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Bobby Brown Further Details His “Ghost Sex” Incident
02:03 — Bobby Brown has Larry perplexed while describing a passage from his new book ‘Every Little Step,’ in which he writes about having sex with a ghost in (more…)
Jill Kargman & Abby Elliott On How to Spot a ‘Momzilla’
01:01 — Jill Kargman and Abby Elliott, the stars of Bravo’s hit comedy series “Odd Mom Out,” give Larry King a few tips on how to spot a “momzilla.”
Stephen Hawking: Advances in AI May Not Be Benign
02:20 — Proceed with caution, says Stephen Hawking of advances in artificial intelligence, calling Ray Kurzweil’s singularity theory “too simplistic” and warn (more…)
NeNe Leakes: Trump Wasn't Racist Around Me
01:26 — Former ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ star NeNe Leakes tells Larry King that while working for Donald Trump, she never experienced any form of racial discrimi (more…)
Why Will Smith Didn’t Return to ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’
01:02 — 'Independence Day: Resurgence’ star Vivica A. Fox explains why Will Smith, who played her on-screen boyfriend in the original ‘Independence Day,’ didn (more…)
Dan Rather: Will Orlando Help Donald Trump Win the Election?
01:15 — Journalist Dan Rather responds to Larry King regarding the Orlando shootings and if it will clear a path for the presidency for Republican candidate D (more…)
Diane Warren: Dr. Luke Is Acting Like a “Villain,” Needs to Let Kesha Go
01:22 — Songwriting icon and music industry veteran Diane Warren weighs in on the ongoing legal battle between pop star Kesha and producer Dr. Luke.
Tim Tebow On a Potential NFL Comeback
00:45 — Tim Tebow, who played his last NFL game in 2012, weighs in on the possibility of returning to the NFL playing field.
Matt Walsh’s Mom’s Hilarious ‘Veep’ Review
00:59 — Tough audience! Matt Walsh and Larry King discuss the ‘Veep’ star’s mother’s hilariously critical review of the Emmy-winning show’s fifth season.
Timothy Simons: ‘Veep’ Has Become “aspirational” Compared to U.S. Election
01:21 — Timothy Simons – who plays Jonah Ryan on the HBO political satire, ‘Veep’ – says a writer would be fired from the show for suggesting storylines as ou (more…)
Jermaine Jackson Talks Ali's Impact On His Famous Family
06:44 — Singer Jermaine Jackson opens up to Larry about the first time he and his brothers met Muhammad Ali, and the years long impact the boxing champ had on (more…)
Robert Herjavec On What Makes a Good ‘Shark Tank’ Pitch
01:59 — What’s the key to a killer ‘Shark Tank’ pitch? Robert Herjavec says it’s powerful enough that the investors generally make up their minds in the first (more…)
Will There Be a ‘Community’ Movie? Gillian Jacobs Weighs in
00:53 — Gillian Jacobs opens up about the possibility of her cult-hit TV series ‘Community’ being turned into a film — and even provides some plot lines for a (more…)
William Shatner & Larry King Philosophize On Life and Death
02:10 — Star Trek icon William Shatner and host Larry King philosophize on life, death, and the mysteries of being mortal.
Former Telemundo President Nely Galán: Wake Up Republicans, It's Not "Medieval Times"
00:49 — World-renowned Latina entrepreneur and former Telemundo president Nely Galán blasts the Republican Party for “disenfranchising” Latinos.
Is an ‘Arrow’ Movie Happening? Stephen Amell Responds
00:52 — Despite overwhelming interest from fans, Stephen Amell says there are no plans at the moment to make an ‘Arrow’ movie, and that if there were he might (more…)
Anthony Hopkins On Retirement, Ageism, & Death
02:57 — After nearly 50 years in the business, Hollywood legend Anthony Hopkins explains why he has little desire to retire, comments on the toughness of the (more…)
Kate Beckinsale Licked 'Hamilton' Actor's Face
00:53 — Actress Kate Beckinsale reveals to Larry that she got so excited to meet 'Hamilton's' Daveed Diggs while backstage at his show, she "licked him on the (more…)
Poet Saul Williams was "pissed" at Trump well before White House bid
01:20 — Internationally renowned poet Saul Williams opens up about his longstanding dislike of Donald Trump, one that started back in the 1990's.
Jay Roach On Austin Powers 4: “I’m Good to Go”
00:58 — Director Jay Roach has been busy making acclaimed political films like ‘Trumbo’ and the new HBO docudrama ‘All the Way’ but he says that he is ready t (more…)
Sorry, Gwen Stefani: Moby Hasn’t Heard Your New Album
01:30 — Moby admits to Larry King that he didn’t know about his one-time collaborator Gwen Stefani’s new hit album – noting that he “can’t muster any enthusia (more…)
Wendi McLendon-Covey: Trump “scares Me Half to Death”
01:39 — ‘The Goldbergs’ star explains why the presidential election frightens her, she makes a wishful prediction regarding Donald Trump, and reveals who she (more…)
Bruce Gold Attempts a Spiritual Healing in the ‘Larry King Now’ Studio
04:48 — Los Angeles based spiritual healer Bruce Gold attempts to heal a man’s injured shoulder in the ‘Larry King Now’ studio
The Chainsmokers Reflect On Big Coachella Show
04:38 — Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers explain why playing at Coachella was a monumental moment in their career. Plus, the duo reflects on bringing out spe (more…)
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