Lassie TV Show Watchlist


Classic, timeless adventures of the famously loyal and heroic collie, who is resourceful enough to warn her masters of danger, locate missing persons, and generally provide safety and companionship amid any and all perils. Also a star of radio and Hollywood films, Lassie---played by several dogs---survived numerous families, as well as various series formats and titles, including `Jeff's Collie' (1954-57) and `Timmy and Lassie' (1957-64).


Guest Stars

Robert Rockwell
Chalmers, Dean Chalmers, Wade, Wil Thorne
Kevin Brodie
Chuck Hines, Cullen, Frank, Scott
Karl Swenson
Baird, Booth, Carl, McKinnon
Robert Foulk
Sergeant Hayes, Sheriff
Skip Homeier
Jim, Jim Pearson, Mark, Pearson
Stuart Randall
Briggs, Charlie Withers, Holbrook, Len
4 Episodes (1999-1999)
Mark Tapscott
Bill, Doctor, Jim, Whit
Ford Rainey
Boone Sawyer, Clint, Decatur
Jeff Pomerantz
Chalmers, Johnny Chalmers
Roy Engel
Hank Bennett, Highway Patrolman, Morton
Russell Thorson
Charlie, Doc Reynolds, Farrell
Norman Alden
Cranston, Mike
2 Episodes (1999-1999)
Rob Hughes
Marc, Marc Saunders