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Aug 13, 2007 Season 1 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

With Leo safely at home, King and Knapp set out to wrap up the loose ends that seem to connect Vance to the plot to frame King. However, as Atkins and Archer are also discussing how to expose Vance, something else entirely unfolds when Atkins stumbles onto an elaborate command post at Archer's home that has been used to track Leo Cain's kidnapping. But before he can ask any questions, Atkins is ambushed and killed by the crime's real mastermind - Agent Andy Archer. Meanwhile, though Knapp is certain that Vance is guilty, King isn't so sure. And as King presses Archer to contact Atkins, Turner tells Knapp of the connection between Leo's hospital stay and Kellog's prison pen pal, Emerson Jaynes.


Aug 06, 2007 Season 1 Episode 12

Upon arriving in Mexico, Conrad is taken to meet the mercenary with whom Knapp has contracted for the firepower they need to find Leo. As King crosses the border, he gets word from Archer that not only has the trumped up case against him gained traction back home, but that the FBI has sent an agent to follow him. Meanwhile, after learning that Conrad's mistress, Claire Philips, has turned up dead, Archer gets Atkins to admit that he has been ordered to make a phony case against King.
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Jul 30, 2007 Season 1 Episode 11

Frustrated by blind alleys and dead suspects, Knapp is certain that gangster James Sullivan is connected to the kidnapping, while King's solution lies in a missing persons report for a pilot who he suspects was hired to take Leo Cain far from New York. King's hunch begins to bear fruit when the missing pilot's wife admits that her husband is a gambler who performed off-the-books assignments for quick cash. And when Turner uncovers offshore financial transactions that connect Sullivan and Conrad, Knapp enlists Senator Bill Ross to lift the veil of secrecy shielding the deals as he finds that Conrad has been secretly assembling money to ransom his son.
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Jul 23, 2007 Season 1 Episode 10

Leo is still missing, the Accountant is on the run, and the FBI isn't any closer solving the case. While sifting through clues, Knapp and Turner are alerted to the fact that someone has picked up the book that's been used to ferry messages about the plot in and out of prison. Though he follows the signal sent by the book's hidden tracking device, Knapp is not only unable to catch kidnapping co-conspirator Diana Guttman, but he and Turner end up as her hostages. But when Turner sees an opening, she turns the tables on Guttman, who then offers to make a deal for her release after revealing that King has been lured to a nearby park where he and his daughter, Ella, are now trapped by a sniper.
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Do Unto Others

Jul 16, 2007 Season 1 Episode 9

Though he's tracked down Virgil, King cannot stop Knapp and Ellie from escaping with the Accountant. Knapp is given a window of opportunity to interrogate the assassin when Virgil causes a car accident that knocks his brother-in-law unconscious. As King gets his investigation back on track, Knapp gives the Accountant a powerful drug cocktail in order to learn how he gets his orders and enable him to pose as the hit man at the rendezvous with his handlers. Because King has managed to follow him, Knapp has no choice but to let the FBI shadow him to the meeting. But before the agents can move in, Knapp's cover is blown and he's abducted.
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Gone Fishing

Jul 09, 2007 Season 1 Episode 8

As the trail of bodies left by the kidnapping conspiracy's assassin, the Accountant, hampers the investigation, Knapp uncovers a link between imprisoned psychopath Kellog and the Cains. With Virgil fighting back the pain of his own wounds as he looks for Leo. King's job is made harder by an FBI investigation that is not just looking into his past, but has started to focus on his brother-in-law's possible involvement in the kidnapping. And as the Accountant sets his sights on Virgil, Knapp is approached by Oklahoma Senator Bill Ross with a request not to make matters worse by exposing his relationship with Ellie Cain.
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Front Page

Jul 02, 2007 Season 1 Episode 7

Now that the effort to free Leo has killed the conspiracy's lone suspect and blown up tens of millions of dollars, it's clear that the kidnappers aren't interested in money. In the wake of the aborted ransom attempt, a news story by Maureen Campbell -- the reporter who met Ellie at a parents support group -- creates a media firestorm that engulfs the Cain family. And as Knapp presses Conrad to explain why he hired a bodyguard for Leo, King's life is upended by the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility Agent Vance and his questions about millions of dollars alleged to be missing from a previous drug bust.
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My Heart Belongs To Daddy

Jun 25, 2007 Season 1 Episode 6

The search for Leo Cain takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of Ellie's father, Benjamin Rand, a wealthy oil baron whose power and influence reach deep into the highest quarters in Washington, D.C. Rand's first act is to fire Knapp, after which he creates some serious roadblocks that hinder King and Archer's questioning of suspect James Devere. To keep Conrad at bay, Rand then arranges for his arrest as a suspect in the murder of Jimmy Sullivan before turning to questioning Devere himself. And once Rand makes it clear he won't stop at anything and will spend whatever it takes to secure Leo's safe release, Devere contacts those behind the kidnapping with a new ransom offer.
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Burn, Baby Burn

Oct 28, 2006 Season 1 Episode 5

While their raid fails to find Leopold Cain, King and Knapp do uncover something in the rubble -- a dead body identified by a driver's license as that of Charles Schroeder, and evidence that the office was designed to self-destruct. Amid suspicions that the license is a fake, forensics identifies the body as someone other than Schroeder. Realizing that he may still be hiding inside the building, Knapp and King then hurry back to the burned out office only to find the police officer guarding the scene dead and Schroeder having slipped away wearing his uniform. After identifying Schroeder as ex-con James Devere, King sets up a dragnet to stop him as Turner presses Conrad and Ellie to identify his picture.
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Number One With A Bullet

Oct 21, 2006 Season 1 Episode 4

Following the fundraising gala that ended with Ellie's nearly being conned out of millions in ransom money and the murder of Conrad's childhood pal, mob boss James Sullivan, Leo's critically injured bodyguard, Virgil, takes a turn for the worse. When a dislodged bullet fragment threatens to leave him paralyzed, Virgil is rushed in for emergency surgery. Knowing that he might link him to the kidnapping, Schroeder orders his hitman, the Accountant, to pose as a doctor and make sure Virgil will never talk.
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Sorry, Wrong Number

Oct 04, 2006 Season 1 Episode 3

In an effort to keep up appearances - and over the objections of their daughter Aubrey -- Conrad and Ellie are going ahead with hosting a charity fundraiser at their palatial Park Avenue home. But Aubrey isn't the only one worried about the party. After they each get a look at the guest list, both Knapp and the FBI agents looking into the kidnapping have their own concerns as well. And when Conrad shakes his FBI monitors in order to grill childhood friend James "Sully" Sullivan about Leo's whereabouts, he ends up being mauled by the mobster's goons.
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Special Delivery

Sep 27, 2006 Season 1 Episode 2

In the wake of Leopold Cain's kidnapping, Knapp and King cautiously avoid sparking a firestorm of publicity that could compromise their parallel investigations. However, a cryptic tip regarding the boy's whereabouts from his old nemesis Laurence Kellog is certain to mean there are complications awaiting Knapp. And when Knapp secretly enlists newspaperman Malcolm Seabrook to do a background check on his client, Conrad initiates his own clandestine effort to find his son.
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Sep 20, 2006 Season 1 Episode 1

It was a morning just like many others for self-made millionaire Conrad Cain, his wife Ellie, their precocious fifteen-year-old son, Leopold, and his little sister, Alice. Like clockwork, Leopold's driver, Virgil, arrives to escort his young charge to school. But the Cains' calm is shattered by tragedy when, as Leopold and classmate Alfred Masters are en route to school, what looks like just another routine traffic tie-up in Manhattan turns out to be a carefully planned abduction that leaves Virgil for dead and places the young Cain in the hands of a ruthless kidnapper whose sights are set on a multi-million dollar ransom.
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