Meet the L.A. Frock Stars: Shelly Lyn
01:50 — Safety pins, rhinestones and true couture. Find out where Shelly Lyn got her sparkly start as a vintage fashionista. From: L.A. FROCK STARS http://bi (more…)
Meet the L.A. Frock Stars: Sarah
01:11 — From classic movies to punk rock, Sarah's fashion inspiration is as eclectic and extensive as her knowledge of the vintage business. From: L.A. FROCK (more…)
This Dress Moved a Star to Tears
02:55 — When award-winning actor Diane Salinger looks to channel Tallulah Bankhead for an upcoming play, she turns to Doris for sartorial inspiration. From: (more…)
Jealousy-Inspiring Prom Dress Needed
04:29 — Actor Mia Sara is a longtime friend and client of Doris Raymond's, and a lover of vintage. Today she needs a dress for her goddaughter's prom, which i (more…)
Dealing with a Vintage Addiction
02:51 — In order to meet the needs of her insatiable, fashion-hungry clients, Doris, a self-confessed vintage junkie, delights in finding new pieces for the s (more…)
Jen Rade Says Kyle Is the One to Watch
03:24 — Jen Rade, one of L.A.'s top stylists, stops by the store just as Kyle starts working on a styling project of his own. From: L.A. FROCK STARS: Vintage (more…)
Sassy Is the New Classy
01:04 — Saucy, sassy, and shameless, Shelly Lyn shows off her own personal style. From: L.A. FROCK STARS: Quest for the Holy Grail
Which Dress Would You Wear on the Red Carpet?
04:19 — A red carpet dilemma for up-and-coming artist Rai Alexandra: dress in 1950s glamor or go the femme fatale route? For once, Doris is stumped. From: L. (more…)
What's This Moschino Collection Worth?
04:29 — Doris knows her trove of Moschino pieces is special. But how special? Celebrated designer and Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott gives his take. (more…)
Three Days to the Wedding... and No Dress!
04:45 — A bride-to-be has cold feet...about her wedding dress! With the event three days away, the clock is ticking. From: L.A. FROCK STARS: Quest for That S (more…)
Meet the L.A. Frock Stars: Kyle
01:37 — We sat down with Kyle to find out about his roots (growing up with a mother who was a fabulous hair model) and his goals for the future. He may not wo (more…)
What a Costume Designer Pulls for a Big TV Pilot
04:52 — Mark Bridges, the award-winning costume designer, needs pieces for a high-profile TV project set in the early 70s. Doris immediately gets to work pull (more…)
What Would Debi Mazar Wear?
02:07 — Debi Mazar is on a mission: she’s looking for dresses that scream Tuscany and turn up the heat on her Italian cooking show. From: L.A. FROCK STARS (more…)
Bringing a Flapper Dress Back to Life
03:03 — Doris Raymond's secret is twofold: a keen eye for great pieces and a network of artisans who can work magic on delicate pieces, restoring them to thei (more…)
An Emotional Surprise Is Hidden in This Suitcase
04:40 — A vintage leather suitcase turns out to hold priceless memories for Doris Raymond. For once, she's grateful an item didn't sell. From: L.A FROCK STAR (more…)
Sneak Peek
00:34 — You never know what's in store. Take a peek inside Hollywood's hottest vintage outfit. From: L.A. FROCK STARS
Dita Von Teese's Shopping Strategy
04:28 — When a picky customer like Dita Von Teese comes into the store, she’s looking for something special. A gold dress worn by legendary burlesque perfor (more…)
A Socialite's Estate Sale that Demands Attention
04:38 — A call to visit the estate of a late Chicago socialite has Doris excited. But even she wasn't expecting the weird and wonderful world she was about to (more…)
A Rare Look Inside Doris Raymond's Inspiration Room
03:05 — Many influential designers come to see Doris Raymond. Most of the time, it’s not just clothes they’re looking for, but inspiration. From: L.A. FR (more…)
Closed to the Public: The Iconic Joseff of Hollywood's Studio
04:26 — Joseff of Hollywood made jewelry for many of the most important American films of the 20th century. When Doris and Shelly Lyn visit his studio, they h (more…)
Would You Wear Vintage on the Red Carpet?
03:37 — "L.A. Frock Stars" director Lauren Thompson is going to a major awards show! And because she works with fashion, she can't afford any missteps on the (more…)
L.A. Frock Stars Season 2
Treasure hunts, bidding wars, star emergencies, and other adventures in the world of vintage fashion.
L.A. Frock Stars Season 2
Treasure hunts, bidding wars, star emergencies, and other adventures in the world of vintage fashion.
L.A. Frock Stars Season 1
Treasure hunts, bidding wars, star emergencies, and other adventures in the world of vintage fashion.
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