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Season Finale: "Frame" Season 7, Episode 22

So much happened before the opening credits I knew this was going to be a great episode. We see it was Goren’s mothers birthday and he is surprised to find a photo of him and his brother as kids left at her grave. In the opening we also see Goren’s brother Frank at a support meeting, then later in his apartment drugged out when a knock at the door reveals…Goren’s arch nemesis – Nicole Wallace ( Olivia d'Abo ) !After not reaching his brother on the phone the night before Goren decides to go to the apartment of his brother only to stumble upon a crime scene that has his brother as the victim. Preliminary police reports say Frank committed suicide by taking a nose dive out his apartment window. Eames and even Captain Ross investigate further into the case, and we learn from Dr. Rodgers that Frank was murdered by given a drug to stop breathing.Nicole sends “Bobbie” flowers at the precinct sealed with a kiss as a signature with a note that reads, ... read more

"Last Rites" Season 7, Episode 21

Okay I must admit, I had this episode on in the background tonight because I wanted to see how Logan was going to leave after all these years, but hearing the name BOTTNER like every two minutes pulled me out of retirement from this blog to recap it once last time. I mean that was just too weird a coincidence don’t ya think?So after 18 years since Logan interrogated his witness, tonight we witness Detective Mike Logan’s last case. The episode opened with a priest hearing the final confession of a man who says he committed two murders in The Bronx in 1992. The priest we learn was a friend of Lennie Briscoe's (played by the late Jerry Orbach), so Logan has to track down Briscoe's old partner. The problem with that is, the priest is still bound by his vows even though the murderer died after confession – so he is no help to Logan.The ADA was certainly not happy that Logan and Wheeler were digging into the Bottner case of a triple homicide that has been closed for 16 year... read more

Neighborhood Watch Season 7, Episode 20

The case of a mutilated body found in a creek produces a whole neighborhood of suspects when the investigation reveals the man was not welcome in the community. read more

Legacy Season 7, Episode 19

A student's death leads the detectives to uncover a private school's online culture, obsession with grades and secretive nature. read more

Ten Count Season 7, Episode 18

The investigation into a shooting at a nightclub involving an acquaintance of Logan's involves the shadowy world of amateur boxing. read more

"Vanishing Act” Season 7, Episode 17

Hi CI fans, so last night Goren and Eames were taken into the world of magic with their investigation. I will be posting a recap of last night’s episode later tonight, but in the meantime please comment away on your thoughts on last’s night crime solving.Added recap:Miles Stone, a David Blaine like magician buried himself alive for 31 days. When the TV crews arrive to witness his rise from the dead, they find the casket empty. Meanwhile on the other side of New York – old school magician Ray Carmine played by Christopher Lloyd (who looked like Abe Vigoda right?) does the old trick of swording the pretty assistant through a box – the box however reveals a punctured and dead Stone. Not surprising when Goren and Eames show up to scene of Carmine's show, we see that Goren knows all about magic tricks and demonstrates how the sword/box trick should have played out. The magician’s assistant Miranda fled the scene right after it happened, so Eames and Goren are le... read more

"Reunion" Season 7, Episode 16

TV “Rock n’ Talk” host Sylvia is found dead in her apartment, and Wheeler and Logan have to weed through the suspects to see who had most to gain by having her dead.Ruled out first is the stealing assistant who ran off with her con ex-boyfriend using a credit card she stole off her bosses dead body when she finally got around to coming over to program the VCR (“they still makes those?” I know right, Wheeler?). Next they move onto investigating the neighbor, which in a funny little twist leaves Wheeler star-stuck as her favorite musician from her high school days Jordie Black is a good friend of Sylvia’s. Jordie and his wife are looking innocent as the wife points the finger on Sylvia’s son Milo. Milo the day of her death was just announced to go on tour with Jordie and his old band, which from the looks of it did not make Sylvia too happy. When questioned, Milo seemed to leave out alot of what really happened that last night with his mother, but th... read more

"Kissinger" Season 7, Episode 15

This week’s episode kicked off with a lot of pieces to the puzzle of a hot shot stock analyst on Wall Street before the opening credits even rolled. He is shot dead in the park at night while walking his toddler home. Goren and Eames on the case; find him to have a relatively normal wealthy life – wife who works as a VP, a nanny, toddler taking lessons for everything, and an affair on the side. Goren and Eames interview the last two people to see Skip in the park that same day – Marla and her mother –in-law Eleanor. And wow, want a pushy mother-in-law she was! Before they get a lead on who could have wanted Skip dead – a second victim shows up dead in the same park also pushing a stroller. This time the victim was a woman but also a high profile worker on Wall Street; leading to the connection of maybe a little insider stock thing happening to connect the two murders. After talking to victim’s boss, that theory did not seem to hold up. Throwing a wre... read more

"Assassin" Season 7, Episode 14

I am sure we are all saddened over the casting swap news involving Chris Noth, but at least we got to see Wheeler and Logan on the case last night! This new USA schedule for our L&O:CI in not cooperating with me well. Ha! But I did tape this last night and we have it up as soon as I can I promise (unlike last time). In the meantime, please feel free to comment away on the episode or your thoughts on Noth leaving.Also, if you didn’t already be sure to read TV Guide’s diagnosis of Det. Goren .Added recap:Bela Kahn, Sri Lankan ambassador, survives an assassination attempt thanks to her poor young personal assistant sacrificing her own life. Detectives Wheeler and Logan arrive on the scene to find the assassin was gunned down by Kahn’s bodyguards, but not before he shot off a few rounds. At first the detectives believe that the bodyguard has something to do with it, as the shooter was waiting for them in the kitchen and it was his idea to leave that way.The story ... read more

"Betrayal" Season 7, Episode 13

Tonight’s episode was focused on Captain Ross when an old friend’s (and former flame) younger husband goes missing. Goren and Eames are still not speaking as they are put on this case which shows nothing has been resolved with that or the rat.The young husband of Kathy a crime writer and ex-cop goes missing, and is suspected to have been the victim of a carjacking. We see that Woody was not alone and was running away with a girl his age named Avery – who also happened to be married and to an older man named Roy. This whole episode I found kind of lacking, and in the end predictable. For a minute there in the middle I thought it was Roy that had something to do with it, but then when Kathy was wiring the money to Mexico- I knew something was up. So Kathy had murdered her second husband and now Woody because they had cheated on her and all these years has been using the Captain as her ally in the police department. In the end you did feel for the Captain- especially whe... read more

"Contract" Season 7, Episode 12

Not to fret CI fans, I didn’t get a chance to see Wheeler’s return last night; however I will put a recap up as soon as I can this week. In the meantime, please use this space to voice your thoughts on the new episode. read more

"Purgatory" Season 7, Episode 11

Law & Order: CI is finally back after the strike, and it seems like we didn’t miss much while the show was away. Detective Goren has been on suspension – aka purgatory- now for 5 months after going “nuts” back in January after his unofficial undercover work in a prison. We find Goren in his neighbor bar when he is approached by Mike Stoat, a former cop who is also on suspension for six months for drug use while undercover. Stoat offers Goren a job for extra money while on suspension, and gives him a gun while he ponders over accepting it. Umm, not the smartest thing ya think to give Goren a gun?!Meanwhile in the precinct, Eames is assigned a triple murder case linked to a drug lord, John Testarossa. Captain Ross allocates Eames a temporary partner Detective Daniels to help solve the crime. Throughout the episode we see Eames trying to get into contact with Goren but is ignored. She even runs into him on the street finally – and Goren totally gives her t... read more

"Senseless" Season 7, Episode 10

In this last episode of 2007 we start off in flashbacks in 1995 of two young boys in a Barber shop. As we flash forward through the years we see two boys and a girl in a playground throughout the years. When we get to present day; things are not looking good for the now teenage year friends. They are gunned down in the park by three suspecting gang members, but why? Major Case sends Logan and Falacci to try and make sense of this truly senseless crime of three bright college freshmen. The two boys did not make it, the twin sister of one of the boys, Naomi, is barely hanging on after being shot in the stomach. After 48 hours on the case, the detectives still have nothing much to report, but they catch a break when Naomi wakes up in the hospital and is able to give a description of the three boys that were involved.The police sketches bring the case back to the two boys from the Barber Shop – Hector and Paco. Paco, the younger brother who is an honor student, is the first one bro... read more

Untethered Season 7, Episode 9

Goren's inmate nephew believes he witnessed a murder, so Goren goes undercover in the mental ward to investigate the possible crime. read more

Offense Season 7, Episode 8

A witness in a well-publicized rape trial is found dead. Evidence points to the college football-team members being prosecuted for the rape, but further investigation reveals a connection to an attorney with an agenda. read more

Self-made Season 7, Episode 7

A writer is found tortured and murdered, and clues lead Goren and Eames to suspects in her lavish literary circle and the gritty urban society she called her roots. read more

Courtship Season 7, Episode 6

A corrupt judge's wife is shot, and suspects include a private investigator who doesn't exactly follow the law and a couple in the middle of a bitter divorce. Steve Guttenberg guest stars. read more

Depths Season 7, Episode 5

The case of a dead diver causes tension to surface between the department and the FBI over possible terrorist connections. Goren and Eames' probe, however, leads them to the treacherous world of deep-sea treasure hunters. read more

Lonelyville Season 7, Episode 4

A woman is found strangled in Japanese bondage ropes, and the only clue to her identity is a pair of emerald earrings she was wearing. read more

Smile Season 7, Episode 3

A dentist's murder leads detectives on the trail of counterfeit and poisoned mouthwash that involves the FDA and Wall Street. read more

Seeds Season 7, Episode 2

A fertility doctor is murdered, and his body is staged to appear as if the crime was a political statement. Logan and Falacci follow clues that show the case has a more personal motive, and family of the victim may be involved. read more

Amends Season 7, Episode 1

Eames must reinvestigate her husband's murder after his former partner is killed. read more

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