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Jan 21, 2006 Season 1 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

Andres Voychek (Lothaire Bluteau) is the doorman for an elegant upper Eastside building, and he's just saved a tenant from a homeless man who attacked her. The homeless man, Billy Ashford, was beaten and dies shortly thereafter, and Voychek is cuffed and mirandized. The victim, Abigail Phillips (Tristine Skyler), is appalled that her "hero" has been arrested. It looks like the kind of case where the bad guy is actually the good guy, so Voychek is released on his own recognizance, and defends his actions in front of the Grand Jury. Abigail also testifies, and claims Ashford had been stalking her for the last four months. But Ravell (Scott Cohen) discovers that the stalker calls to Abigail were from a pre-paid cell phone that matches the phone Voychek used to call 911, and they realize he is the stalker instead.

Boys Will Be Boys

May 06, 2005 Season 1 Episode 12

Prosecutors must find the one real murderer when father and son confess to killing a transvestite -- Prosecutors Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth) and Gaffney (Amy Carlson) are stymied when a young man (guest star Victor Rasuk) confesses to killing a transvestite upon discovering that the "she" was a "he" -- just before the suspect's controlling father (guest star Giancarlo Esposito) also admits that he pummeled the victim to death in self-defense. Besides being whipsawed between two divergent confessions, the suspicious assistant D.A.s can't seem to turn one against the other, prompting a determined Kibre to reach into her legal bag of tricks to force the issue in court. Kirk Acevedo, Fred Dalton Thompson and Scott Cohen ("NYPD Blue") also star.
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Day Law & Order

May 03, 2005 Season 1 Episode 11

Kibre works with Detectives Stabler and Benson to prosecute a serial rapist in conclusive crossover episode with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. -- In the conclusion of a two-part crossover with "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," A.D.A. Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth) works with Detectives Stabler and Benson (guest stars Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay from NBC's "SVU") to prosecute a serial rapist Gabriel (guest star Alfred Molina) whose trail of victims through the years has been whitewashed by his wealthy and protective mother Eleanor (guest star Angela Lansbury). Kibre must also overcome witness intimidation -- and even sees her crucial DNA evidence tossed out -- but the slippery suspect's lawyer has yet another surprise under his sleeve. This episode also features guest stars Bradley Cooper, Larry King, and Rita Moreno. Amy Carlson, Kirk Acevedo, Scott Cohen and Fred Dalton Thompson also star.
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Blue Wall

Apr 29, 2005 Season 1 Episode 10

Resolute Kibre prosecutes case against two officers who murder gay suspect in custody despite heavy political pressure -- Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth) is handed a political bombshell when she is asked to prosecute two police officers, Petro and Tolbert (guest stars Domenick Lombardozzi and Mike Colter, respectively) for their murky roles in the murder of a gay prisoner who was fatally sodomized with a police nightstick -- but she clashes with Detective Ravell (Scott Cohen) who confronts the "the blue wall" in his search for truth. Under federal pressure for a conviction, a conscience-stricken Ravell causes more problems when he tries to protect one of the cops and his young family by withholding vital evidence. Amy Carlson, Kirk Acevedo and Fred Dalton Thompson also star.
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The Line

Apr 22, 2005 Season 1 Episode 9

Will Kibre take desperate measures to re-convict a released killer? -- Against good advice, Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth) goes full out to re-try a convicted multiple murderer (guest star Gabriel Casseus) who is released due to falsified evidence -- but she is hardly helped by frightened and kinky witnesses while the manipulative suspect seems to counter her every move with his pricey lawyers. As her fragile case continues to dissolve, Kibre hopes for a break from a witness or forensic evidence -- and alienates partner Gaffney (Amy Carlson) when she ponders contorting ethical rules if necessary. Fred Dalton Thompson, Kirk Acevedo and Scott Cohen ("NYPD Blue") also star.
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Apr 14, 2005 Season 1 Episode 8

Trial By Jury resumes crossover story from "Law & Order" as Kibre struggles to make a case against career criminal after detective is shot: Dennis Farina and Richard Belzer among guest stars -- Continuing a crossover episode from "Law & Order," A.D.A. Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth) prosecutes an elusive career criminal Lucas (guest star Ritchie Coster) for the murder of a sleazy ex-cop and the shooting of a detective. As A.D.A. Kibre's office works with Detective Fontana (Dennis Farina, "Law & Order"), they discover their prime suspect might also be a producer of "snuff" pornography. When a sting goes bad and a shocking courtroom development cuts the legs from under her case, Kibre's career teeters on finding why the shootings were committed in the first place. Richard Belzer ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit") guest-stars in a record sixth different series as Detective Munch ("Homicide," "Law & Order," "X Files" and "The Beat"). Jesse L, Martin and S. Epatha Merkerson from "Law & Order," as well as Amy Carlson, Kirk Acevedo, Fred Dalton Thompson and Scott Cohen ("NYPD Blue") also star.
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Bang & Blame

Apr 08, 2005 Season 1 Episode 7

Gun-shooting bank employee trips up Kibre when he represents himself in court -- When a bank worker (guest star Jeff Perry) casually shoots a customer to death and wounds others, the seemingly mentally unstable man runs rings around an exasperated A.D.A. Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth) in court when he asks to defend himself and exploits his claim of extreme emotional distress due to the tragic death of his son. But Kibre and Gaffney (Amy Carlson) must regain their footing before the jury through old-fashioned detective work which reveals critical holes in the murderer's persistent claim that he has been victimized by everyone. Carey Lowell guest stars as Judge Jamie Ross. Fred Dalton Thompson, Kirk Acevedo and Scott Cohen ("NYPD Blue") also star.
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Pattern of Conduct

Apr 01, 2005 Season 1 Episode 6

Star basketball player suspected of murder plays tough 'D' on court and in court -- A.D.A. Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth) faces an obstacle course when she prosecutes a famous pro basketball player Jackson (guest star Damaine Radcliff) for killing his girlfriend but first she must get past the starstruck grand jury, a legion of fans, a savvy defense lawyer and the player's beautiful trophy wife Tiffany (guest star Sherri Saum) who's determined to hang on to what she's got. Although other women have been assaulted by the defendant, Kibre and Gaffney (Amy Carlson) have a difficult time getting them to testify and new evidence that the victim had previously attempted suicide adds to the complexities of this case. Fred Dalton Thompson, Kirk Acevedo and Scott Cohen ("NYPD Blue") also star.
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Baby Boom

Mar 25, 2005 Season 1 Episode 5

Kibre and Gaffney butt heads with judge in murder prosecution of young nanny -- Assistant District Attorneys Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth) and Gaffney (Amy Carlson) prosecute a young nanny Katie (guest star Elizabeth Moss) who is accused of murder for shaking an infant and bashing in her head -- but they run into a stone wall when the presiding Judge Patel (guest star Aasif Mandvi) intentionally blocks every move they make. After Kibre rejects Gaffney's desperate offer to resign to blunt the judge's irrational ire, they discover the tough defense attorney has coached his client well and intends to point the finger of murder elsewhere. Bruce Davison guest stars as Defense Attorney Peter Betts and Candice Bergen guest stars as Judge Amanda Anderlee. Kirk Acevedo, Fred Dalton Thompson and Scott Cohen ("NYPD Blue") also star.
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Truth or Consequences

Mar 18, 2005 Season 1 Episode 4

Prosecutors face three common suspects in search of young woman's murderer -- Peter Gerety (HBO's "The Wire") guest stars as Dean Conners, the court appointed defense attorney. After a young woman is raped and murdered, A.D.A.s Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth) and Gaffney (Amy Carlson) are stymied by a triangle of suspects -- three friends, including a rich boy Justin (guest star Warren Blosjo), a bad boy Carter, (guest star Adam LaVorgna) and the victim's ex-boyfriend Danny (guest star Ebon Moss-Bachrach). As the prosecutors try to turn one against the other, they wonder who's playing whom. But when Danny seems the least likely to lie, Kibre wants to make a deal with him but she worries he might be manipulating the facts to gain the jury's sympathy. Fred Dalton Thompson also stars.
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Mar 11, 2005 Season 1 Episode 3

Kibre takes on unpopular case of prosecuting murderer of child molester -- Assistant District Attorneys Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth) and Gaffney (Amy Carlson) face the unpopular job of prosecuting a father (as Colby, Aidan Gillen) accused of murdering a paroled child molester who had approached his daughter. The case takes on an added twist when they investigate why his self-appointed lawyer (as Grizano, Lorraine Bracco) is so passionate about representing him. Later, new evidence about the pedophile's intentions is uncovered and District Attorney Branch (Fred Dalton Thompson) knows the unwelcome publicity fallout for his department could hurt his chance at reelection. Kirk Acevedo also stars.
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Mar 04, 2005 Season 1 Episode 2

Corruption charges surrounding execution of police officer forces Kibre to prosecute with caution -- When a police officer is executed by a career criminal (as Johnson, guest star Treach), A.D.A.s Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth) and Gaffney (Amy Carlson) must overcome the fact that the accused was shot 41 times by police -- not to mention the charges of police corruption leveled by the charismatic and cunning defense attorney (as LaSalle, guest star Peter Coyote). Kibre's plea for justice veers suddenly when evidence indicates that the killer might be a federal agent's snitch while she also fears that the jury will sympathize when they see the bandaged man wheeled into court for his trial. Fred Dalton Thompson and Kirk Acevedo also star.
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The Abominable Showman

Mar 03, 2005 Season 1 Episode 1

Newest 'Law & Order'-themed series premieres as Bebe Neuwirth stars as tough prosecutor looking to convict arrogant producer of murder; Jerry Orbach also stars; Candice Bergen and Annabella Sciorra guest-star -- The newest spinoff of the famed "Law & Order"-themed series premieres as tough New York Assistant D.A. Tracey Kibre (Emmy and Tony winner Bebe Neuwirth) tackles the murder of an aspiring Broadway actress but has little evidence to prosecute the suspect -- an acclaimed but arrogant theater producer (guest starring actor-director-producer Tony Bill) who smugly knows that the police have found no blood or even a body. Kibre is joined by her unflappable deputy A.D.A., Kelly Gaffney (Amy Carlson, NBC's "Third Watch"), as they work with Detectives Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) and Salazar (Kirk Acevedo, "Band of Brothers") to pursue physical evidence while the producer's attorney (Annabella Sciorra, "Jungle Fever") maneuvers to publicly portray the missing woman as promiscuous. Fred Dalton Thompson also stars and his fellow "Law & Order" star Sam Waterston guest-stars in their regular roles.
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