Last Chance Driving School

2012, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Road to Redemption

Apr 28, 2012 Season 1 Episode 5 watch on (Paid)

Sven finally agrees to teach his wife Maria to drive a stick shift but things don't go as planned. Carlos is left a nervous wreck after the driving school agrees to give Sabina one last chance at getting her license. And Pete takes voiceover artist Shelley out to perfect her parking while Sven throws a troublesome student out of the school car!

Driven to Distraction

Apr 21, 2012 Season 1 Episode 4

Sven has to teach male stripper Naquan to keep his eyes on the road and off the ladies. Pete hits the highway with home health care assistant Maria, who is more comfortable on the shoulder than in her lane. Bored barman Erik wants to get his school bus license but Sven's not sure he's safe for duty. And criminal justice student Diane has been caught driving illegally and checks into the school to avoid checking into jail.
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Speed Sisters

Apr 21, 2012 Season 1 Episode 3

Fiesty Brazillian firecracker Carla gets Pete worked up with her road rage in Manhattan and Carlos takes to the streets with Sabina, one of the craziest and most dangerous drivers the school has ever seen! Meanwhile Sven is challenged to help writer Erika who has a unique eye condition, which makes it hard for her to tell distances from other vehicles--and pedestrians!
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Tires and Tantrums

Apr 14, 2012 Season 1 Episode 2

Sven tries to keep fashionista Irene off her cell phone and off the sidewalk and gets hot under the collar with sexy legal eagle Teresa. Meanwhile wannabe rocker Johnny scares Pete to death when he nearly takes out a cab on the highway and housewife Jillian comes down with a serious case of road rage whilst on parking practice with Sven.
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Highway to Hell

Apr 14, 2012 Season 1 Episode 1

Stay at home mom Jasmine takes a highway driving lesson with Sven with disastrous consequences. Pete is pushed to the edge by first time driver Sharron--one of the worst drivers he's seen in his 37 years on the road! And things heat up back at the school when a female student flirts with Sven--much to Maria's annoyance!
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