Ladies of London

  • 2014
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The dramas of British socialites and American expats living in England unfold in this reality series set in London.

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Ladies of London, Season 3
The pursuit of power and status continues as “Ladies of London” enters its third season.
Ladies of London, Season 3
The pursuit of power and status continues as “Ladies of London” enters its third season.
Is Caroline Stanbury's Business Closing?
Season 2 Episode 6 Preview: The future is unclear for the Gift Library.
Caroline and Luke Spill the British Tea: Episode 5
Season 2 Episode 5 Exclusive: Caroline Stanbury and Luke dish on Sophie's wild party (and the 'sex pi ata').
Caroline Stanbury Has to Close the Gift Library
Season 2 Episode 6 Show Highlight: The verdict is in, and Caroline is forced to shutter her business.
The Dos and Don'ts of London Driving
Season 1 Exclusive: Juliet Angus studies for her driving test with some help from Caroline Stanbury.
A Lady Related to an Assassin?
Season 1 Episode 3 Show Highlight: Annabelle Neilson s grandmother reveals how their family received a title from the Queen of Sweden.
Is Caroline Stanbury Becoming a Housewife?
Season 2 Episode 10 Preview: Caroline adjusts to life at home after the loss of Gift Library. Housewife-dom is not exactly for her...
Tour Caprice's (In Progress) Home
Season 1: Caprice Bourret leads you through the construction of her outrageous new abode.
My London: Noelle
Season 1 Exclusive: Noelle Reno gives you a tour of her historic neighborhood, Marylebone High Street.
Caroline Fleming: Old School Danish Royal/MILF
Season 2 Episode 1 Preview: Not only is our newest Lady a Danish Baroness, she has quite the wild past with Caroline Stanbury!
Ep 6: New Allegiances
After Marissa becomes a British citizen, Juliet is unable to accept the change and Marissa grows impatient with her meddling ways. In the midst of the (more…)
Annabelle Neilson on Being Alexander McQueen's Muse
Season 2 Episode 9 Exclusive: Lady of London Annabelle opens up about the inspirational relationship she had with the late designer.
Caroline Fleming Really Loves Her Man's Big...Heart
Season 2 Episode 5 Preview: The Baroness really opens up in a revealing therapy session.
Caroline Stanbury's Sorry, Not Sorry
Season 2 Episode 4 Show Highlight: The morning after New Year's Eve, Caroline Stanbury decides to retract her apology to Julie Montagu.
Ep 5: To the Manner Born
The ladies take a trip to the regal Mapperton estate, home to the Earl and Countess of Sandwich, with the hope of mending the group back together. A w (more…)
Crazy for Cockney
Season 1 Show Highlight: Marissa and Juliet are on the hunt to hear a true cockney accent.
Lady Julie Montagu's Guide to Being Royal
Season 2 Episode 1 Exclusive: Find out what it's like being royal with Viscountess Lady Hinchingbrooke. Hint: It's all about the tea!
Was Caroline Being a Bully?
Season 1 Episode 8 Preview: Accusations fly when Caroline and Caprice hash out all the baby shower drama.
Ep 5: Clean Up Your Mess
Juliet and Annabelle are shocked when Julie extends an olive branch to Caroline Stanbury, despite their fall out from New Year s Eve. Meanwhile, Julie (more…)
It's New Years, New Tears For Julie
Season 2 Episode 3 Show Highlight: It's not exactly a Happy New Year for Julie Montagu. Watch her confrontation with Caroline Stanbury!
The Cougar Clash Continues (in a Bath Tub)
Season 2 Episode 7 Preview: A sudsy Julie Montagu spills that Caroline Fleming is still miffed about Marissa Hermer's cougar comments.
A Royal Yoga Lesson
Season 1 Exclusive: Lady Hinchingbrooke teaches Caprice Bourret some serious yoga moves.
Putting Knickergate to Rest
Season 1 Episode 5 Show Highlight: Annabelle and Juliet have a sit down to sort out their Fourth of July drama.
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