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The Good Season 5, Episode 22

Dets. Logan and Barek work outside their jurisdiction to solve the brutal double homicide of a wealthy married couple in Nassau County. The duo's investigation puts them in conflict with a small-town police detective, who's quick to pin the murders on the victims' drug-addicted son. Keith Nobbs. read more

On Fire Season 5, Episode 21

Goren and Eames search for motives in a string of church fires that have left one person dead; Capt. Deakins' future with the NYPD becomes very uncertain. Josh Hamilton. read more

To the Bone Season 5, Episode 20

Whoopi Goldberg plays a foster mother with questionable scruples who gets on the wrong side of Logan as he and Barek seek some of her former charges for their involvement in a series of vicious machete murders. Olivet: Carolyn McCormick. Rodgers: Leslie Hendrix. Antonio: Octavio Gomez. Lt. Roger LeMoyne: Robert Clohessy. read more

Cruise to Nowhere Season 5, Episode 19

After the body of a gambling addict is fished out of the Hudson River, Dets. Goren and Eames focus on two suspects: a 20-year-old poker hotshot owed $500,000 by the victim and the victim's dubious brother-in-law. Joey Frost: Lou Taylor Pucci. Phil: John Pankow. M.E. Rodgers: Leslie Hendrix. read more

The Healer Season 5, Episode 18

A cunning nurse (Sherri Saum) who practices voodoo is questioned by Dets. Logan and Barek after the bizarre asphyxiation deaths of two sisters. read more

Vacancy Season 5, Episode 17

An out-of-towner stranded by a snowstorm is found beaten to death in a dumpy Brooklyn hotel, where she spent the night after having a few drinks with two strange men and a female acquaintance (Emily Bergl), whom Dets. Goren and Eames find to be a somewhat unreliable witness. Tim Rainey: Desmond Harrington. Pete: Scott Decker. Jayson: Piter Marek. Det. Carrera: Chris McKinney. read more

Dramma Giocoso Season 5, Episode 16

The detectives investigate the murder of an opera-house violinist who was pushed to her death. They soon discover that the victim may have been entangled in a love triangle with her conductor and her mother. read more

December 19, 2006: Wrongful Life Season 5, Episode 15

This was an example of what Law & Order as a franchise does best, and what Criminal Intent has done only occasionally so far this season: tackle a serious issue while thoughtfully — but not forcefully — presenting both sides. There’s nothing worse than feeling like a show’s creators are trying to manipulate your emotions to get your guard down just so they can ram their viewpoint(s) down your throat (Aaron Sorkin , anyone?). In the case of “Wrongful Life,” there was a compelling story that raised a lot of questions naturally as it progressed. And since this episode didn’t pull any punches, I won’t either: I come down firmly on the pro-life side of the abortion debate. So for me to praise a “Hollywood” take on one aspect of a complex issue means these writers were doing something right, particularly from a story point of view, which should always be the primary concern anyway.But no matter where you stand, I’m sure pretty m... read more

Wasichu Season 5, Episode 14

The brutal murder of a Secret Service agent finds Logan and Barek focusing their attention on the victim's husband (David Alan Basche)---a lobbyist for Indian gambling casinos---as well as his clients and a congressman of questionable repute. Georgia Hatzis, Jonno Roberts. read more

December 5, 2006: Proud Flesh Season 5, Episode 13

While it was good to see some Goren and Eames after a couple weeks of the Logan/Wheeler team — even if it was in a repeat — this episode left me kind of cold. A pair of whimpering, greedy sons concerned more with losing their radio-magnate daddy’s trust money and saving face than trifling matters like human life and ethics? We’ve seen those characters too many times before — on this show, and on a million others. That said, Malcolm McDowell — who pretty much earned a career-long free pass with his brilliantly deranged turn in the late, great Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange — was in fine form here. The slow revealing of his character’s heartless, steely core was well-executed, taking his complicity in the murder of his alcoholic son from out-of-the-question at first blush to perfectly logical by the closing trial debacle.The understated humor and bizarre plot points also kept this one interesting, even when its story line didn... read more

Watch Season 5, Episode 12

Detectives Logan and Barek question a loner airport worker (Brad Renfro) about a series of bizarre murders involving prostitutes whose bodies are found after being pushed out of airplane wheel wells. Ethan Embry. read more

Slither Season 5, Episode 11

Michael York plays a worldly scam artist who robs and kills tourists with the help of a posse of attractive and adoring women. read more

December 26, 2006: (Welcome to the) Dollhouse Season 5, Episode 10

Not a bad episode, but a very low-key one — the energy just didn’t seem to be there, and the whole case had a going-through-the-motions feel. The worst offender was definitely backstabbing lawyer-girl — who didn’t earn the time it would take me to look up her real name. Miss shall-remain-nameless was handed a strong dichotomous hero/villain role and squandered it with a reading-cue-cards-after-five-Xanax performance.On the plus side, I was pleasantly surprised to find Annabella Sciorra providing some much-needed spark throughout (and she looked pretty cute in those silly little hats too).The story itself was interesting enough, though, like everything else, oddly bloodless. Cheating spouses, warring siblings, extortion plots — yawn, seen them all before.The one standout element was the baby-papa scam perpetrated by Showgirl Elizabeth Berkley, giving what may have been her best performance ever with a shirt on. Her plotline led to the funniest moment of the... read more

Scared Crazy Season 5, Episode 9

Goren and Eames question secretive techies about the murder of a young worker at a computer firm. Eventually, a possible suspect emerges: Robbie (DJ Qualls), an emotionally unstable code writer, who Goren believes is being exploited by his ultra-manipulative therapist. Jennifer Van Dyck. read more

Saving Face Season 5, Episode 8

The mutilation of a female medical student upon returning from a stint in Guatemala leads Logan and Barek to an unlikely suspect: a prominent Park Avenue plastic surgeon (Samantha Mathis) who also runs a nonprofit in Central America. Antonio: Vincent Laresca. read more

In the Wee Small Hours Season 5, Episode 7

Conclusion. A powerful judge's son becomes a suspect in the disappearance of a young woman who was visiting Manhattan with her high-school group. Ethan: Matt O'Leary. Judge Garrett: Colm Meaney. Elise: Lucinda Jenney. Faith Yancy: Geneva Carr. Leeann London: Kathleen McNenny. Eunice Peterson: Oni Faida Lampley. Logan: Chris Noth. Goren: Vincent D'Onofrio. read more

In the Wee Small Hours Season 5, Episode 6

Part 1 of two. The four detectives team up to try to find a missing girl, who disappeared during a high-school trip to Manhattan. Ethan: Matt O'Leary. Judge Garrett: Colm Meaney. Elise: Lucinda Jenney. Faith Yancy: Geneva Carr. Leeann London: Kathleen McNenny. Eunice Peterson: Oni Faida Lampley. Logan: Chris Noth. Goren: Vincent D'Onofrio. read more

October 24, 2006: Acts of Contrition Season 5, Episode 5

Great episode. I missed this one the first time around because, as I confessed a couple weeks ago, I was a lapsed Criminal Intent viewer last season...just like Goren is a lapsed Catholic altar boy. Who knew? Well, I guess everybody that caught this one last year...But really, this one did have it all – from a nun buying prostitutes out of a seedy van (decidedly not of the mini variety), to the bloody murder of another nun inside a church. And that was all within the first five minutes. Okay, Bad Lieutenant it wasn’t, but you’ve gotta admit, Goren was pretty rough on that one pimp. “I said, hands behind your HEAD!” You tell him D’Onof.While there was a classic L&O murder-scene setup, I was pleasantly surprised that instead of following the case straight through, this ep took a number of interesting detours. Rather than the focus, the nun’s murder only served as the catalyst to shake some skeletons out of another sister’s closet – with... read more

Unchained Season 5, Episode 4

Logan and Barek (Chris Noth, Annabella Sciorra) investigate a mistaken-identity killing that leads them to two cops with ties to the mob. Kerkoff: Nick Sandow. Virgini: David Keith. Renata: Kelly Karbacz. Phil: Stelio Savante. Tommy: Raymond Franza. read more

Prisoner Season 5, Episode 3

The missing wife of a prison warden (Corbin Bernsen) turns up after 10 years and claims that she's been living with an escaped prisoner. Jenny: Elizabeth Marvel. Mitch: Brian Tarantina. Hope: Alison Bartlett. read more

Diamond Dogs Season 5, Episode 2

Logan and his new partner, Det. Carolyn Barek (Annabella Sciorra), probe a string of robbery-murders at small jewelry stores, but Logan's methods raise concern among his colleagues. Johnny: Peter Scanavino. Mya: Zoe Lister-Jones. Dede: Rebecca Wisocky. read more

Grow Season 5, Episode 1

The detectives probe the murder of a building inspector. One suspect is Goren's former nemesis Nicole Wallace (Olivia d'Abo), who's engaged to the victim's brother. Goren thinks she's after the millions that her fiancé's daughter won in a lawsuit. Elsewhere, Mike Logan (Chris Noth) joins the major-case squad to share duties with Goren. Gwen: Molly Gottlieb. Evan: Kevin J. O'Connor. read more

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Premise: This second 'Law & Order' spin-off focuses on New York detectives known as the Major Case Squad, which handles high-profile and unusually difficult investigations. Its storytelling differs from the original series in that it presents the criminal's perspective as well as the deductive methods used by the cops.



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