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Land of the Giants

Flight insurance is no consolation: Seven travelers to London wind up in a space warp and land on a planet whose inhabitants are 12 times their size.

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Graveyard Of Fools Season 2, Episode 25 Mar 22, 1970 $1.99

Twin evil brothers - one at each end of the planet - plan to use an alien device they have found to gain control of the planet. The device needs critical repairs that only the little people are small enough to accomplish.

Wild Journey Season 2, Episode 24 Mar 8, 1970 $1.99

Two giants, Thorg and Berna, have a device called a "Space Time Manipulator" that is capable of sending the little people back in time and allowing the group to avoid their current predicament. To do this, they must relive their original trip again.

The Marionettes Season 2, Episode 23 Mar 1, 1970 $1.99

The little people assist an injured puppeteer improve his act by pretending to be his puppets. But events take a sinister twist when an escaped gorilla grabs Valerie!

A Small War Season 2, Episode 22 Feb 22, 1970 $1.99

The little people are attached by a giant boy who has been playing with his imaginary friend in the woods with an army of deadly military toys. The boy does not believe the earthlings to be real and carries on firings at will.