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Celebrities, world leaders and Internet stars are interviewed.

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James Cromwell on ‘Babe’: I Paid for My Oscar Campaign
01:42 — James Cromwell reveals that he paid for the Oscar campaign that resulted in his Academy Award nomination for ‘Babe,’ because the studio didn’t want to (more…)
Matthew Rhys Opens up About Life & Love With Keri Russell
02:15 — Matthew Rhys opens up about falling in love with his ‘Americans’ co-star and longtime girlfriend, Keri Russell, and discusses the trials and tribulati (more…)
Would Charlamagne Tha God Ever Co-host a Show With Tomi Lahren?
01:25 — Syndicated radio show host Charlamagne Tha God discusses Tomi Lahren's firing from Glenn Beck's 'TheBlaze' network, and addresses rumors that he's act (more…)
"Yeah, I Think So": Chris Bosh Confident He'll Return to NBA Action
03:37 — Heat star Chris Bosh openly discusses the trials and tribulations of being sidelined from NBA action for the entirety of the 2016-2017 season due to a (more…)
Cynthia Nixon Blasts President Trump
01:44 — Cynthia Nixon doesn’t mince her words about President Trump, calling his “incompetence a foregone conclusion.”
US Marine Brad Fite On Crippling PTSD, Suicide Among Vets, & Healing from War
18:30 — As Americans lose more soldiers to suicide each year than in combat, US Marine Brad Fite joins Larry to share his inspiring story of survival: the inj (more…)
TJ Mizell On Run-DMC's Legacy, the Grammys & His Father's Death
13:47 — TJ Mizell — the son of RUN-DMC's late, great 'Jam Master Jay' - discusses accepting the 2016 Grammys Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of his fathe (more…)
King's Things: Violinist Lindsey Stirling Talks New Book, Faith & Her Success in EDM
13:41 — Music phenom Lindsey Stirling discusses her unique brand of music, her faith, proving Piers Morgan wrong and her new book that recently made it on t (more…)
Is ‘New Girl’ Season 7 Happening? Lamorne Morris Weighs in
01:21 — ‘New Girl’ star Lamorne Morris – who plays Winston Bishop on the series – weighs in on the fate of a potential seventh season of the Fox comedy
Jeremy Sisto On JK Simmons, ‘Wicked City’ Ratings, & the Inescapability of ‘Clueless’
14:00 — Actor Jeremy Sisto joins Larry for a candid conversation about Hollywood: why his new series ‘Wicked City’ isn’t performing, his issue with acting (an (more…)
King's Things: ‘Han Cholo’ Jewelry Designer Shows Off His Star Wars Collection
14:32 — L.A. based jeweler Brandon Schoolhouse — A.K.A. 'Han Cholo' — has been tasked by Lucasfilm to commemorate the release of 'Star Wars VII: The Force Awa (more…)
Edoardo Ponti & His Hollywood Insiders
10:33 — Writer, director, and producer Edoardo Ponti has parlayed his vast knowledge of the entertainment industry to become the co-founder of TakeHollywood.c (more…)
America's Magician Mat Franco Talks Headlining in Vegas and Tries His Hand at Fooling Larry
13:12 — "America's Got Talent" winner Mat Franco talks auditioning for the show nine years before winning, his new headlining act in Vegas, and the transition (more…)
New UFC Champ Holly Holm Goes One-On-One With Larry King
17:05 — In a special interview, newly minted UFC Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm joins Larry King for one of her first long-form conversations since shocking (more…)
King's Things: Bibiana Domit On Raising the Bar for Children's Products
10:01 — Larry welcomes artist and mother Bibiana Domit to discuss Tullys – what she calls the world's first conscious children's brand – and why she's esche (more…)
Mario Batali: I Didn’t Plan to Open a Second Restaurant
01:09 — Chef Mario Batali – who currently owns 26 restaurants and employs 4500 people – says in the beginning, he didn’t want more than a single restaurant.
Margo Martindale On What Makes Meryl Streep "The Best"
01:00 — Emmy-winning actress Margo Martindale details her experience working alongside the great Meryl Streep in 'August: Osage County'.
Will Tony Hawk Coach the 2020 U.S. Olympic Skateboarding Team?
01:36 — Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk shows his excitement for his sport's entry into the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, and weighs in on the possibility of coa (more…)
Carl Reiner to Trump: "You're Probably the Worst President Any Country's Ever Had"
02:37 — Film and TV luminary Carl Reiner doesn't mince his words when talking President Trump on 'Larry King Now'.
Belch Buddies! Larry King and Brooklyn Decker Share the Same Gross Secret Talent
00:24 — In a hilarious moment from her appearance on 'Larry King Now,' it's revealed that Brooklyn Decker and Larry share the same cringe-worthy secret talent (more…)
Chewing Is a Reflection of a Dog Being Bored
02:01 — “The Dog Whisperer” Cesar Milan answers social media questions from fans.
Now You Enable the Blind to See
02:43 — Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong demonstrates the revolutionary smartphone apps that help the blind read currency and recognize objects around them.
I Would Prefer to Just Be a Mentor to Lady Gaga
01:54 — Akon opens up about tension between he and Lady Gaga, and answers social media questions from fans.
It's a Chess Game
02:07 — Andy Garcia explains the complexity of the Cuban Embargo and why it should be lifted.
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