and Falacci (Alicia Witt) find a speculum on the floor and the victim fully clothed. A nurse says there was a recent problem with a patient because Zach talked her into aborting a baby against her husband's wishes, but the husband has an alibi for the murder, so the cops instead investigate Zach's teenaged son, Jason (August Emerson).
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