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Taylor Schilling Visited Riker's Island To Research Her Role


Stephen and Taylor agree that neither of them would do very well in prison, where their only options would be reading and finding religion.

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Late Show First Drafts: Graduation 2017
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Big Furry Hat: Chillax Edition
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April Ryan Defines The Cardinal Responsibility Of The Press
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Reince Priebus Has Comey Memo-Phobia
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The Best Of Melania's Presidential Hand Swats
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Oscar Isaac Worked Closely With Carrie Fisher In The Upcoming 'Star Wars'
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Stephen Is Also Body-Slamming His Enemies
04:55 — After Greg Gianforte was charged with assaulting a reporter at a campaign rally, Stephen displays his own affinity for takedowns.
Laurie Metcalf Battles Stephen In 'The Late Show's New Vocal Warmups'
07:06 — Broadway star Laurie Metcalf gets a vocal warmup ahead of her performance in 'A Doll's House: Part 2' with a tongue twister competition.
Stephen Puts The CBO's '23 Million' Estimate Into Perspective
02:20 — The Congressional Budget Office predicted the House's healthcare plan would cover 23 million fewer Americans over the next ten years.
Matt Walsh Knows A Lot About Podcasting
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Hannibal Buress Enters Stephen's Splash Zone
07:31 — 'Baywatch' star Hannibal Buress left the tag on his jacket so he could take it back after the show. Stephen had other ideas.
Rob Huebel Got Arrested At Yankee Stadium
06:22 — 'Baywatch' star Rob Huebel had to spend the weekend in jail for a prank-gone-wrong at The House That Jeter Built.
Kevin Spacey On Underwood Vs. Trump: 'We Have Better Writers'
10:57 — Kevin Spacey hints that his fictional 'House of Cards' character might be slightly more developed than the real-life President.
Ben Platt's Late Show Dressing Room Q&A
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Paul Simon And Stephen Colbert Are 'Feelin' Groovy'
03:05 — Paul Simon's classic 'The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)' gets an update with some help from Stephen.
Trump's New Lawyers: Galino & Farnes
01:20 — The only two people who know more about lawsuits than Donald Trump are his two new attorneys, Galinos and Farnes.
Paul Simon Is Donating Profits From His Tour
04:36 — Paul Simon explains what inspired him to give the profits of his upcoming tour to E.O. Wilson's Biodiversity Foundation.
Stephen Stages A Twitter-vention For Trump
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