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Latest Episode: Nothing Is Forever, Not Even Tattoos

Sep 15, 2011 Season 4 Episode 21 watch on (Paid)

When Kat decides to open an Austin tattoo shop with Jesse, the High Voltage family fears their home of 5 years may be closing its doors for good. Regret is a bitter pill when Kat hears Michael's big confession. Kat faces the toughest decision of her life.

While Kat's Away

Sep 08, 2011 Season 4 Episode 20

Kat decides to make some upgrades to High Voltage and hires a contractor who has his own ideas. While Kat is in Austin with Jesse, chaos ensues in the shop and on the home front.
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Kat & Jesse in Baja

Sep 01, 2011 Season 4 Episode 19

A trip to her birthplace in Mexico could end in wedding bells or hospital bills for Kat, as Jesse tries for first place in the grueling off-road Baja 500 race. Kat gives Arianna the surprise of her life when Arianna successfully hits 100 days sober.
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Photo Finish

Aug 25, 2011 Season 4 Episode 18

Kat Von D's stress levels reach an all-time high as she must complete a photo shoot in time to showcase her new clothing line to prestigious fashion editors. Michael & Rooftop duke it out in a series of agonizing challenges.
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Aug 18, 2011 Season 4 Episode 17

Kat uncovers Arianna's dark secret, when it becomes a matter of life and death. Meanwhile, Dan plays a dodgy prank that turns the shop into a warzone - and Rooftop takes a permanent hit.
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Tats for Japan

Aug 11, 2011 Season 4 Episode 16

Kat and the crew decide to throw a benefit for the earthquake victims in Japan, but find out High Voltage may not be so safe when the big one hits. Tensions rise between Rooftop and Arianna, and when Arianna takes Kat's car without permission.
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Kat's New Roommate

Aug 04, 2011 Season 4 Episode 15

While balancing a long distance relationship with her fiancé, Jesse James, Kat decides to design her own wedding dress with help from the designers of her new clothing line. Later, she heads to NYC for a Sephora photo shoot.
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New Beginnings

Jul 28, 2011 Season 4 Episode 14

In the last 9 months, Kat has had a successful gallery opening, a whirlwind book tour, survived a devastating house fire and got engaged to her soul mate, Jesse James. The High Voltage crew tries to keep up as Kat starts over.
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Kat In Wonderland

Nov 03, 2010 Season 4 Episode 13

As final prep is underway for the opening of Kat's gallery, tensions boil over at AE between Amy and Ruthless. Wonderland opens its doors, Kat and her new boyfriend show up to a full press line and a party full of surprises.
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Kat Minus Sixx

Oct 27, 2010 Season 4 Episode 12

While Kat struggles with the decision to go on tour with Nikki and the future of their relationship, she puts Michael and Rooftop in charge of the event space next door. The tension between Amy and Ruthless reaches a boiling point over a tattoo convention
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Wet Paint

Oct 20, 2010 Season 4 Episode 11

Kat takes a long look at Corey's face on the mural and decides that it's time for a change. After an unexplained absence, Paulie returns to American Electric with a careless attitude and Craig is forced to fire him.
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The Missing Piece

Oct 13, 2010 Season 4 Episode 10

After noticing that her crew is acting strange, Kat starts digging for information only to find that she may have ruined a great surprise. At American Electric, Ruthless realizes that Amy is covering for Paulie and threatens to tell Craig.
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Rock and Ink

Oct 06, 2010 Season 4 Episode 9

Kat auctions off a tattoo for charity, Nikki Sixx interviews Dan on his radio show, and the crew goes to see Dan's band at The House of Blues. Corey walks in to find Aubry getting tattooed, and Amy finds herself between a rock and a hard place.
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Oh Brother

Sep 29, 2010 Season 4 Episode 8

Kat convinces Michael to run a marathon, but after he drops out, she finds other ways to spend time with him. American Electric celebrates its 11th anniversary, and Paulie's refusal to participate angers Craig just as much as Amy's surprise guest.
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The Black Widow

Sep 22, 2010 Season 4 Episode 7

Kat wakes up to find that a spider has bitten her eye, and the possibility of surgery scares her just as much as not being able to tattoo. Corey calms the tension at American Electric when he agrees to tattoo Amy and Paulie.
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Strictly Business

Sep 15, 2010 Season 4 Episode 6

Kat heads to New York to meet with Sephora about her new perfume line, and then to Harper Collins Publishers, where she has to give her editor some bad news about her second book. Corey reveals the ugly truth in a magazine interview.
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The Truce

Sep 08, 2010 Season 4 Episode 5

Kat gets caught in the middle of a prank war when her roommate, Rooftop, starts trouble with her boyfriend, Nikki Sixx. Corey cuts all ties when he crosses enemy lines and decides to join the team at American Electric.
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The Rock Rolls

Sep 01, 2010 Season 4 Episode 4

After hearing what the crew has to say, Kat decides to bring Corey back, but he may have changed his mind.
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Return of the Rock?

Aug 25, 2010 Season 4 Episode 3

Kat's indecision on whether or not she should bring Corey back to High Voltage. Corey is conflicted about his clients that are still in Hollywood and is getting fed up waiting on Kat to give him an answer. Corey starts to seek other options.
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Kat's New Journey

Aug 18, 2010 Season 4 Episode 2

After Corey returns and asks for his job back, Kat is faced with a dilemma of hiring him back in the shop. She must consult her team and decide what's best for them all. Meanwhile, Amy and new tattoo artist Ruthless continue to be at odds.
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