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You recently mentioned that ...

Question: You recently mentioned that this season is likely The O.C.'s "last hurrah." Why do you think that is? When the show premiered, everyone was comparing it to Beverly Hills, 90210, a comparison I still think is valid. That show ran for 10 years and almost 300 episodes. If The O.C. ends this year it will be after only four years and likely not even 100 episodes. So why did it peter out so quickly? Do you think it was because of bad scheduling, or did poor story-line choices drive viewers away? Even if the show isn't the phenomenon it was when it started (and how could it be, given how overhyped and overexposed that first season was?), I still think it's successful enough that Fox's decision to cast it aside so quickly is surprising. Answer: I'm struggling with how to answer this one. A cynic would just say, "The show sucks now," and be done with it, but that's neither fair nor relevant; 90210's long run can hardly be attributed to its quality. It may be the fact that Fox and the ... read more

I know you've grown as tired ...

Question: I know you've grown as tired and suspicious of the "reality" genre as I have, but I need your opinion on last week's episode of Work Out. When I first saw the preview, I said, "No way am I watching this." But last week I was at home sick, so I tuned in. Just how stupid do these producers think we are? The entire episode was so obviously plotted out. Jackie goes away and puts her uptight assistant in charge of the gym as her newest trainer house-sits. She demands her assistant keep the gym neat and clean. She's gone for 10 minutes and the gym looks like a tornado whipped through, then a trainer's dog poops on the mats? She demands that nobody else be allowed over to her house and that the dogs not be let out. The gang crashes Jackie's house for an "impromptu" party like a scene from a bad '80s teen movie; they break a vase and mess up the bed, and the idiot doesn't even straighten up the mess? Plus the dogs get out? And don't get me started on Jackie's "flirtation" with the ... read more

Veronica Mars "Why can't the evil...

Veronica Mars"Why can't the evil just get jobs like the rest of us?" Good question posed by our heroine, who is tasked with investigating a string of pizza-delivery robberies. I guess if they worked 9-to-5 gigs, Mars Investigations would be kaput and Veronica would be clocking a bunch more hours over at Java the Hut. Actually Mars Investigations might be taking a bit of a hit anyway if Terrence Cook turns out to be guilty, though can anyone really blame Keith for wanting to think the best of his idol? And my money is still on Steve Guttenberg as the person responsible for the bus crash. His whole separate privileged Neptune idea never sat well with me, and it is in his airplane hangar where Veronica found the explosives in question. Loved when Keith was teasi read more

Have I missed something? A ...

Question: Have I missed something? A few weeks back TV Guide magazine (as well as local listings) indicated that Veronica Mars was airing a new episode (one with Kristin from Laguna Beach guest-starring as a lesbian cheerleader). I taped the episode, not being able to watch it live, only to find out later that I actually taped a repeat episode. I believe this happened on one other occasion. Have I really missed two new episodes of VM? The last episode I remember seeing was when Duncan absconded with his new baby daughter. I have since been keeping my eyes open for the next new episode, but have not seen anything. Does this seem like an awfully long hiatus to anyone else? Is VM coming back anytime soon? On another matter, I am a regular watcher of Medium and really enjoy the show and its ability to keep the subject matter fresh. But is it just me (to plagiarize from TV Guide magazine columnist Rochell Thomas), or is eldest daughter Ariel becoming way too unbearable? I find myself ... read more

Get This Party Started In the...

Get This Party StartedIn the wake of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's success, it was bound to happen: a show devoted to giving deserving folks a well-earned party. And there are fewer families in need of a party more than the Joneses, who lost just about everything in Hurricane Katrina. Since then they've been living in a hotel as evacuees and could certainly use a diversion. Enter Laguna Beach babe Kristin Cavallari and Extra's Ethan Erickson to the rescue! Sisters Arin and Alexis were ostensibly heading to Las Vegas to audition for a singing competition (not American Idol, these girls actually can sing). But sneaky Arin was in cahoots with Kristin and Ethan so her sis Alexis could have the best 21st birthday ever. With an entire wardrobe, a brand-new car, gift bags, an read more

Laguna's Kristin Is Now UPN's Party Girl

Kristin Cavallari, Get This Party Started

Remember fun li'l Kristin from MTV's Laguna Beach? Well, she has a party invite for you, and in this rare instance, there will be no velvet ropes to hold you back. Tonight at 8 pm/ET, UPN premieres Get This Party Started, a feel-good reality series in which Kristin Cavallari and Ethan Erickson help organize lavish surprise parties for extremely deserving people. (Case in point: The first episode's guest of honor lost nearly everything she had in Hurricane Katrina.) Here's what Cavallari had to tell about her Partying ways, what she thinks of Tara Reid and the status of her Laguna Beach friendships. I just watched the pilot, and this is a f read more


Perhaps hardest hit by news of the Simpson-Lachey split were Kimberly Stewart (aka Rod's daughter and the poor man's Paris) and her now-ex-fiancé, Laguna Beach himbo Talan Torriero. In a statement found in a fortune cookie and then issued by their flaks, the pair suggested that "it is better to have a brief engagement than a short marriage." Ah, if only Renée and Kenny had had a yen for General Tsao's chicken, too. read more

Laguna Beach OK, don't get me...

Laguna BeachOK, don't get me started. I'm already a little teary that the gang's big good-bye is also my last Watercooler column. For a while, at least. The big, new all-color TV Guide needs a tad more of my time. But I should be back by the time Lauren hits The Hills. Which, by the way, looks sooooo good. Oh! And the third-season sneak peek with her little sis and that Kami chick? Hello. Girls with bad hair and guys with great bodies? We are so on for summer. Until then, I humbly offer this week's "Thanks for Being the Best Readers EVER" dunzo survey. Truly, I heart you all.1) Do guys like Steeephen really think they can play a pair of girls against each other for two years and not be considere read more

We. Wuz. Robbed!! All week long,...

We. Wuz. Robbed!! All week long, MTV's been feeding us promos of the big two-seasons-in-the-making Kristin-Lauren confab. And what did we get? Nuthin'. Bupkiss. A flyby that consisted of a few awkward glances and one unsurprising bailout by Steeephen. Damn, this should have been huge. The hugest. Instead, I'm all salty and hatin' on everyone. Except for the kids, because we love them. So I guess it's time for the "One Week Before the Commercial-Free Kiss Good-bye" survey! 1) Jason the Chronic Cheater: Good guy or self-destructive? And who were those chicks advising L.C.? They looked like a before-and-after of Ashlee Simpson's latest run-in with L'Oreal No. 36.2) Um, when should we tell Talan that counseling J-Wahl on winning back his girl was gayer than Pepito the Wonder Chihuahua's cable-knit roll-neck sweater (which, FYI, is totally fetching with his bone structure).3) Do we think Steeephen will finally rea read more

OK, I should be watching a horror...

OK, I should be watching a horror movie since it's Halloween. But because I love you all — and our L.B. babies — the only screams I need tonight are the ones of excitement over the gang's fundraising benefit. It was like an all-star event, with Camp Kristin and the Lauren League joining forces for the good of all. So, in honor of this momentous meeting of blondes and the boys who break their hearts, I offer you this week's "Up with People! And Down with Landslides!" survey.1) Who can get me one of Trey's hats? Seriously. And Alex H.'s number? Love her!2) Um, when did Polster get so… wow? And how long till Kristin adds him to her hit list?3) Is it weird that I sort of felt bad for Jason the Chronic Cheater? Yeah, he kissed Poor Dumb Jessica and totally lied about to L.C. But remember, he is the Chronic Cheater.4) Can we get a round of applause for L.C.? Dayyum, girl read Poor Dumb read more

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