First Look
02:07 — The producers give a behind-the-scenes look at THE LAST MAN ON EARTH, a new comedy, featuring Will Forte (“Nebraska”).
Phil Is from Mars, Carol Is from Venus
01:57 — A look at the differences in Phil and Carol’s unique relationship on THE LAST MAN ON EARTH.
National Talk In An Elevator Day
02:03 — A flashback of when Gail was trapped in an elevator. Happy national talk in an elevator day from THE LAST MAN ON EARTH.
The Gang Try To Accommodate Erica In Every Way from "When The Going Gets Tough"
01:35 — Tandy annoys Erica so Gail gives him something to do.
Phil Says He Will Not Drop Any Babies from "The Big Day"
00:50 — Phil asks Carol to turn on a machine that throws out baby dolls.
Carol Notices Phil's Eyebrows Did Not Grow Back from "The Big Day"
00:42 — Carol sweetly breaks the bad news to Phil.
Tandy Shoots Candy Out Of A T-Shirt Cannon from "Find This Thing We Need To"
00:50 — Tandy makes a lot of noise in hopes of getting the attention of the mysterious person living in the cabin.
Tandy Thinks That Melissa Is Adopted from "Hair of the Dog"
01:09 — Melissa tricks Tandy and Todd by bringing them to a random house.
Melissa Refuses To Give Tandy Her Home Address from "Hair of the Dog"
01:23 — Tandy tries to get Melissa to tell him her home address but she refuses and continues to hurl insults at him.
The Gang Try To Determine What Is Wrong With Melissa from "The Spirit of St. Lewis"
01:09 — Carol and Erica look for what illness Melissa may have while Tandy thinks they should just drug her.
The Best Of Kristen Wiig
01:30 — Check out some of the best moments of Kristen Wiig from THE LAST MAN ON EARTH episode, "Got Milk?"
Bloopers: Will Forte Doesn't Hit the Mark from "The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths"
01:21 — Not every take is the best take. Here is a prime example.
We'll Be Back This Spring!
00:10 — Will Melissa ever forgive Todd? Find out when THE LAST MAN ON EARTH returns this spring on FOX!
Carol Shreds Her Adoption Papers from "If You're Happy and You Know It"
00:46 — Tandy stops Carol from shredding her adoption papers.
Lewis Thanks Tandy For The Trip from "Mama's Hideaway"
01:21 — Lewis thanks Tandy for the trip and asks about their matching outfits.
Tandy Gives Out Rooms To The Group from "The Power of Power"
01:50 — The group calls dibs on their favorite floors of the oasis.
The Ultimate Showdown: Tandy Vs. Pat from "The Wild Guess Express"
01:04 — Tandy puts an act on for Todd so he doesn't feel guilty for killing Pat.
Todd Freaks Out After Running Pat Over from "The Wild Guess Express"
01:38 — To make Todd feel better about his actions, Tandy agrees to go back and see if Pat is still alive.
The Kristen Schaal Show: Part 3
01:50 — Kristen Schaal sits down for an intriguing discussion with Will Forte about season 2 of THE LAST MAN ON EARTH.
The Last Man On Earth Season 1
A single-camera comedy about the last man (Forte) on earth.
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  • Premiered: August 3, 2016
  • Rating: None