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Apr 04, 1986 Season 4 Episode 22 watch on VUDU (Paid)

A voodoo princess (Rosalind Cash) and her henchmen will stop at nothing to possess an ancient crown being held at a private vault company. With David Hasselhoff, Christie Hauser.

Knight Rider: Classic: Short Notice

May 06, 1983 Season 1 Episode 22

Michael picks up a hitchhiker named Nicole whose daughter has been kidnapped by her ex-husband, Harold Turner, the former head of the Stompers motorcycle gang. While Michael is negotiating with Turner, Nicole snatches her daughter from her ex's backyard. At gunpoint, Turner tries to force Michael to take him to Nicole. With help, Michael makes a daring escape, and sets out to return Nicole and her daughter home.
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Short Notice

May 06, 1983 Season 1 Episode 21

Michael faces murder charges after killing a member of a motorcycle gang to protect an elusive hitchhiker.
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Knight Moves

Mar 11, 1983 Season 1 Episode 20

Devon poses as a businessman while Michael investigates recent hijacking attempts against an alliance of local truckers.
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Knight Rider: Classic: White Bird

Mar 04, 1983 Season 1 Episode 19

Attorney Gilbert Cole asks his assistant, Stefanie Mason, to return a briefcase to a client. As she waits at the meeting place, she is arrested by federal agents who charge her with compliance in transferring mob-connected funds. When Michael sees the headlines, he immediately requests the Foundation's permission to help Stefanie, whom he recognizes as his former fiancée.
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Knight Rider: Classic: Chariot of Gold

Feb 25, 1983 Season 1 Episode 18

Someone is killing the great minds of the Helios intellectual society and its leader is determined to get to the bottom of it after the third member, a distinguished archaeologist, is hospitalized and dies from an inexplicable disorder. Suspecting that it's an inside job, Helios leader Graham Deauville has Devon inspect the group's premises while Bonnie is inducted into the organization.
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A Nice Indecent Little Town

Feb 18, 1983 Season 1 Episode 17

Michael pursues an elusive counterfeiter in a supposedly crime-free community, but is thwarted in his efforts by local authorities.
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Knight Rider [2008]: Knight And The City

Jan 28, 1983 Season 1 Episode 16

Mike (Justin Bruening) decides to visit one of his old haunts, Sonny's bar, during his decompression time. When Mike arrives, he notices that the crowd has changed for the worse. After learning of Sonny's death in a car accident, Mike is pleased to hear that his daughter Julie (Alona Tal) is now running the bar. He offers to lend a hand in order to bring the bar back to its original glory.
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Give Me Liberty...Or Give Me Death

Jan 21, 1983 Season 1 Episode 15

While a saboteur threatens the lives of several drivers in an alternative fuel race, Michael's investigative work is aided by a spunky journalist.
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Knight Rider: Classic: Hearts of Stone

Jan 14, 1983 Season 1 Episode 14

Devon sends Michael to Texas with instructions to locate and disarm a group of ruthless killers, who have illegally acquired storehouses of powerful assault rifles. To gain their trust Michael poses as a potential buyer and comes dangerously close to losing his own life over a phony $240,000 transaction and a woman he can't trust.
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Knight Rider: Classic: Forget Me Not

Dec 17, 1982 Season 1 Episode 13

Beautiful socialite Marie Elena Casafranca hires the Knight Foundation to protect her father - President of the San Mirada republic - from political assassins during a "good will" tour of the U.S. The lead suspect is Rudolpho Del Fuego, a jealous advisor to the country's former dictator. Del Fuego and his American partner, Henry Burns, plan the final details of the assassination, at a chic Malibu party, where they assume they are safe from eavesdroppers.
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Plush Ride

Dec 10, 1982 Season 1 Episode 12

Michael is assigned to a State Department mission that involves flushing out a political assassin at a Third World peace conference.
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Knight Rider: Classic: The Final Verdict

Dec 03, 1982 Season 1 Episode 11

Cheryl Burns has been arrested on circumstantial evidence when her boss is found dead in the office on the morning following a late night of working together. Cheryl's only alibi is a man she met at a bar that same night, after she left her boss's office, and she appeals to Michael to find him. With only a first name and vague description to go by, Michael and K.I.T.T. set out to locate "Marty", and convince him to testify on Cheryl's behalf.
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Knight Rider: Classic: Inside Out

Nov 26, 1982 Season 1 Episode 10

A hood named Dugan is on his way to a rendezvous with his gang and their leader, Colonel Kincaid. But while en route, he is ambushed and captured by Michael, who assumes his identity and reports for duty in his place. With the help of a girl named Linda, who is being blackmailed into staying with the gang, Michael determines that Kincaid is planning to break open a federal penitentiary and sends K.I.T.T. ahead to advise Devon.
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Trust Doesn't Rust

Nov 19, 1982 Season 1 Episode 9

K.I.T.T. has met his match when two vandals unlock a car identical to the Knight-2000 in every way but one...this version is programmed for destruction.
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Knight Rider: Classic: No Big Thing

Nov 12, 1982 Season 1 Episode 8

While heading out to the desert on a holiday trip, Devon is arrested for passing through a hidden stop sign. Protesting, he is carted to jail, where he witnesses the accidental death of a fellow cellmate. In order to cover up the murder, the sheriff decides to send Devon to the county's isolated work house, where he won't be able to reveal what he knows.
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Not a Drop to Drink

Nov 05, 1982 Season 1 Episode 7

Ranchers wage war with unscrupulous politicians over water rights in a desert valley, and Michael and the Knight-2000 come to the rescue.
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Just My Bill

Oct 29, 1982 Season 1 Episode 6

A maverick politician is in danger and Michael's job is to protect her.
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Knight Rider: Classic: Slammin' Sammy's Stunt Show Spectacul...

Oct 22, 1982 Season 1 Episode 5

Lawrence Blake, a greedy land developer, has his eye on the racetrack property owned by Sammy Phillips and his stunt show. Blake plots to put Sammy out of business and then buy up the property at a discounted rate, so he hires hit man Bill Gordon to eliminate Sammy. The plot backfires, and although Sammy is injured he insists the show go on.
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Knight Rider [2008]: A Hard Day's Knight

Oct 08, 1982 Season 1 Episode 4

When Mike (Justin Bruening) is lethally poisoned, he must fake the assassination of a billionaire tech mogul in order to secure the antidote. Bizarre hallucinations mark the return of the mysterious woman (guest star Paula Garces, "The Shield") from Mike's past with clues that may help him remember. KITT is voiced by Val Kilmer. Deanna Russo, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Paul Campbell and Yancey Arias star. Smith Cho recurs.
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Knight Rider [2008]: Knight of the Iguana

Oct 01, 1982 Season 1 Episode 3

Mike (Justin Bruening) and Zoe (Smith Cho) go undercover in Baja as a honeymooning surfer couple in order to stop terrorist weapons from getting into the states. Sarah (Deanna Russo) and Billy (Paul Campbell) are brought into the mix and they quickly find the mission taking an unusual turn. KITT is voiced by Val Kilmer. Bruce Davison and Yancey Arias also star.
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Journey to the End of the Knight

Sep 26, 1982 Season 1 Episode 2

Mike goes undercover as a street racer to take down a smuggling ring.
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Knight Rider: Classic: Knight of Phoenix, Pt 1

Sep 26, 1982 Season 1 Episode 1

Michael Long, an ex-Vietnam veteran and undercover cop, is seriously injured while trying to arrest a circle of industrial saboteurs. His partner, Lonnie, has been murdered, and Michael has been left for dead. But his life is saved by the immediate and exclusive medical attention that the dying millionaire/inventor Wilton Knight has provided. Wilton has hired the country's best plastic surgeon to reconstruct a face for Michael - but not his own.
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