Tue Dec 1 9:00am
Tavolini(Season 3, Episode 9) BBC

Chef Ramsay visits Café Tavolini, an Italian eatery in Bridgeport, Conn.

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Tue Dec 1 3:00pm
Capri(Season 3, Episode 12) FYI

Chef Ramsay visits the Capri, an Italian restaurant in the Eagle Rock section of Los Angeles.

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Tue Dec 1 4:00pm
Fiesta Sunrise(Season 1, Episode 20) FYI

Chef Ramsay visits Fiesta Sunrise, a Mexican restaurant in West Nyack, N.Y., and meets a stubborn owner who is ruining the business. After an inspection, Ramsay declares the place unsanitary and shuts it down before even discussing how to fix things.

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Wed Dec 2 8:00am
Mill Street Bistro, Part One(Season 5, Episode 11) BBC

Part 1 of 2. Chef Ramsay visits the Mill Street Bistro in Norwalk, Ohio, where he encounters an inflexible owner with a belligerent attitude.

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Wed Dec 2 9:00am
Mill Street Bistro Bar, Part Two(Season 5, Episode 12) BBC

Conclusion. Chef Ramsay continues his work at the Mill Street Bistro Bar in Ohio, trying to get the obstinate owner to make a major attitude adjustment.

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Wed Dec 2 3:00pm
Lela's(Season 1, Episode 8) FYI

Chef Ramsay visits Lela's in Pomona, Cal. He finds the menu lacking, but the executive chef isn't making any changes without a fight.

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Wed Dec 2 4:00pm
Bazzini(Season 2, Episode 3) FYI

Chef Ramsay visits Bazzini, an Italian eatery in Ridgewood, N.J., where he observes sluggish service and uninspired chefs.

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Thu Dec 3 9:00am
Prohibition Grille(Season 5, Episode 14) BBC

A visit to the Prohibition Grille in Everett, Wash., which is owned by a former professional belly dancer who's having a hard time managing her restaurant business.

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Thu Dec 3 3:00pm
Secret Garden(Season 1, Episode 10) FYI

Chef Ramsay visits the Secret Garden in Moorpark, Cal. The owner and head chef is opposed to Ramsay's suggestions, leading to a heated confrontation.

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Thu Dec 3 4:00pm
Dillons(Season 1, Episode 2) FYI

Chef Ramsay visits Dillons, an Indian restaurant in New York City.

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Thu Dec 3 5:00pm
Flamango's(Season 2, Episode 2) FYI

Chef Ramsay visits Flamango's in Whitehouse Station, N.J., and discovers an outdated eatery. He suggests a major overhaul on all fronts, but he runs into opposition from one owner who's not open to change.

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Fri Dec 4 8:00am
Greek at the Harbor(Season 4, Episode 8) BBC

Chef Ramsay visits The Greek at the Harbor, an eatery in Ventura Harbor, Cal., and observes poor service and variable food quality.

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Fri Dec 4 9:00am
Kati Allo(Season 6, Episode 4) BBC

A husband and wife who own a struggling Greek restaurant in Queens need help improving both their eatery and their marriage.

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Mon Dec 7 8:00am
Return to Amy's Baking Company(Season 6, Episode 1) BBC

Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, Ariz., is revisited in the Season 6 premiere. Included: an interview with owners Amy and Samy; previously unseen footage; a look at the media and public reactions to the initial visit.

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Mon Dec 7 9:00am
J Willy's(Season 1, Episode 16) BBC

Chef Ramsay visits J Willy's Bar & Grille in South Bend, Ind., a business that is $1.2 million in debt. He challenges them to start using fresh ingredients, but the inexperienced cooks get overwhelmed, driving one customer to tears.

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Mon Dec 7 3:00pm
Down City(Season 3, Episode 7) FYI

Chef Ramsay visits DownCity, an eatery in Providence, R.I., and tries to keep it from closing down.

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Mon Dec 7 4:00pm
Tavolini(Season 3, Episode 9) FYI

Chef Ramsay visits Café Tavolini, an Italian eatery in Bridgeport, Conn.

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Tue Dec 8 8:00am
Zayna Flaming Grill, Part 1(Season 6, Episode 7) BBC

Part 1 of 2. A family-owned Mediterranean restaurant in Redondo Beach, Cal., is plagued by internal struggles and food that's not up to standard.

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Tue Dec 8 9:00am
Chappy's(Season 5, Episode 15) BBC

Chef Ramsay helps the owners of a Cajun-style restaurant in Nashville, who had to relocate their eatery after Hurricane Katrina but have been unable to rebuild their customer base.

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Tue Dec 8 4:00pm
The Mixing Bowl(Season 1, Episode 3) FYI

Chef Ramsay visits the Mixing Bowl Eatery in Bellmore, N.Y., where he encounters inexperienced management and an overreliance on discount coupons.

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Wed Dec 9 8:00am
Old Neighborhood(Season 6, Episode 3) BBC

Chef Ramsay visits the Old Neighborhood Restaurant in Arvada, Colo., a family-run eatery in need of major changes.

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Wed Dec 9 9:00am
Kingston Café(Season 3, Episode 10) BBC

Chef Ramsay visits Kingston Café, a struggling eatery specializing in Caribbean cuisine in Pasadena, Cal.

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Wed Dec 9 3:00pm
Kingston Café(Season 3, Episode 10) FYI

Chef Ramsay visits Kingston Café, a struggling eatery specializing in Caribbean cuisine in Pasadena, Cal.

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Wed Dec 9 4:00pm
Black Pearl(Season 1, Episode 14) FYI

Chef Ramsay visits Black Pearl, a seafood restaurant in New York City that has three owners, each running the kitchen in a different manner. This leads to a confused staff and inconsistent food. To add to the problems, one of the owners is resistant to cha (more…)

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