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2012, TV Show

Larry King Now Season 1 episodes

Jun 28, 2013: Chris Kluwe
Jun 27, 2013: Greta Van Susteren
Jun 26, 2013: Rory Bushfield & Pick Me Larry Winner AJ Kirsch
Jun 25, 2013: Val Kilmer
Jun 24, 2013: Nutrition & the Politics of Food
Jun 20, 2013: Trending Topics
Jun 19, 2013: Franklin & Bash: Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Breckin Meyer
Jun 18, 2013: Hot in Cleveland
Jun 17, 2013: Fitness Facts vs. Myths
Jun 13, 2013: Joe Manganiello
Jun 12, 2013: Brain Power: Sharpen Your Mind
Jun 11, 2013: Nick Offerman
Jun 10, 2013: Steve Austin
Jun 06, 2013: NFL Rookies: Montee Ball, Eddie Lacy & Ryan Nassib
Jun 05, 2013: NFL Rookies: Matt Barkley, Landry Jones & Justin Hunter
Jun 04, 2013: Trending Topics
Jun 03, 2013: Marilyn Manson
May 27, 2013: Laura Ingraham
May 23, 2013: Men at Work
May 22, 2013: Norm Macdonald
May 21, 2013: Donald Rumsfeld
May 20, 2013: Dan Aykroyd
May 16, 2013: John Cho
May 15, 2013: Aaron Eckhart
May 14, 2013: Arrow: Stephen Amell and Greg Berlanti
May 13, 2013: Tim McGraw
May 10, 2013: Carlos Slim, Part 2
May 09, 2013: Carlos Slim, Part 1
May 08, 2013: Michael Chiklis
May 07, 2013: Kal Penn
May 06, 2013: Donald Faison
May 02, 2013: A Tribute to Billy Graham
May 01, 2013: Floyd Mayweather
Apr 30, 2013: Pierce Brosnan
Apr 29, 2013: Billy Ray Cyrus
Apr 25, 2013: Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Apr 24, 2013: Criminal Justice
Apr 23, 2013: Stevie Wonder
Apr 22, 2013: Quincy Jones & Michael Caine
Apr 18, 2013: Harrison Ford
Apr 17, 2013: Carol Burnett
Apr 16, 2013: Kat Von D
Apr 15, 2013: 50 Cent
Apr 11, 2013: Snoop Lion
Apr 10, 2013: Julie Chen
Apr 09, 2013: Brad Garrett
Apr 08, 2013: Trending Topics
Apr 04, 2013: Dennis Quaid
Apr 03, 2013: Arsenio Hall
Apr 02, 2013: The Paranormal
Apr 01, 2013: Levar Burton and Bill Nye
Mar 28, 2013: The Walking Dead: David Morrissey and Laurie Holden
Mar 27, 2013: Clive Davis
Mar 26, 2013: Joel McHale
Mar 25, 2013: Kevin Bacon
Mar 21, 2013: Jessica Alba
Mar 20, 2013: Harvey Mackay
Mar 19, 2013: Lior Suchard
Mar 18, 2013: Ryan Seacrest
Mar 07, 2013: Mario Lopez
Mar 06, 2013: Duck Dynasty
Mar 05, 2013: Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Mar 04, 2013: Arianna Huffington
Feb 28, 2013: Wayne Brady
Feb 27, 2013: Gavin Newsom
Feb 26, 2013: Preventing Heart Disease
Feb 25, 2013: Kelsey Grammer & Steven C. Barber
Feb 21, 2013: UFC
Feb 20, 2013: Gold Rush & Bering Sea Gold
Feb 19, 2013: Kelly Osbourne
Feb 18, 2013: Dita Von Teese
Feb 14, 2013: William Shatner
Feb 13, 2013: Julie Andrews
Feb 12, 2013: James Van Der Beek
Feb 11, 2013: The Truth About Suicide
Feb 07, 2013: The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus & Danai Gurira
Feb 06, 2013: Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy
Feb 05, 2013: Lisa Ling
Feb 04, 2013: Gary Sinise
Jan 31, 2013: Chad Johnson
Jan 30, 2013: Patti Stanger
Jan 29, 2013: Rainn Wilson
Jan 28, 2013: Head Trauma in the NFL
Jan 24, 2013: T.I.
Jan 23, 2013: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
Jan 22, 2013: Why We Lie
Jan 21, 2013: Pete Rose
Jan 17, 2013: 100th Episode Celebration
Jan 16, 2013: Does Heaven Exist?
Jan 15, 2013: Dr. Eben Alexander
Jan 14, 2013: Lisa Lampanelli
Jan 11, 2013: Dr. Pam Peeke
Jan 10, 2013: Chris Colfer
Jan 09, 2013: 1600 Penn
Jan 08, 2013: Kathy Griffin
Jan 07, 2013: Naomi Judd
Dec 21, 2012: A Very Larry Christmas
Dec 20, 2012: The Marijuana Debate
Dec 19, 2012: Billy Crystal
Dec 18, 2012: The League
Dec 17, 2012: Dr. Andrew Weil
Dec 13, 2012: Martin Short
Dec 12, 2012: Jeff Probst
Dec 11, 2012: Kevin Pollak
Dec 10, 2012: Howie Mandel
Dec 07, 2012: YouTube Music Stars
Dec 06, 2012: Trending Topics
Dec 05, 2012: Larry Flynt
Dec 04, 2012: Shaun White
Dec 03, 2012: Tavis Smiley
Nov 29, 2012: Politics Round-Up
Nov 28, 2012: Wiz Khalifa
Nov 27, 2012: Dave Salmoni
Nov 26, 2012: Jake Tapper
Nov 16, 2012: Danica Patrick
Nov 15, 2012: Miranda Cosgrove
Nov 14, 2012: Simon Baker
Nov 13, 2012: Kate Walsh
Nov 12, 2012: Jimmy Kimmel
Nov 08, 2012: Election 2012 Wrap up
Nov 07, 2012: Jeff Goldblum
Nov 06, 2012: Aasif Mandvi
Nov 05, 2012: Amy Holmes & Marc Lamont Hill
Nov 02, 2012: Celebrity Politics: Omar Epps & Dean Cain
Nov 01, 2012: Lily Tomlin
Oct 31, 2012: Tim Allen
Oct 30, 2012: Keith Olbermann, Part 2
Oct 29, 2012: Keith Olbermann, Part 1
Oct 25, 2012: Oscar Pistorius
Oct 24, 2012: Kevin Smith
Oct 23, 2012: Suze Orman, Part 2
Oct 22, 2012: Suze Orman, Part 1
Oct 18, 2012: Jenny McCarthy
Oct 17, 2012: Lauren Conrad
Oct 16, 2012: Deepak and Gotham Chopra
Oct 15, 2012: WWE Superstars
Oct 11, 2012: Megan Mullally
Oct 10, 2012: The Walking Dead
Oct 09, 2012: Suzanne Somers
Oct 08, 2012: Nick Cannon
Oct 04, 2012: Governor Gary Johnson, Part 2
Oct 03, 2012: Governor Gary Johnson, Part 1
Oct 02, 2012: The Next
Oct 01, 2012: Bill Maher, Part 2
Sep 27, 2012: Bill Maher, Part 1
Sep 26, 2012: Penny Marshall
Sep 25, 2012: Kimora Lee Simmons
Sep 24, 2012: Eric Stonestreet
Sep 20, 2012: Joan and Melissa Rivers
Sep 19, 2012: Jesse Ventura
Sep 18, 2012: Rachael Ray
Sep 17, 2012: Bob Woodward, Part 2
Sep 13, 2012: Bob Woodward, Part 1
Sep 12, 2012: Dr. Drew
Sep 11, 2012: Chris Hardwick
Sep 10, 2012: Jeff Lewis
Sep 06, 2012: Seth Green
Sep 05, 2012: Jillian Michaels
Sep 04, 2012: Craig Ferguson
Sep 03, 2012: Fran Drescher
Aug 30, 2012: Nia Vardalos
Aug 29, 2012: Psychics
Aug 28, 2012: Tom Arnold
Aug 27, 2012: Mike Rowe
Aug 23, 2012: Baseball!
Aug 22, 2012: Jeff Foxworthy
Aug 21, 2012: Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard
Aug 20, 2012: UFOs
Aug 16, 2012: Edward Norton
Aug 15, 2012: Rudy Giuliani
Aug 14, 2012: Regis Philbin
Aug 13, 2012: Aisha Tyler
Aug 09, 2012: The Huntsman Girls & Mystery Guitar Man
Aug 08, 2012: Susan Sarandon
Aug 07, 2012: Cedric the Entertainer & Niecy Nash
Aug 06, 2012: The Cast of Dallas
Aug 02, 2012: Kevin Nealon & DeStorm Power
Aug 01, 2012: Margaret Cho
Jul 31, 2012: The Cast of Total Recall
Jul 30, 2012: Judge Judy
Jul 26, 2012: Will Forte
Jul 25, 2012: Oliver Stone
Jul 24, 2012: George Lopez
Jul 23, 2012: Betty White
Jul 19, 2012: Matthew McConaughey
Jul 12, 2012: Seth MacFarlane

Chris Kluwe Season 1, Episode 187

Outspoken NFL player & unexpected gay rights activist Chris Kluwe isn’t afraid to speak his mind. The Oakland Raiders’ punter dishes on everything from the repeal of DOMA to Paula Deen to the Aaron Hernandez case. read more

Greta Van Susteren Season 1, Episode 186

Greta Van Susteren, Fox News mainstay and CNN alum, weighs in on the news of the day: Edward Snowden’s global travels, negotiations with the Taliban, and the Zimmerman trial. Plus, Greta on why she won’t be leaving her gig for CNN. read more

Rory Bushfield & Pick Me Larry Winner AJ Kirsch Season 1, Episode 185

“Splash” champ and pro-skier Rory Bushfield reveals why his late wife, Sarah Burke, would want him to continue to risk his life for the love of the sport. Plus, the winner of the first-ever #PickMeLarry contest, wrestler AJ Kirsch. read more

Val Kilmer Season 1, Episode 184

Back in the spotlight, the versatile Val Kilmer is channeling Mark Twain, onstage and in-studio for Larry. Val opens up about getting his “Daniel Day-Lewis on,” his beef with Betty White, and the potential for a “Top Gun” sequel. read more

Nutrition & the Politics of Food Season 1, Episode 183

Dr. Loren Cordain, Dr. Colin Campbell & Cat Cora clear up the misinformation surrounding nutrition. read more

Trending Topics Season 1, Episode 182

Larry takes on trending topics with the help of comedians Deon Cole, Iliza Shlesinger, and Michael Yo. The panel takes on the week's biggest headlines, including the Russian President's Super Bowl steal and the arrival of Kimye's baby. read more

Franklin & Bash: Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Breckin Meyer Season 1, Episode 181

Larry sits down with the stars of TNT's Franklin & Bash, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer, to talk about their new boss on the light-hearted legal drama and being part of two iconic 90's hits. read more

Hot in Cleveland Season 1, Episode 180

Larry takes a trip to the set of “Hot in Cleveland” with stars Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves & Wendie Malick! These four leading ladies open up about life off-camera together and prove that girls do have more fun. read more

Fitness Facts vs. Myths Season 1, Episode 179

Striving for that beach body? Certain health trends may be holding you back from being in your best shape! Larry is joined by Dr. Travis Stork, Bob Harper, Tony Horton, & NFL player Josh Cribbs to weed out fitness fact from fiction. read more

Joe Manganiello Season 1, Episode 178

“It’s the ten-year overnight success!” is how “True Blood” star Joe Manganiello describes his wild rise to fame. Joe riffs on crazy fan encounters, shedding his clothes for the screen, and the potential of a “Magic Mike” sequel. read more

Brain Power: Sharpen Your Mind Season 1, Episode 177

In light of Obama’s $100 Million BRAIN initiative, Deepak Chopra & Dr. Gary Small join Larry on a quest to answer mysteries about our most powerful tool...the brain! Discover the key to healthy mind & how to maximize your brain power. read more

Nick Offerman Season 1, Episode 176

“Parks & Rec” star Nick Offerman offers Larry tips on how to live deliciously. The carpentry wiz opens up about his love for his wife, Megan Mullally, and even teaches Larry how to pop & lock. read more

Steve Austin Season 1, Episode 175

Steve Austin shows he’s not just Stone Cold but a good guy who enjoys the simple pleasures life has to offer. The WWE Hall of Famer reveals how he got to be the best in the biz & his choice opponent to bring him back in the ring. read more

NFL Rookies: Montee Ball, Eddie Lacy & Ryan Nassib Season 1, Episode 174

In part 2 of Larry’s special on the 2013 NFL draft, he introduces you to the most-talked about rookies of the next season, including Denver Broncos’ Montee Ball, Green Bay Packers’ Eddie Lacy & NY Giants quarterback Ryan Nassib. read more

NFL Rookies: Matt Barkley, Landry Jones & Justin Hunter Season 1, Episode 173

Matt Barkley talks joining the devoted Eagles fans, Landry Jones reveals why he’s proud to be a Steeler & Justin Hunter takes on the competition as the latest Tennessee Titan. read more

Trending Topics Season 1, Episode 172

Larry and his panelists tackle the topics the nation is abuzz over: Bynes, Bieber, and Michael Douglas’s revelation that oral sex can cause cancer. Plus, Obama’s unlikely friendship, and James Lipton’s days as a pimp. read more

Marilyn Manson Season 1, Episode 171

Self-proclaimed villain Marilyn Manson is anything but in this charming and honest interview. The patron saint of punk rock talks marriage, sharing the stage with fellow icon Alice Cooper, and whether Kanye is a better musician than Jay-Z. read more

Laura Ingraham Season 1, Episode 170

“Nixonian” is how conservative talk host Laura Ingraham describes the DOJ’s seizure of the AP’s phone records. She sounds off on the scandals rocking the White House, and sets the record straight on her stance regarding same-sex marriage. read more

Men at Work Season 1, Episode 169

The cast of the TBS series “Men at Work” proves that the laughs last well beyond the show’s on-set antics. Larry tests stars Danny Masterson, James Lesure, Adam Busch & Michael Cassidy to see how well they know one another. read more

Norm Macdonald Season 1, Episode 168

In this revealing interview, former “Weekend Update” anchor Norm Macdonald doesn’t hold back when dishing on the state of comedy today, the Leno-Fallon-Meyers late-night shuffle & his firing from “Saturday Night Live.” read more

Donald Rumsfeld Season 1, Episode 167

Larry sits down with the outspoken former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, to discuss his thoughts on Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and same sex marriage. Plus, the New York Times best-selling author talks about his new book. read more

Dan Aykroyd Season 1, Episode 166

Blues Brother, Ghostbuster, and Wild and Crazy guy Dan Aykroyd tells Larry about the joys of working with Michael Douglas, and feeling John Belushi’s presence from the other side. Plus, a glimpse into the world of Ghostbusters 3. read more

John Cho Season 1, Episode 165

It's John Cho! The “Star Trek Into Darkness” star talks reprising the legendary role of Sulu in J.J. Abrams’ latest sequel. Plus, John on why he loves his stoner fans following his run in the high-larious “Harold & Kumar” series. read more

Aaron Eckhart Season 1, Episode 164

He boasts one of the most diverse resumes in Hollywood, but Aaron Eckhart remains a reluctant movie star. He tells Larry of his love for women and cigars, his mormon roots, and working with Heath Ledger and Julia Roberts. read more

Arrow: Stephen Amell and Greg Berlanti Season 1, Episode 163

Leading man Stephen Amell and Executive Producer Greg Berlanti talk about their breakout hit TV show "Arrow" and tease a major spoiler for the season finale. read more

Tim McGraw Season 1, Episode 162

Larry chats with country music star, Tim McGraw, at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. McGraw opens up about working with his wife Faith Hill, raising teenage daughters, and making peace with his late father. read more

Carlos Slim, Part 2 Season 1, Episode 161

In part 2 of this special with billionaire Carlos Slim, Larry goes to the renowned Milken Institute 2013 Global Conference, where Mr. Slim takes on his critics and reveals the secrets to economic success. read more

Carlos Slim, Part 1 Season 1, Episode 160

In a rare interview with Carlos Slim, Forbes' Richest Man in the World, Larry takes you inside the mind of this humble father of six and how he became the most successful entrepreneur on this planet. read more

Michael Chiklis Season 1, Episode 159

From "The Shield" to "Vegas," Michael Chiklis is known for his tough-guy roles. In this candid interview, Michael -- aka Chicky to his friends & family -- tells Larry why he's not as tough as he looks. read more

Kal Penn Season 1, Episode 158

Larry chats with actor and political activist Kal Penn, about going from roles in movies like "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" to working in the White House. Kal also opens up about his personal life, and his experience returning to acting. read more

Donald Faison Season 1, Episode 157

After winning hearts as Murray in "Clueless" and Turk on "Scrubs," Donald Faison takes a turn as host of "Who Gets the Last Laugh." Donald talks about his baby on the way, his best friend Zach Braff, and something special he and Larry share. read more

A Tribute to Billy Graham Season 1, Episode 156

In honor of National Day of Prayer, Larry celebrates pioneering evangelist Billy Graham. Graham's friends and admirers reveal how he helped shape spiritual and political leaders around the world, including former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. read more

Floyd Mayweather Season 1, Episode 155

The world's best pound for pound fighter Floyd 'Money' Mayweather sits down with Larry and talks about his upcoming fight on May 4th, his first since being released from prison this past year. read more

Pierce Brosnan Season 1, Episode 154

After saving the world for years as James Bond, Pierce Brosnan is back in his most emotional role yet in "Love is All You Need." Plus, Pierce on Daniel Craig's 007 and why he'd like to sing again despite his "Mamma Mia" critics. read more

Billy Ray Cyrus Season 1, Episode 153

Two decades after the success of "Achy Breaky Heart," Billy Ray Cyrus continues to create -- as a musician, actor, and now memoirist. Billy Ray speaks from the heart about his colorful life, his mullet, and his superstar daughter, Miley. read more

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Season 1, Episode 152

From "Seinfeld " to "Veep," Julia Louis-Dreyfus is riding high, tying with Lucille Ball for most Emmy nominations by a comedic actress. Julia speaks candidly about her wild success and lunching with real Veep Joe Biden. read more

Criminal Justice Season 1, Episode 151

Famed defense attorney Pat Harris breaks down when the criminal justice system works, and how often it doesn't. Plus, once-imprisoned Franky Carrillo Jr. shares his tale of wrongful conviction. read more

Stevie Wonder Season 1, Episode 150

Larry sits down with 25-time Grammy-winning artist, Stevie Wonder, to talk about the inspiration behind some of his biggest hits, his thoughts on political issues, and counting President Obama as one of his biggest fans. read more

Quincy Jones & Michael Caine Season 1, Episode 149

Larry talks to Grammy-winning music producer, Quincy Jones, and Academy Award winning actor, Sir Michael Caine, who are celebrating their 80th birthdays to benefit the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas. read more

Harrison Ford Season 1, Episode 148

It's Harrison Ford. The screen legend talks about his latest hit, the Jackie Robinson biopic "42," and if he'll return to "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones." Plus, Harrison sounds off on paparazzi and opens up about his wife, Calista Flockhart. read more

Carol Burnett Season 1, Episode 147

Stage and screen icon Carol Burnett opens up about her relationship with her late daughter Carrie before losing her to lung cancer. Plus, Carol relives her favorite moments from her groundbreaking show. read more

Kat Von D Season 1, Episode 146

America's most famous tattoo artist, Kat Von D, reveals what's beneath her inked exterior in this candid interview about her family, her fears, and her fiancé, Deadmau5. Plus, what Kat calls her "most amazing tattoo experience" -- Larry gets inked. read more

50 Cent Season 1, Episode 145

You know him as a millionaire mogul at the top of his rap game. In this candid interview, 50 Cent sheds his public image to talk about growing up without a father, what he seeks in a partner and why the media doesn't know who he really is. read more

Snoop Lion Season 1, Episode 144

Larry sits down with Snoop Lion to talk about his new name, look, and faith. Plus, Snoop opens up about why he went from being a gun-toting rapper to spreading messages of nonviolence in his new reggae song, "No Guns Allowed." read more

Julie Chen Season 1, Episode 143

Julie Chen is anything but robotic as she sounds off on the morning show shakeup, gay marriage, and women treating other women poorly. Plus, why her CBS chief husband Les Moonves is the "pushover" parent and how she embraced that nickname. read more

Brad Garrett Season 1, Episode 142

Brad Garrett's back on TV in "How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)." In an unfiltered interview, Brad keeps Larry laughing, revealing what kind of parent he is, his insecurities about his height and why he believes in stereotypes. read more

Trending Topics Season 1, Episode 141

Larry breaks down trending topics with comedians Jen Kirkman, Julian McCullough, and Kurt Braunohler. Topics include changes at "The Tonight Show," Dennis Rodman's friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and Justin Bieber's recent troubles. read more

Dennis Quaid Season 1, Episode 140

Dennis Quaid welcomes Larry to the set of "Vegas" for a tour of the 1960s sin city he rules as sheriff Ralph Lamb, and a conversation about life outside the show -- his kids, his band, and his love of flying planes. read more

Arsenio Hall Season 1, Episode 139

Arsenio Hall is back. He takes on Leno and Letterman for a second time when he returns to late night this fall. Plus, he tells Larry what it's like to work with Donald Trump, why he'd like to kiss Oprah and why you can't dictate the woof. read more

The Paranormal Season 1, Episode 138

Larry takes on the paranormal with stars from Syfy's "Ghost Hunters," "Haunted Collector" and "Stranded." Get tips on how to tell when you're in the presence of a ghost and which objects in your home may be possessed. read more

Levar Burton and Bill Nye Season 1, Episode 137

"Reading Rainbow"'s LeVar Burton and Bill Nye the Science Guy, aka TV's greatest teachers, are back to give us an education on education. The pair sound off on our nation's academic shortcomings and the future of space exploration. read more

The Walking Dead: David Morrissey and Laurie Holden Season 1, Episode 136

As we gear up for this Sunday’s season finale, “The Walking Dead” stars David Morrissey and Laurie Holden try to deflect Larry’s questions about who’s killed off in this last episode. Will both return for another season? Watch and find out! read more

Clive Davis Season 1, Episode 135

Larry sits down with Grammy award winning record producer and music executive, Clive Davis, to talk about the surprising personal revelations in his new book, the rise and fall of Whitney Houston, and his fallout with Kelly Clarkson. read more

Joel McHale Season 1, Episode 134

It's Joel McHale! "The Soup" host and "Community" star offers his take on Chevy Chase's exit from the NBC comedy, creator Dan Harmon's ousting, and why he'd really like a tail. Plus, the father of two offers Kim & Kanye advice on what to name their baby. read more

Kevin Bacon Season 1, Episode 133

He's the man connected to everyone in six degrees. Kevin Bacon catches up with Larry about why he finally made the jump to television and how he and wife Kyra stay so happy. Plus, why he had a prosthetic made for going out - and why he doesn't like it. read more

Jessica Alba Season 1, Episode 132

Actress-turned-lifestyle guru Jessica Alba shows us how easy it is to live a natural and toxic-free life with the launch of her book, The Honest Life. She offers Larry some DIY health & beauty tips and opens up about the upcoming Sin City sequel. read more

Harvey Mackay Season 1, Episode 131

The country’s most sought-after business speaker, Harvey Mackay, tells us how to stay competitive in today’s job market & offers tips on how to redefine our careers. Plus, how he turned a failing company into a $100 million business! read more

Lior Suchard Season 1, Episode 130

Larry sits down with world-renowned supernatural entertainer and mentalist, Lior Suchard, to talk about his talent for mind reading, telekinesis and thought influencing. Plus, Lior demonstrates his skills with the help of a studio audience. read more

Ryan Seacrest Season 1, Episode 129

Hollywood's hardest worker, Ryan Seacrest, opens up about what drives him and whether he'll take a step back to start a family. Plus, he sounds off on "American Idol" judge Nicki Minaj, and discusses a project he calls the most meaningful of his life. read more

Mario Lopez Season 1, Episode 128

TV personality Mario Lopez chats with Larry about being one of the busiest men in Hollywood. Plus, he opens up about fatherhood, being a Latin role model, and his first kiss...with Fergie! read more

Duck Dynasty Season 1, Episode 127

Meet the men of Duck Dynasty! Phil, Willie, Si and Jase Robertson talk about the awe-inspiring success of their record-breaking reality show and the mysterious allure of those beards. Plus, Larry gets an expert tutorial in using duck calls. read more

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Season 1, Episode 126

Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson tells us why he’s taken to designing bow ties and opens up about his recent engagement to his partner, Justin. Plus, Jesse reveals secrets to upcoming Modern Family episodes! read more

Arianna Huffington Season 1, Episode 125

Media mogul Arianna Huffington sounds off on the sequester, her disappointment with President Obama, and the fate of same sex marriage in the US. Plus, she discusses her eponymous website's foray into live news, and why we all should stress less. read more

Wayne Brady Season 1, Episode 124

Larry sits down with Emmy-winning improv comic, host and actor Wayne Brady to talk about his feud with Bill Maher, his new animated show, and balancing a busy career with being a single parent. read more

Gavin Newsom Season 1, Episode 123

California’s Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom shares his ideas on how he’d like to reinvent government and turn the town square digital! Plus, the Lt. Governor offers his predictions for 2016 and if he has plans plans to one day run for president. read more

Preventing Heart Disease Season 1, Episode 122

How can you prevent heart disease? Which bad habits are killing you? Larry’s panel of experts reveals the secrets to staying heart healthy! Plus, actress Jennie Garth shares her family’s personal struggles with heart disease. read more

Kelsey Grammer & Steven C. Barber Season 1, Episode 121

Filmmaker Steven C. Barber discusses his documentary, Until They Are Home, about the efforts to repatriate POWs from the Battle of Tarawa. Joined by narrator Kelsey Grammer, the pair consider the 88,000 POWs that remain missing in action overseas. read more

UFC Season 1, Episode 120

It's fight night! UFC President Dana White and fighter Liz Carmouche give the inside scoop as Carmouche prepares to make sports history in the first female UFC match against champion Ronda Rousey. read more

Gold Rush & Bering Sea Gold Season 1, Episode 119

A gold rush is taking over the country! Larry interviews the young stars of Discovery Channel’s hit reality series “Gold Rush” and “Bering Sea Gold.” Plus, opera-star-in-the-making Emily Riedel of “Bering Sea Gold” sings for us. read more

Kelly Osbourne Season 1, Episode 118

Kelly Osbourne talks all things fashion & who she looks forward to seeing on the red carpet at the Oscars. Plus, she reveals the secrets to her weight loss, why Ozzy is a great dad & opens up about her brother Jack’s battle with MS. read more

Dita Von Teese Season 1, Episode 117

The queen of burlesque, Dita Von Teese, reveals how she single-handedly brought burlesque back from oblivion and shares her secret to building an empire. Plus, Dita teaches Larry how to shake it...the pair prepare some of her classic cocktails in studio. read more

William Shatner Season 1, Episode 116

William Shatner opens up about his love for social media, J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” revival, and Kaley Cuoco, his co-star in the new Priceline ads. Plus, he discusses taking on aliens one more time in his latest film, “Escape from Planet Earth.” read more

Julie Andrews Season 1, Episode 115

With her latest children’s book atop bestseller lists, the legendary Julie Andrews reveals how writing helped her through the loss of her singing voice. Plus, Julie gushes over “Princess Diaries” costar Anne Hathaway’s turn in “Les Mis.” read more

James Van Der Beek Season 1, Episode 114

James Van Der Beek stops by to discuss life after “Dawson’s Creek”, the pressures of teen idolatry, and how his “Funny or Die” skits turned his career around. Plus, why James decided to take on his riskiest role yet as... himself! read more

The Truth About Suicide Season 1, Episode 113

Responsible for more deaths each year than homicide, Dr.'s Drew Pinsky and Dan Reidenberg lift the veil on suicide, dispelling its misconceptions and offering guidance to those in need. Cesar Millan & Pattie Mallette also share their personal struggles. read more

The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus & Danai Gurira Season 1, Episode 112

“The Walking Dead” stars Norman Reedus & Danai Gurira, who play fan favorite characters Daryl & Michonne, open up about the series’ upcoming midseason return. Will they reveal any secrets from the show? You’re one click away from finding out. read more

Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy Season 1, Episode 111

Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy reveal details about their comedy "Identity Thief," including each other's annoying habits and how Jason nabbed Melissa for the part. read more

Lisa Ling Season 1, Episode 110

Larry chats with journalist and host Lisa Ling about covering taboo topics on 'Our America', hosting the new reality competition, 'The Job.' Plus, Lisa opens up about a very personal struggle. read more

Gary Sinise Season 1, Episode 109

Almost two decades after playing Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump, Gary Sinise discusses the role's continued influence on his life and his work with military vets. Plus, the actor opens up about gun control and when CSI: New York might come to an end. read more

Chad Johnson Season 1, Episode 108

It’s a no holds barred interview in Larry’s online exclusive with football player Chad Johnson as he talks about Super Bowl predictions, his arrest last year and whether he’ll be back in the game next season. read more

Patti Stanger Season 1, Episode 107

“Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger offers some uncensored advice to Hollywood’s top-ranking singles & breaks down the rules of dating, including first-date red flags and the secrets to a successful relationship. read more

Rainn Wilson Season 1, Episode 106

As “The Office” comes to a close, Rainn Wilson says goodbye to Dwight Schrute, the character that put him in the spotlight, and reveals secrets from the final episodes. Plus, Larry goes on a spiritual journey with Rainn & his SoulPancake project. read more

Head Trauma in the NFL Season 1, Episode 105

Larry tackles head trauma in the NFL. Superbowl Champion Fred McCrary, NFL Player Marcedes Lewis, Sports Illustrated Writer Jim Trotter, and Brain Imaging expert Dr. Daniel Amen join Larry to discuss what can be done about this growing problem. read more

T.I. Season 1, Episode 104

Rapper, author and entrepreneur T.I. stops to by to discuss his highly-anticipated new album, Troubleman, his time in prison, and whether the free agent will sign with a new record label. Plus, T.I. offers his stance on gun control and pot legalization. read more

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Season 1, Episode 103

Resolved to be happier and healthier this year? Fitness powerhouse Tracy Anderson and bliss expert Kym Douglas offer their unique insight on how to shift your perspective and your fitness regimen to look and feel better today. read more

Why We Lie Season 1, Episode 102

In light of Lance Armstrong's recent doping confession and the media firestorm over the Manti Te'o debacle, a panel of experts joins Larry to dissect the athletes' stories and discuss the psychology of deceit. read more

Pete Rose Season 1, Episode 101

Baseball legend and hit king Pete Rose sits with Larry to discuss this year's zero additions to the Hall of Fame, whether he'll ever be allowed in, and his stance on performance-enhancing drugs. read more

100th Episode Celebration Season 1, Episode 100

Larry celebrates the 100th episode by revisiting some of his favorite moments from the show, including interviews with Seth MacFarlane, Betty White, Matthew McConaughey, Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Maher and more! Plus, a performance by acapella group Pentatonix. read more

Does Heaven Exist? Season 1, Episode 99

What happens when we die? Our panel of experts, both religious & skeptic -- including “Proof of Heaven” author Dr. Eben Alexander -- take on the afterlife. Plus, are the victims of the Connecticut shootings in a better place? read more

Dr. Eben Alexander Season 1, Episode 98

Author of the bestselling “Proof of Heaven,” Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon & former skeptic, shares his near-death experience, when he journeyed beyond this world into heaven and met God, before miraculously coming back to life. read more

Lisa Lampanelli Season 1, Episode 97

Self-proclaimed “Queen of Mean” Lisa Lampanelli shows her soft side, opening up about her dramatic weight loss. She tells all about her time on “Celebrity Apprentice”, the Donald, and why she thinks men are funnier than women. read more

Dr. Pam Peeke Season 1, Episode 96

It's insidious, as addictive as cocaine, and can actually alter the structure of your brain. Nutrition expert Dr. Pam Peeke joins Larry to talk about our nation's addiction to food, and how we can combat it. read more

Chris Colfer Season 1, Episode 95

Larry chats with Chris Colfer about what's next on "Glee", being a best-selling author, and bringing his high school screenplay to the big screen. Chris' movie, "Struck by Lightning" is in select theaters, and available on Video on Demand. read more

1600 Penn Season 1, Episode 94

Larry visits the set of NBC's newest comedy, 1600 Penn to talk with the show's powerhouse producers, and actors Bill Pullman and Jenna Elfman. Plus, actor Josh Gad gives our cameras an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the 1600 Penn set. read more

Kathy Griffin Season 1, Episode 93

Outrageous comedienne Kathy Griffin stops by to discuss everything celebrity -- including Kim & Kanye, Justin Bieber, Oprah -- and she dishes on her controversial New Year’s antics with Anderson Cooper. Plus, she opens up about the new man in her life! read more

Naomi Judd Season 1, Episode 92

Country music legend Naomi Judd stops by to talk about life with Wynonna & Ashley, her regrets as a parent, and if she’s leaving her music career behind for a stint in Hollywood. Plus, she takes on the rumors circulating Ashley’s reported Senate run! read more

A Very Larry Christmas Season 1, Episode 91

Larry & Shawn King invite us into their home for the holidays! Featuring Ryan Seacrest, Billy Bush, Julianne Hough & many more. Plus, Shawn sings the title song from “Gotta Love the Holidays,” an album benefiting the Larry King Cardiac Foundation. read more

The Marijuana Debate Season 1, Episode 90

We're talking pot-litics! Highlights include the impact of the Colorado and Washington vote to legalize marijuana and whether the move is bound to go nationwide. Plus, is addiction to marijuana possible? Our panel of experts weigh in. read more

Billy Crystal Season 1, Episode 89

Iconic comedian Billy Crystal opens up about working with Bette Midler and what it's really like to host the Oscars. Plus, a Yankees versus Dodgers standoff and a rousing round of "If You Only Knew". read more

The League Season 1, Episode 88

Larry sits down with The League creators Jeff and Jackie Schaffer, actors Paul Scheer and Jon LaJoie, and NFL player Antonio Gates to talk about the hit FX show and America's obsession with fantasy football. read more

Dr. Andrew Weil Season 1, Episode 87

As we get ready for some holiday feasting, health and wellness guru Dr. Andrew Weil gives us some much-needed tips on how to eat right. Plus, how the food you eat can affect your daily mood & why skinny doesn’t mean healthy! read more

Martin Short Season 1, Episode 86

Funnyman Martin Short, host of SNL’s last show of 2012, brings back his most popular characters including Jiminy Glick & Franck from “Father of the Bride” and opens up about the loss of his wife and partner of 36 years, Nancy. read more

Jeff Probst Season 1, Episode 85

Jeff Probst, Emmy-winning host of Survivor and now his own talk show, shares with Larry his struggles in daytime television and the uncertain fate of his eponymous program. Plus, the newly married Probst opens up about the joys of family and fatherhood. read more

Kevin Pollak Season 1, Episode 84

The hilarious Kevin Pollak, star of “The Usual Suspects” & “Casino,” talks about sleeping his way - not to the top - but to the middle of Hollywood & performs his most famous impressions including Jack Nicholson, Christopher Walken and...Larry himself! read more

Howie Mandel Season 1, Episode 83

America’s favorite TV host, Howie Mandel, opens up about working with Howard Stern & Sharon Osbourne, whether he’ll return to “America’s Got Talent,” and living with OCD. Plus, the scoop on his latest high-stakes game show “Take It All”. read more

YouTube Music Stars Season 1, Episode 82

YouTube music stars tell all! What's the secret to their success? Lindsey Stirling proves violins aren't just for the concert hall, David Choi becomes a sensation with over 100M views, and Dave Days gets to work with pop idol Miley Cyrus! read more

Trending Topics Season 1, Episode 81

Comics Russell Peters, Rove McManus, and Natasha Leggero sound off on today's political and pop culture headlines: Kate Middleton's pregnancy, Angelina Jolie's retirement, and the looming fiscal cliff. read more

Larry Flynt Season 1, Episode 80

Hustler founder and free speech activist Larry Flynt dishes on sex, scandals and politics -- and why he believes politicians should be able to sleep with who they want! read more

Shaun White Season 1, Episode 79

Professional snowboarder and skateboarder Shaun White steps off the hill and into the studio to talk about the life of a two-sport pro athlete. Showing a softer side, Shaun opens up about his desire for a relationship and his recent run-in with the law. read more

Tavis Smiley Season 1, Episode 78

Tavis Smiley steps out of his role as talk show host and into the hot seat to discuss America's poverty problem, holding Obama accountable and where in his own life he's gone wrong. read more

Politics Round-Up Season 1, Episode 77

Larry takes on trending political topics: Is Susan Rice out of the running for Secretary of State? How will the fiscal cliff impact YOU? Former Romney Advisor Richard Grenell, Democrat Tanya Acker & Republican Heidi Harris sound off! read more

Wiz Khalifa Season 1, Episode 76

Music superstar Wiz Khalifa gives Larry a lesson in hip-hop culture and shares his excitement over soon becoming a dad. Plus, the tattooed rapper offers Larry some pointers on getting inked. read more

Dave Salmoni Season 1, Episode 75

Animal Planet's Dave Salmoni brings some wildlife to the show and shows Larry how to approach a white tiger. Plus, one of the world's rarest predators -- on set! read more

Jake Tapper Season 1, Episode 74

ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper joins Larry to discuss the CIA sex scandal that's making headlines across the globe and shares an unbelievable true story of American heroism. read more

Danica Patrick Season 1, Episode 73

On the heels of her final race of the season, Danica Patrick tells Larry she's ready to take on the big leagues as she joins the Sprint Cup Series full-time next year -- and she speaks out against those critics who think she's "too sexy" for NASCAR. read more

Miranda Cosgrove Season 1, Episode 72

Nickelodeon star Miranda Cosgrove gives Larry the scoop on filming her last scenes of "iCarly", working with First Lady Michelle Obama, and getting kicked out of her first college classroom. read more

Simon Baker Season 1, Episode 71

Larry sits down with Australian actor Simon Baker. The star of "The Mentalist" talks about everything from fatherhood to overcoming shyness and his rise to fame. read more

Kate Walsh Season 1, Episode 70

Kate Walsh sits down with Larry to give him the scoop on why she decided this season of "Private Practice" would be her last and what she looks forward to taking on next once she's wrapped the role that made her a star. read more

Jimmy Kimmel Season 1, Episode 69

Jimmy Kimmel sits down with Larry to talk about interviewing his idol David Letterman, and what it feels like to go head-to-head with him when "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" moves to TV's most wanted time slot. read more

Election 2012 Wrap up Season 1, Episode 68

It's Larry's post-election wrap-up debate. Will Obama get cooperation from the House? Does the Republican party need a makeover? Who will be gunning for president in 2016? Tanya Acker, Reed Dickens, Heidi Harris, and Eugene Jarecki offer their thoughts. read more

Jeff Goldblum Season 1, Episode 67

Jeff Goldblum -- actor, jazz pianist, and entertainer extraordinaire -- joins Larry to discuss his Hollywood theater debut in Seminar, his relationship with girlfriend Emilie Livingston, and his philosophy on life. read more

Aasif Mandvi Season 1, Episode 66

The Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi gives Larry the scoop on his return to the NY stage, working with Jon Stewart, and what it's like to be Muslim in Hollywood -- and fighting off that cab driver stereotype. read more

Amy Holmes & Marc Lamont Hill Season 1, Episode 65

Political commentators Amy Holmes and Marc Lamont Hill join Larry to debate Obama's first term performance, Romney's chances at taking over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and whether undecided voters actually exist. read more

Celebrity Politics: Omar Epps & Dean Cain Season 1, Episode 64

In a special Friday edition of "Larry King Now", "House" star and Obama supporter, Omar Epps, and former Superman and Romney proponent, Dean Cain, stop by to discuss the upcoming election and why Hollywood and politics should mix. read more

Lily Tomlin Season 1, Episode 63

Comic legend and actress Lily Tomlin visits Larry to dish about her groundbreaking career as one of the world's foremost comediennes, her new TV show with Reba McEntire, and why she's rooting for Obama come election day. read more

Tim Allen Season 1, Episode 62

Larry visits the set of Last Man Standing to chat with its star, Tim Allen, about life after Home Improvement, and his new show. read more

Keith Olbermann, Part 2 Season 1, Episode 61

In part two of Larry's interview with outspoken journalist and political commentator Keith Olbermann, the two talk sports, controversy, and whether Olbermann will return to television. read more

Keith Olbermann, Part 1 Season 1, Episode 60

Larry sits down with outspoken journalist and political commentator Keith Olbermann to talk about the upcoming elections, and his future in broadcasting. read more

Oscar Pistorius Season 1, Episode 59

Oscar Pistorius -- the Olympian and Paralympian known as the Blade Runner -- opens up to Larry about competing among able-bodied runners, his late mother's influence on his life, and his surprising Paralympic defeat to Brazilian Alan Oliveira. read more

Kevin Smith Season 1, Episode 58

The writer-director who made it in Hollywood with such indie favorites as "Clerks" and "Chasing Amy" sits down with Larry to talk about Kevin's love for comic books, smoking marijuana, and why his next film as director will be his last. read more

Suze Orman, Part 2 Season 1, Episode 57

Suze Orman, two-time Emmy Award-winning host of CNBC’s “The Suze Orman Show,” reveals the secret to getting out of debt and why money doesn’t buy you happiness in part two of Larry’s interview with the finance expert. read more

Suze Orman, Part 1 Season 1, Episode 56

In part one of Larry’s interview with personal finance powerhouse Suze Orman, the two discuss which candidate Suze is rooting for in the upcoming election, the state of our country’s economy, and...Honey Boo Boo. read more

Jenny McCarthy Season 1, Episode 55

Actress, activist and bestselling author Jenny McCarthy joins Larry in studio to dish about growing up Catholic, getting her first Playboy shoot, and living the single life. read more

Lauren Conrad Season 1, Episode 54

The former star of MTV's "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills" visits Larry to dish about branching out beyond reality television, idolizing Martha Stewart and building a fashion empire. read more

Deepak and Gotham Chopra Season 1, Episode 53

Self-proclaimed atheist Larry King tackles the question of faith with spiritual leader Deepak Chopra and his son, Gotham, whose new documentary, Decoding Deepak, explores the private life of the world-renowned guru. read more

WWE Superstars Season 1, Episode 52

WWE Superstars John Cena, CM Punk, Big Show, The Miz and Zack Ryder sit down with Larry backstage at RAW to give him an inside look at what it takes to be the best in the business. Plus, Larry gets in on the fun and makes a special appearance at WWE RAW. read more

Megan Mullally Season 1, Episode 51

The woman who made us laugh for years as Karen Walker, Megan Mullally visits Larry to dish about her new independent movie, going hunchback in "Children's Hospital", and her husband, funnyman Nick Offerman. read more

The Walking Dead Season 1, Episode 50

The stars of AMC's hit series The Walking Dead -- Andrew Lincoln and Sarah Wayne Callies -- join Larry to discuss their upcoming third season, the secrets behind the show's success, and what it's like to go through "zombie school." read more

Suzanne Somers Season 1, Episode 49

Suzanne Somers -- actress, author and alternative medicine advocate -- joins Larry to talk about her new show, her reunion with Three's Company co-star Joyce DeWitt, and the mark she left on Hollywood. read more

Nick Cannon Season 1, Episode 48

Larry's out of the studio and in front of a live audience at LA's Egyptian Theatre, where he's joined by host-comedian Nick Cannon to talk about playing judge on America's Got Talent, his endeavors on capitol hill, and life with Mariah. read more

Governor Gary Johnson, Part 2 Season 1, Episode 47

In the second installment of Larry's interview with Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Presidential nominee sounds off on Obama's shortcomings, marriage equality, and the impact the Libertarian party has had on federal policy. read more

Governor Gary Johnson, Part 1 Season 1, Episode 46

In part one of Larry’s interview with Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian presidential nominee discusses his exclusion from the debate process, why he thinks Obama and Romney are similar candidates, and his reasons for wanting to abolish the IRS. read more

The Next Season 1, Episode 45

Larry sits down with Gloria Estefan, Nelly, Joe Jonas, and John Rich from the music talent competition hit The Next. Plus, LKN takes you behind the scenes of the show. read more

Bill Maher, Part 2 Season 1, Episode 44

Bill Maher, TV host and inimitable political commentator, sounds off on religious extremism, Republican policy and racism in America in the second installment of his interview with Larry. read more

Bill Maher, Part 1 Season 1, Episode 43

In part one of Larry's interview with Real Time's Bill Maher, the comedian, uncensored and unrepentant, doesn't hold back while discussing President Obama, Governor Romney and undecided voters. read more

Penny Marshall Season 1, Episode 42

Larry sits down with his longtime friend Penny Marshall to chat about her new memoir, her seminal role as director, and working with her brother on Laverne and Shirley. Plus, she sets the record straight about her health. read more

Kimora Lee Simmons Season 1, Episode 41

Larry welcomes the uncontainable Kimora Lee Simmons to the table to talk lovers past and present, her myriad business ventures, and her experience being bullied as a kid. read more

Eric Stonestreet Season 1, Episode 40

Larry welcomes Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet to the studio to chat about his tremendously popular show, his penchant for clowning around, and what it's like to play a gay character. read more

Joan and Melissa Rivers Season 1, Episode 39

It's a no holds barred conversation with Joan and Melissa Rivers, as they tackle protests, politics, pop culture and plastic surgery. read more

Jesse Ventura Season 1, Episode 38

Ex-Governor and perennial maverick Jesse Ventura joins Larry for a frank conversation about gangs in government, his refusal to fly, and why he thinks political parties should be abolished. read more

Rachael Ray Season 1, Episode 37

Larry joins Rachael in the kitchen for a candid chat about her rise to fame, why she won’t send food back at restaurants, and the scariest cooking experience. Plus, she gives Larry a much-needed cooking lesson. read more

Bob Woodward, Part 2 Season 1, Episode 36

Part two of Larry's two-part interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Bob Woodward. Woodward weighs in on the presidential race, the economy, and reveals his unique voting strategy. read more

Bob Woodward, Part 1 Season 1, Episode 35

In part one of a two part interview, Larry talks to Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist and author, Bob Woodward, about his new book, the upcoming election, and a behind the scenes look at politics in Washington. read more

Dr. Drew Season 1, Episode 34

Addiction Medicine specialist and radio and television host Dr. Drew Pinsky sits down with Larry to talk about treating addiction and depression, and addresses the drug endorsement controversy. read more

Chris Hardwick Season 1, Episode 33

Creator and host of the Nerdist podcast talks to Larry about battling alcohol addiction and building a new media empire. Plus, Chris gives Larry a lesson on nerd culture. read more

Jeff Lewis Season 1, Episode 32

Larry sits down with real estate investor Jeff Lewis to talk about his popular reality TV show, Flipping Out, the benefits of his OCD, and why he severed his relationship with GLAAD. Later, the pair is joined by Jeff’s sidekick, Jenni. read more

Seth Green Season 1, Episode 31

Seth Green, the actor and writer, sits down with Larry to talk about his new projects, "Robot Chicken", and nerd culture. read more

Jillian Michaels Season 1, Episode 30

Larry welcomes fitness heavyweight Jillian Michaels to the studio for a chat about why she left The Biggest Loser, the newfound joys of motherhood, and why Americans are so overweight. Plus, Jillian whips Larry into shape. read more

Craig Ferguson Season 1, Episode 29

Late-night funnyman Craig Ferguson joins Larry for a colorful chat about his upcoming show at Radio City Music Hall, the problem with doing standup in Scotland, and just how he nabbed his wife. read more

Fran Drescher Season 1, Episode 28

America’s favorite nanny opens up to Larry about trashing cancer, her gay ex-husband, and her role in the upcoming election. read more

Nia Vardalos Season 1, Episode 27

The vivacious Nia Vardalos joins Larry to talk about life after My Big Fat Greek Wedding, writing her own roles, and her arduous path to motherhood. read more

Psychics Season 1, Episode 26

Larry talks to renowned psychic mediums John Edward and Char Margolis as they connect the studio audience with loved ones who have passed and offer predictions for the future. read more

Tom Arnold Season 1, Episode 25

Comedian Tom Arnold joins Larry for a candid conversation about his tough childhood, his drug abuse, and roasting his ex-wife Roseanne Barr. read more

Mike Rowe Season 1, Episode 24

Larry sits down with Mike Rowe, host of "Dirty Jobs Down Under", to discuss inspirations for the show, his favorite dirty jobs, and how he overcame a terrible stutter to become one of the most popular hosts on television. read more

Baseball! Season 1, Episode 23

An avid baseball fan for 70 years, Larry King introduces his son and viewers to his favorite players, including Matt Kemp, David Wright, R.A. Dickey, Justin Turner, and Don Mattingly. read more

Jeff Foxworthy Season 1, Episode 22

Larry talks to the hilarious Jeff Foxworthy about his new game show, his southern roots, and what it’s like to be a conservative in Hollywood. Plus, Jeff gives Larry a lesson in going redneck. read more

Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Season 1, Episode 21

Co-stars and real-life couple, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell chat with Larry about their new movie, ‘Hit & Run’, overcoming Dax’s drug addiction, and whether they will walk down the aisle. read more

UFOs Season 1, Episode 20

Ufologist James Fox, Blink 182-frontman Tom DeLonge and publisher of Skeptic magazine Michael Shermer join Larry for a colorful discussion about UFOs, alien abductions, and whether the government is withholding information. Plus, new details on Roswell. read more

Edward Norton Season 1, Episode 19

The actor and activist talks to Larry about everything from his new role in The Bourne Legacy, to the upcoming presidential election. read more

Rudy Giuliani Season 1, Episode 18

The former Mayor of New York City sits down with Larry to talk about the upcoming election, his biggest regrets, and whether he will seek office again. read more

Regis Philbin Season 1, Episode 17

Larry sits down with fellow talk icon Regis Philbin for a candid conversation about aging, technology, and acclimating to life after television. Plus, the old friends perform a duet. read more

Aisha Tyler Season 1, Episode 16

Jane of all trades and funny girl Aisha Tyler talks about her movie, The Babymakers, her TV show, XIII, her podcast, Girl on Guy, and her voiceover work on Archer -- as well as politics, and parenthood, and growing up poor. read more

The Huntsman Girls & Mystery Guitar Man Season 1, Episode 15

Larry talks with the daughters of one-time presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman -- Mary Anne, Abby and Liddy -- about politics and the secret behind their Herman Cain spoof. Plus, Larry gets a lesson in web celebrity from YouTube phenom Mystery Guitar Man. read more

Susan Sarandon Season 1, Episode 14

Larry sits down with Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon to talk about her new movies, Arbitrage and Robot & Frank, and her latest passion project -- a ping pong club. Plus, she opens up about her split from longtime love Tim Robbins. read more

Cedric the Entertainer & Niecy Nash Season 1, Episode 13

Cedric the Entertainer and Niecy Nash chat with Larry about their new show, parenting, and being compared to another famous TV family - The Cosbys. Plus, Cedric and Niecy give Larry a lesson in swagger. read more

The Cast of Dallas Season 1, Episode 12

Dallas legends Larry Hagman and Linda Gray chat about what it’s like to revisit their old roles in the new series and how they’ve changed over the years. Larry later welcomes newcomers Jesse Metcalfe and Jordana Brewster to talk series scandals to come. read more

Kevin Nealon & DeStorm Power Season 1, Episode 11

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Kevin Nealon opens up about life after SNL, becoming a parent in his 50’s, and his famous Larry King impersonation. Plus, internet rapper DeStorm, premieres his new song, with a little help from Larry. read more

Margaret Cho Season 1, Episode 10

Outrageous comedian Margert Cho talks about body image, youth, sex, and politics. Plus, Larry and Margaret compare tattoos. read more

The Cast of Total Recall Season 1, Episode 9

The stars of "Total Recall" open up about the film, plus fill Larry in on their personal lives. read more

Judge Judy Season 1, Episode 8

TV's most famous judge, Judy Sheindlin, stops by to chat with Larry. Judy weighs in on gun control, politics, and her journey from attorney to television star. read more

Will Forte Season 1, Episode 7

The actor, comedian, and former Saturday Night Live cast member chats with Larry about life after SNL, his new movie, and his personal life. Plus, Larry and Will perform some improv comedy. read more

Oliver Stone Season 1, Episode 6

The acclaimed director and reformed bad boy talks to Larry about smoking pot, Charlie Sheen, and his newest film, Savages. read more

George Lopez Season 1, Episode 5

George Lopez opens up to Larry about his family, his past, and talks about his new show "Take Me Out." read more

Betty White Season 1, Episode 4

America's sweetheart Betty White opens up about her amazing career and why, at 90, she has no plans to slow down. Plus, Larry and Betty open a lemonade stand in Beverly Hills. read more

Matthew McConaughey Season 1, Episode 3

Actor Matthew McConaughey talks to Larry about his recent wedding, the reason for his weight loss and his new movie, "KIller Joe." read more

Seth MacFarlane Season 1, Episode 1

"Family Guy" creator talks to Larry about his first feature film, "Ted," his life, his comedy and gives Larry a lesson in how to draw Stewie Griffin. read more

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