La Femme Nikita

Smart and stylish tales of a sexy crimefighter forced to work for an antiterrorist group after being framed for a killing. Based on a 1990 French film (which was remade in 1993 as `Point of No Return'), the series was a slick blend of good-looking actors and high-tech espionage, and developed a loyal following drawn to its ultracool, Gucci-ad look and t (more…)

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The Complete Fourth Season
As a deadly secret government operative, Nikita fights international terrorism alongside her fellow agents--while keeping a surprising secret.
No One Lives Forever Trailer
01:01 — Nikita is mysteriously released from Section and recieves an even more cryptic order: Kill Operations. Complicating the order is its source...and the (more…)
Hell Hath No Fury Trailer
01:06 — "A woman in love may prove to be a more formidable opponent than the one she loves," Michael says. And that's especially true when Madeline falls for (more…)
Face In The Mirror Trailer
01:02 — Has Nikita turned? She cooperates with Red Cell, imperils Michael and undergoes a process to give her a new face. Meanwhile, Section ratchets up the p (more…)
There Are No Missions Trailer
01:26 — KillMichael! But bringing the elite agent down is easier said than done as he closes in on a stunning secret: Section's creator, a foe of Operations l (more…)
He Came From Four Trailer
01:04 — Oversight provies an agent to assist Operation's hunt for a missing Command Clone Program: an agent with telekinetic and clairvoyant powers and the em (more…)
Sleeping With The Enemy Trailer
01:15 — The investigation into the activation of the facility's self destruct codes lead to a lone hacker...and gives Operations a chance to play the geek's " (more…)
Kiss The Past Goodbyee Trailer
01:11 — A Section operative is detached, methodical professional, impersonal...except where family is involved. Michael learns a Valentine op is romancing his (more…)
Line In The Sand Trailer
01:01 — Either he's right, or they're all dead wrong. Birkoff pinpoints the location of Red Call's elusive Cardinal. But a failed attempt to retrieve the riva (more…)
Catch A Falling Star Trailer
01:03 — Welcome, y'all. Posing as geologists, Michael and Nikita enter a tiny, backroads Tennessee town to hunt for a downed ComSat Alpha satellite. Birkoff's (more…)
Time To Be Heroes Trailer
01:02 — Michael and Nikita are put in charge of the accelerated training of raw, attitude-filled recruits, only to discover that the newbies- along with Micha (more…)
Time Out Of Mind Trailer
01:01 — Operation Madness. Section gives Nikita a psychoses-inducting drug so that she can be admitted to a psychiatric ward for a mission. But the institute' (more…)
Down A Crooked Path Trailer
01:02 — After a bio-breach, Oversigt sends a Bio-Med team to scan for viral contamination- a process that in reality steals agents' memories/expertise for fut (more…)
Getting Out Of Reverse Trailer
01:02 — Something is different about Nikita. Has Section's mind-control scheme removed her abaility to form emotional attachments. Michael has (more…)
Sympathy For The Devil Trailer
01:02 — Operations mixes personal feelings with power when he assigns Michael and Nikita to assist a man who presumably helped the Section One leader in Vietn (more…)
Four Light Years Farther Trailer
01:30 — Nikita and Michael's absence causes a leadership void in Section, yet that doesn't stop Operations from deciding to cancel one of them when apprehende (more…)
Man In The Middle Trailer
01:05 — Married to the job. And to the enemy. Posing as drug dealers, Nikita and Michael cozy up to a weapons dealer who, smitten with Nikita, proposes marria (more…)
Toys In The Basement Trailer
01:03 — A deranged junk collector adds something new to his collection: Nikita. He finds the injured operative after a failed mission, restores her to health (more…)
Love Honor & Cherish Trailer
01:04 — Nikita has her secrets. As it turns out, so does Helmut Volker. He's not who he appears to be- he's actually a knowing player in this bullet- and subt (more…)
Up The Rabbit Hole Trailer
01:05 — She look and sounds like com expert Quinn. But she isin't Quinn...and she has a profound influence on Michael. Plus; Jason wraps his mission. Isin't i (more…)
Into The Looking Glass Trailer
01:02 — Michael's again part of Section...and racing the clock to counter-program the gamage done to Nikita. Birkoff provides cover so Michael can be alone wi (more…)
Abort, Fail, Retry, Terminate Trailer
01:02 — An A.I. system Birkoff develops turns renegade, endangering the lives of personnel and pretecting itself from shutdown. Only Birkoff can defeat the ro (more…)
View Of The Garden Trailer
01:07 — Gambling that Michael will not attempt to kill Nikita, Operations sends her and a team of lookalikes to terminate him. But the ruse fails and Michael (more…)
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  • Premiered: January 13, 1997
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: Smart and stylish tales of a sexy crimefighter forced to work for an antiterrorist group after being framed for a killing. Based on a 1990 French film (which was remade in 1993 as `Point of No Return'), the series was a slick blend of good-looking actors a… (more)

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