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Apr 10, 2007 Season 2 Episode 15 watch on (Paid)

It's a big sales Saturday and Chop challenges the team to sell 55 cars, only this time he puts his own head on the block--if they succeed he'll shave his head, if not his desk managers Deeter and Lloyd will face the razor. Sick of losing Deeter pulls out all the stops to roll deals, while Lloyd sends the Blue Genie cruising the mall to rope in new customers. By the end of the night one thing is certain--someone is going home bald.

Hoppy Birthday

Mar 27, 2007 Season 2 Episode 13

It's Chop's birthday and he's celebrating Low Rider style, with a massive hop-off competition at the dealership. But as Chop crowns the "King of the Streets", his fiancée Venus is frantically preparing a royal surprise party. With rappers, dancing girls, and mini-Elvis, can Venus really keep her big party a secret from Chop?
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Even Cowboys Get the Blues

Mar 20, 2007 Season 2 Episode 12

The dealership might not be big enough for two costumed characters: the gun-slinging Auto Marshal has been muscling in on Blue Genie's turf--but he doesn't have the car sales to go with his bravado. So Chop plays off their rivalry to spur his performance. It's a sales dual till Sundown with costumed pride on the line--the loser must dress as the winner's sidekick on tonight's Chop show. Will the cowboy get the Blues or the Genie get the Boot?
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The O-Zone

Mar 06, 2007 Season 2 Episode 8

The Human O's unique haircut makes him one of Chop's most memorable Chopper show characters, and Chop bets it will help him sell cars too. Chop gives the "O"--a dedicated Upcounter with dreams of becoming a salesman--one day to prove that he has the right stuff. Will the "O" run circles around his competition or end up a big zero?
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Ugly Trucking

Feb 20, 2007 Season 2 Episode 7

Chop poses with his personal fleet of custom cars for a photo spread for DUB magazine on the same day as hosting an "Ugly Truckling" Contest at the dealership to boost business. The customer that brings in the ugliest truck will walk away with a $1000, but not before the Auto Marshall and Big Thunder try to persuade them to trade their old eyesores for some stylin rides.
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The Contender

Jan 30, 2007 Season 2 Episode 6

When Chop notices that Salesman of the Month Gabe is getting complacent, he challenges him to a selling match against top sales contender James. The contest quickly becomes a contrast in styles with James "Golden Spaghetti" as the patient, methodical tortoise and Gabe "El Supa" as the energetic hare with attitude. The loser must face the ultimate car salesman's humiliation - wash the winner's car by hand.
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Oil Crisis

Feb 13, 2007 Season 2 Episode 5

Top team leaders Deeter and Tino are again in a slump, and Chop has the perfect inspirational tool: a rematch of the Showgirl Showdown sales contest. Only this time instead of appearing on "The Chop Show" in sequins, the loser will have to oil wrestle a 350-pound man while being sprayed with baby oil by the entire staff. Deeter and Tino pull out all the stops to close the most car deals and avoid "glistening in the light on a Monday night.
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Calendar Guys

Feb 06, 2007 Season 2 Episode 4

When Chop buys a bunch of famous rides--cars originally customized for the likes of Snoop and Missy Elliott--he decides to use them as hot backdrops for the first ever King of Cars calendar. But to spice up the day's sales Chop throws in a twist--Shane "Big Thunda" and Yoshah must compete to be the first to sell a car. The winner will pose with a cool ride and hot girls, the loser will be shot in a Speedo flanked by the dealership's mechanics!
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Green Peas

Feb 06, 2007 Season 2 Episode 3

Chop expands his sales force for the summer season with a fresh crop of "Green Peas"--new recruits hoping to make it as car salesmen. There's Gary who needs to make big money to pay off his debts, and Philip who wants to prove to his dad that he can hold down a job. After shadowing their "seasoned pimps"--veteran salesmen like the Auto Marshall and El Supa--the peas are thrown into the deep end of their first big Saturday to sell cars solo. It's sink or swim, as only a few will make the car sales needed to survive.
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