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Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Season 2 episodes

The Break Up Season 2, Episode 26

Po and Mr. Ping try to get two quarreling Croc Bandits to reconcile. read more

Shifu's Ex Season 2, Episode 25

Shifu's ex-girlfriend visits, and she's now his adversary, but Po wants the two of them to reunite. read more

Huge Season 2, Episode 24

Mantis becomes huge after consuming a growth potion, but his new size has dangerous consequences. read more

Quilin Time Season 2, Episode 23

Po's dad takes him on bewildering excursion, but then Po realizes there's a point to the adventure. read more

Secret Admirer Season 2, Episode 22

Po pranks Monkey with a fake love letter, but the jestful act winds up testing their friendship. read more

Mama Told Me Not to Kung Fu Season 2, Episode 21

Crane's mom visits and is unaware that he practices kung fu, which she detests, so Crane asks everyone to keep his secret. read more

The Secret Museum of Kung Fu Season 2, Episode 20

Shifu leads an ill-fated road trip as Po and the Furious Five clash. read more

Crane on a Wire Season 2, Episode 19

Po attempts to restore Crane's confidence after Crane suffers public embarrassment. read more

A Tigress Tale Season 2, Episode 18

Tigress goes to Garnet Palace to be a King Fu Master, but Po tries to persuade her to return home. read more

Shoot the Messenger Season 2, Episode 17

Po and Tigress try to prevent a messenger from delivering a scroll that could start a war. read more

The Midnight Stranger Season 2, Episode 16

Kung fu is deemed illegal, so Po goes incognito to fight crime. read more

Invitation Only Season 2, Episode 15

Po is excluded from a dinner party because of his bad table manners, so Shifu tries to give him etiquette training as well as advise him on how to fend off the evil Temutai. read more

The Maltese Mantis Season 2, Episode 14

Po and Mantis attend a fan convention, where Po gets overexcited. read more

The Spirit Orbs of Master Ding Season 2, Episode 13

Master Ding's wicked spirit possesses Po, whom Tigress tries to save before Ding causes harm all over the land. read more

Terror Cotta Season 2, Episode 12

Fung tries to create menacing terra-cotta warriors by following ancient instructions he unearthed. read more

Shifu's Back! Season 2, Episode 11

Po temporarily rules the Jade Palace while an injured Shifu recuperates. read more

Present Tense Season 2, Episode 10

Po becomes a bounty hunter so he can earn extra cash and buy a nice gift for his father. read more

Master and the Panda Season 2, Episode 9

Po's the only one unhappy when Peng returns to town, because Po knows who Peng's uncle is. read more

Enter the Dragon Season 2, Episode 8

Conclusion. Po and his pals face a supernatural being who can't be defeated with kung-fu powers. read more

Enter the Dragon Season 2, Episode 7

Part 1 of 2. Po and his pals face a supernatural being who can't be defeated with kung-fu powers. read more

Bosom Enemies Season 2, Episode 6

Taotie has a breakdown and decides to turn over a new leaf, and Po wants to help him transform. read more

Kung Shoes Season 2, Episode 5

Po purchases magical shoes to sharpen his kung-fu skills, but the shoes endanger him instead. read more

The Po Who Cried Ghost Season 2, Episode 4

Po encounters hopping ghosts, creatures he's been terrified of since he was little. read more

The Most Dangerous Po Season 2, Episode 3

Po visits a well-known war hero and discovers the veteran is a little cuckoo. read more

Royal Pain Season 2, Episode 2

Po trains a clumsy member of the royal family, who must soon use that training against a traitor. read more

Kung Fu Day Care Season 2, Episode 1

Tigress must look after a little kid who can't find his parents. read more

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Premiered: September 19, 2011
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Premise: A martial-arts loving panda gets help from his mentor and friends as he becomes a warrior and protects the valley where he lives. Based on characters from the DreamWorks film "Kung Fu Panda."


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