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Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Season 1 episodes

Monkey in the Middle Season 1, Episode 26

The townsfolk are concerned about a string of robberies in which Monkey is the prime suspect. read more

Father Crime Season 1, Episode 25

Shifu's con-artist dad visits his son and makes things awkward for Po. read more

Hall of Lame Season 1, Episode 24

Po searches for a majestic Dragon Warrior trophy to be displayed at a festival. read more

Love Stings Season 1, Episode 23

Po's father begins dating Scorpion, Po's old adversary who claims to have turned a new leaf, though Po has his doubts. read more

Has Been Hero Season 1, Episode 22

Po's kung-fu idol arrives and wants some help boosting his star power, so he asks Po to lose a match against him. read more

In With the Old Season 1, Episode 21

Po, his dad and two elderly folks must defend the Jade Palace while everyone else is away. read more

My Favorite Yao Season 1, Episode 20

Temutai captures a kung-fu master, so Shifu seeks assistance from Po. read more

Challenge Day Season 1, Episode 19

Contenders get a shot at winning Po's title from him on a special competition day. read more

Po Fans Out Season 1, Episode 18

Po wants to dazzle his fan club, so he releases a demon whom he must battle. read more

Big Bro Po Season 1, Episode 17

Mr. Ping takes up residence at the Jade Palace after his noodle shop is ravaged. read more

Ladies of the Shade Season 1, Episode 16

Po unknowingly gets chummy with a gang of robbers, who are posing as dancers. read more

The Kung Fu Kid Season 1, Episode 15

Po is initially overjoyed to meet a kung-fu prodigy, but soon he feels threatened by the new kid's popularity. read more

Ghost of Oogway Season 1, Episode 14

Po and Shifu's relationship becomes strained when Oogway returns. read more

Master Ping Season 1, Episode 13

Po must look after Taotie's son, whose loyalties are questionable. read more

Rhino's Revenge Season 1, Episode 12

Po assists his gloomy new rhino buddy, but then he realizes the rhino has ulterior motives. read more

Sight for Sore Eyes Season 1, Episode 11

Shifu's work is observed by two masters, and Po misbehaves and gets Shifu in trouble. read more

Bad Po Season 1, Episode 10

Po experiences abrupt mood shifts following a run-in with a special mirror. read more

Owl Be Back Season 1, Episode 9

Po worries that one of the Furious Five will change and become evil. read more

Jailhouse Panda Season 1, Episode 8

Po pretends to be a prisoner in order to find out where a villain hid a harmful war hammer. read more

Hometown Hero Season 1, Episode 7

Po tours Mantis' hometown and learns Mantis has been lying. read more

Good Croc Bad Croc Season 1, Episode 6

The leader of the Croc Bandits assists Po, who then is indebted to him. read more

Fluttering Finger Mindslip Season 1, Episode 5

Po's new secret move causes brief memory loss, and his pals aren't happy when he uses it on them. read more

Chain Reaction Season 1, Episode 4

Po's antics annoy Tigress while they are on a mission, and things only get worse when the two are handcuffed together and must rely on one another to get out of trouble. read more

Sticky Situation Season 1, Episode 3

In the series premiere of this cartoon about a martial-arts-loving panda becoming a warrior, Po wrecks the hall where he trains. He then seeks aid from the person who constructed it, unaware that the builder is his mentor's old rival. Based on characters from the DreamWorks film "Kung Fu Panda." read more

The Princess & the Po Season 1, Episode 2

Po and his pals must accompany Pei Pei, the emperor's daughter, on her peacemaking visit. read more

Scorpion's Sting Season 1, Episode 1

A sneak preview of a cartoon based on the film "Kung Fu Panda" finds Po and Monkey trying to help an ill Tigress, but their mission goes off course when Monkey is hypnotized into going after Po. read more

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Premiered: September 19, 2011
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Premise: A martial-arts loving panda gets help from his mentor and friends as he becomes a warrior and protects the valley where he lives. Based on characters from the DreamWorks film "Kung Fu Panda."


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