Smart and stylish tales of a sexy crimefighter forced to work for an antiterrorist group after being framed for a killing. Based on a 1990 French film (which was remade in 1993 as `Point of No Return'), the series was a slick blend of good-looking actors and high-tech espionage, and developed a loyal following drawn to its ultracool, Gucci-ad look and the sultry Peta Wilson in the lead.

Guest Stars

Cindy Dolenc
Kate Quinn
7 Episodes (2001-2001)
Carlo Rota
Mick Schtoppel, Mr. Jones, Schtoppel
5 Episodes (2000-2001)
Edward Woodward
Mr. Jones
4 Episodes (2001-2001)
Stephen Shellen
Marco O'Brien, O'Brien
4 Episodes (2001-2001)
Colm Feore
Voice of Brutus
Richard Fagon
Cryo-Tech No. 1
1 Episode (2000)
Simon Gerard
Cryo-Tech No. 2
1 Episode (2000)