Influential series about a Buddhist monk in search of his long-lost brother in the American West of the 1870s while dodging Chinese officials after him for killing a member of the imperial family. The show earned cult status (and became much parodied) thanks to its blend of martial arts and Eastern mysticism, and a style that traded heavily on flashbacks and slow-mo fight scenes. A TV film, `Kung Fu: The Movie,' aired in 1986 and a sequel series, `Kung Fu: The Legend Continues,' began in 1993.


Guest Stars

Han Su Lok, Lo Sing, Po San
Danny, Deputy, Samuel
Chun Yen, Han Tsung, Men Han
A Mad Scotsman, Kai Tong, McBurney/Kai Tong
Branch, Irish Miner
Nathaniel, Shelby Cross
Fleck, Jenkins
Former Shaolin Master, Lin Pei
Sheriff, Walker
Ex-Confederate Officer, Sergeant
Aztec, Huntoon
Powerful Rancher
Chen, Old Man
Bounty Hunter, Breck
A Warlord, Sing Lu Chan
Captain Starbuck, Sheriff
Bob Gardner
Frank Grogan
Sister Richardson
Padre Braganza
Mary Jenkins
Bounty Hunter
Father Salazar
Aging Photographer
Wong Ti Lu
Captain Malachy
Arthur Chan
Los Vidrios
Tim Matheson
Army Lieutenant
Chinese girl
Judge Marcus
Army Officer's Wife
Cloud Shadow