Kitchen Nightmares

2007, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Zanya Flaming Grill, Part 1 of 2

May 02, 2014 Season 7 Episode 7 watch on (Paid)

Chef Ramsay finds himself in the midst of a feuding family.

Revisited 1

May 21, 2010 Season 2 Episode 13

Chef Ramsay visits once-disastrous kitchens.
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Sushi Ko

May 14, 2010 Season 2 Episode 12

Chef Ramsay helps a struggling sushi restaurant.
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May 07, 2010 Season 2 Episode 11

Chef Ramsay tries to revive a Danish restaurant in Miami, FL.
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Revisited 2

Apr 09, 2010 Season 2 Episode 10

Chef Ramsay revisits two restaurants from Season One.
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Anna Vincenzo's

Mar 26, 2010 Season 2 Episode 9

Chef Ramsay tries to help a combative restaurant owner.
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Mama Rita's

Mar 19, 2010 Season 2 Episode 8

A restaurant owner tries to reignite her passion.
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Casa Roma

Mar 12, 2010 Season 2 Episode 7

Chef Ramsay revives an empty restaurant.
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Le Bistro

Mar 11, 2010 Season 2 Episode 6

Chef Ramsay travels to South Florida to help a clueless head chef revive his French restaurant.
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Lido's Di Manhattan Beach

Mar 04, 2010 Season 2 Episode 5

Chef Ramsay enters Lido's kitchen and is so disgusted that he shuts the restaurant down.
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Feb 25, 2010 Season 2 Episode 4

Can Chef Ramsay step in and save the Brooklyn, NY Cuban restaurant Mojito’s?
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Feb 05, 2010 Season 2 Episode 3

Chef Ramsay tries to reignite a restaurant owner’s passion.
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Feb 02, 2010 Season 2 Episode 2

Chef Ramsay tries to help a restaurant in Whitehouse Station, NJ.
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Hot Potato Cafe

Jan 29, 2010 Season 2 Episode 1

Gordon Ramsay returns for a new season of nightmares.
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