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Apr 04, 1986 Season 4 Episode 22 watch on VUDU (Paid)

A voodoo princess (Rosalind Cash) and her henchmen will stop at nothing to possess an ancient crown being held at a private vault company. With David Hasselhoff, Christie Hauser.

Knight Rider: Classic: Short Notice

May 06, 1983 Season 1 Episode 22

Michael picks up a hitchhiker named Nicole whose daughter has been kidnapped by her ex-husband, Harold Turner, the former head of the Stompers motorcycle gang. While Michael is negotiating with Turner, Nicole snatches her daughter from her ex's backyard. At gunpoint, Turner tries to force Michael to take him to Nicole. With help, Michael makes a daring escape, and sets out to return Nicole and her daughter home.
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Knight Rider: Classic: Nobody Does It Better

Apr 29, 1983 Season 1 Episode 21

Elliot Stevens, President of Delton Micronics, hires Michael to finds out who is leaking his corporate secrets to a competitor. Clues soon lead Michael to an unlikely suspect, Julian Groves, who is having clandestine meetings with Connie Chasen, an ambitious business woman posing as a tennis instructor at a local club. While on his trail, Michael crosses paths with Flannery Roe, another private investigator, who is chasing the same suspect.
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Knight Rider: Classic: Knight Moves

Mar 11, 1983 Season 1 Episode 20

Hired to track down a stolen shipment of highly sensitive electronic components, Michael learns that the truckers have been plagued by similar robberies in recent months. The members of the Alliance of Independent Truckers get more bad news when their supplier refuses to deal with them because of their failure to meet deadlines.
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White Bird

Mar 04, 1983 Season 1 Episode 19

Michael wrestles with emotions from the past when he comes to the aid of a young woman he once loved, before he assumed his new identity.
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Chariot of Gold

Feb 25, 1983 Season 1 Episode 18

Someone is killing the great minds of the Helios intellectual society and its leader is determined to get to the bottom of it.
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Knight Rider: Classic: A Nice Indecent Little Town

Feb 18, 1983 Season 1 Episode 17

Michael suspects Ron Austin is getting his bills from the town's printing press, but when he seeks police assistance in the matter, he is arrested and jailed. While incarcerated, he strikes up a deal with an overzealous newspaper reporter Jobina Bruce: they team up, he gets the counterfeiter, and she gets her story. Rescued by the Knight 2000, Michael continues his quest for Austin.
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The Topaz Connection

Jan 28, 1983 Season 1 Episode 16

A magazine publisher working on a top-secret expose is murdered and it's up to Michael and the dead man's daughter to solve his mysterious death.
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Knight Rider: Classic: Give Me Liberty...Or Give Me Death

Jan 21, 1983 Season 1 Episode 15

The Alternative 2000 race is about to begin, and Devon asks Michael to join as a driver in order to flush out the saboteur. Intrigued by the idea of racing K.I.T.T. against vehicles powered by fuels as diverse as moonshine and solar energy, Michael agrees, and is soon pursued by an aggressive young photojournalist, Liberty Cox.
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Hearts of Stone

Jan 14, 1983 Season 1 Episode 14

Michael infiltrates a ring of illegal gun traffickers. To gain their trust Michael poses as a potential buyer.
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Forget Me Not

Dec 17, 1982 Season 1 Episode 13

The President of a small Latin American republic is the target of an assassination attempt. One woman holds the only clue to unravel the plot -- but she has amnesia.
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Knight Rider: Classic: A Plush Ride

Dec 10, 1982 Season 1 Episode 12

The security agents hired to protect the high-risk political leaders are sharpening their skills at Marc Redmond's Vanguard School. Michael goes in undercover as an agent trainee, to penetrate the operation and determine which of the participants is the potential killer.
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The Final Verdict

Dec 03, 1982 Season 1 Episode 11

Michael responds to a call for help from an old girlfriend who has been put in jail, wrongly accused of murder.
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Inside Out

Nov 26, 1982 Season 1 Episode 10

Michael Knight infiltrates a highly organized gang of thieves who are planning an audacious caper to rob a moving bullion truck.
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Trust Doesn't Rust

Nov 19, 1982 Season 1 Episode 9

K.I.T.T. has met his match when two vandals unlock a car identical to the Knight-2000 in every way but one...this version is programmed for destruction.
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Knight Rider: Classic: No Big Thing

Nov 12, 1982 Season 1 Episode 8

While heading out to the desert on a holiday trip, Devon is arrested for passing through a hidden stop sign. Protesting, he is carted to jail, where he witnesses the accidental death of a fellow cellmate. In order to cover up the murder, the sheriff decides to send Devon to the county's isolated work house, where he won't be able to reveal what he knows.
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Knight Rider: Classic: Not A Drop to Drink

Nov 05, 1982 Season 1 Episode 7

Herbert Bremen, the plaintiff in a lawsuit over the ranchers' rights to the water on their properties, is a bad loser, and has decided to put the ranchers out of business any way he can. Devon assigns Michael to protect the ranchers against Bremen's escalating legal - and illegal - activities. Unfortunately, Bremen's violent schemes to deprive their cattle of much-needed water have increased the rancher's frustration to the point of violence.
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Knight Rider: Classic: Just My Bill

Oct 29, 1982 Season 1 Episode 6

Senator Maggie Flynn is fiercely opposed to the passage of the Kern River Power Bill, which she feels is against the interests of her constituency. Unfortunately, her opposition has made her some very powerful enemies, who reason that the only way to stop her is to kill her. Devon fears for Maggie's life, and because she is a board member of the Foundation, arranges for her protection - assigning Michael to be her constant bodyguard.
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Night of the Hunter

Oct 22, 1982 Season 1 Episode 5

Michael and KITT team with a foxy MI6 agent to take down a European bank robber working undercover as a right-wing militia leader.
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Good Day at Whiterock

Oct 08, 1982 Season 1 Episode 4

Michael Knight's attempt at taking a vacation turns into a full blown war with a gang of malicious bikers.
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Deadly Maneuvers

Oct 01, 1982 Season 1 Episode 3

A desert Army base becomes the scene of a dramatic nuclear arms escapade.
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Journey to the End of the Knight

Sep 26, 1982 Season 1 Episode 2

Mike goes undercover as a street racer to take down a smuggling ring.
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Knight Rider: Classic: Knight of Phoenix, Pt 1

Sep 26, 1982 Season 1 Episode 1

Michael Long, an ex-Vietnam veteran and undercover cop, is seriously injured while trying to arrest a circle of industrial saboteurs. His partner, Lonnie, has been murdered, and Michael has been left for dead. But his life is saved by the immediate and exclusive medical attention that the dying millionaire/inventor Wilton Knight has provided. Wilton has hired the country's best plastic surgeon to reconstruct a face for Michael - but not his own.
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