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Kid Nation Season 1 episodes

We've All Decided to Go Mad! Season 1, Episode 13

The first season concludes with the pioneers challenged to keep the town running after discovering that the job board that defined their roles has been destroyed. The kids then take part in three challenges, each with a special reward of a gold star worth $50,000. Finally, the Bonanza City citizens receive a heart-wrenching surprise that brings tears to many. read more

Where's Bonanza, Dude? Season 1, Episode 12

The town-council members leave Bonanza City to visit with local Native Americans. While they are away, Bonanza's so-called sheriff seizes the opportunity to take control of the town. read more

I Just Like the Recess Part Season 1, Episode 11

Taylor is banned from participating in rewards; the town council appoints a law enforcer for Bonanza City. read more

Let Me Talk! Season 1, Episode 10

The pioneers vote in a town-council election; the council threatens to not award a gold star after a plan to build respect backfires; Greg gets into a series of confrontations and says he will pack up and leave if a majority of kids want him to depart; and Taylor is told to work or else not benefit from any future reward. read more

Not Even Close to Fair Season 1, Episode 9

The pioneers learn about equality and that it's not an easy thing to achieve; a decision by the town council regarding the districts causes tempers to flare. read more

Starved for Entertainment Season 1, Episode 8

Boredom leads the pioneers to put on a talent show, but one kid takes the stage to make a surprising statement. Also, Kentucky natives Kennedy and Savannah prepare a Southern dinner, and it kindles a longing for home in one of them to the point of wanting to leave Bonanza City. read more

"The Root of All Evil" Season 1, Episode 7

This is the toughest blog of the entire season for me. Why, you ask? Well, other episodes of Kid Nation might not have been great, but at least they were entertaining. This was a train wreck. So I stamp the big black advisory sticker over this first paragraph and tell you that if you are reading this and going to get annoyed by some negativity, then you might just want to stop now and come back next week. However, if you also thought this week was a train wreck, by all means read to the end. The one thing I won’t do is lie to you and put a rosy spin on this blog just for the heck of it. I am nothing if not honest, so my apologies to all who'll hate what’s to come. Every show is allowed a train wreck now and again, right? Right?So let’s look at some of the reasons why this episode was bad.The No. 1 reason has to be: Who the heck is Nathan? Yes, who is this kid? I don’t ever recall seeing him before, and tonight he wins a gold star. And does he have any expression ... read more

"Bonanza Is Disgusting" Season 1, Episode 6

This week on Kid Nation, "The Taylor & DK Show." This is truly getting out of hand with Taylor. The only way you can possibly like this girl is if you too are a lazy, whiny 10-year-old beauty queen. Every time I see her that song pops into my head, you know that one that goes, “If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife.... ” Can you just picture what this is leading to? Six years from now we’re going to see Taylor on that sweet-16 birthday show complaining about how she got an Escalade instead of the BMW that she wanted. Then a few years later, if she keeps her looks, she’ll win the heart of some 44-year-old man at one of her pageants and maybe she’ll get to be on a “reality stars” season of Real World/Road Rules Challenge. OK, I’m putting way too much thought into a girl I will thankfully never see again in a few months, but you see where I’m going. Back to present day. I hope that she is ... read more

"Viva la Revolucion!" Season 1, Episode 5

It’s about time the kids of Bonanza City got the chance to change the leadership of this city. We’ve been clamoring for this for weeks now. I have to admit that I was disappointed that each group only got to vote for their own leader. It makes sense in a way, but it would have been nice to see how the vote went if everyone voted for one person per team color. Bad for TV, good for Bonanza. At the same time, though, the elections went pretty well overall. For Green, Laurel has been a good leader and the team was probably correct in leaving her in power. The only thing wrong with her this entire time was the lip thing. But nasty lips never prevented anyone from getting elected (or so I have to assume).The Blue team reelected Anjay. He’s been decent as a leader but he needs to grow a thicker skin. Personally, I’m excited that Olivia didn’t get elected. Not only is she a pain in the rear but that face scares the daylights out of me. She was really on Anjay’s... read more

"Bless Us and Keep Us Safe" Season 1, Episode 4

Although I wasn't around last Wednesday night to recap, I did end up watching the episode on Saturday night and then reading all your comments. One of the things that's interesting now that we have a few episodes under our belts is that the show is really giving off a pretty negative vibe. I mean, 75 percent of the comments last week were negative in one form or another, from talking about Taylor, to Greg's attitude and the whole drinking-shots issue. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but don’t you get the feeling that it's much easier to point out the bad than the good? And that's driven by where the editing of this show is taking us. Just the opening segment alone, where they have Taylor prominently saying "deal with it," gives you a great idea of what the show is trying to portray. The biggest comments from last week were Taylor's attitude and the kids drinking shots. And that was a good chunk of this week, too. Taylor did nothing this entire episode. She didn't co... read more

"Deal with It!" Season 1, Episode 3

My apologies friends, but there will be no blog this week. Duty called at the job and unfortunately I was unable to watch it tonight. But I'll be back next week with a blog for you to chat up. But don't let that stop you from talking about the show yourself. Recap, comment etc... I open the string for you have at it. Until next week, friends. read more

"To Kill or Not to Kill" Season 1, Episode 2

So there’s 39 kids left going into Day 5 and the first task they are greeted with is killing chickens for dinner. Quite predictably, the youngest of the kids think the chickens are cute and don’t want to kill them, while the older kids don’t seem to mind very much at all. Emelie leads the charge to save the chickens by locking herself in the chicken coop with a couple other kids and threatening to go home if they are killed. Older kids like Greg, who’s worked with a butcher before, want to have them for dinner. The council takes a vote and it's chicken tonight. They do actually kill the chickens, but not before they have another meeting to discuss it again. It didn’t harm anything this time, but if the council is going to bring something up for a vote, once it’s voted on they should really stick with that decision. A second meeting yielded the same results, but who knows what would have happened had the second meeting overturned the vote. But Taylor yel... read more

"I'm Trying to Be a Leader Here" Season 1, Episode 1

Welcome to the first Kid Nation blog!I’m assuming that just like me, you are watching this show and reading this blog because the overall concept of this is just so crazy that you had to at least give it a shot and see what all the hype was about. Forty kids building a town from scratch with no parents is intriguing. I can’t really tell yet if this is going to be a total debacle or the feel-good story of the year but something tells me there’s going to be no middle ground. Either you are going to be put off by all these chaotic kids talking over each other or you’re going to love how cute and cool they are. I’ll reserve full judgment for a few episodes to get used to the concept, but I’d certainly like to hear your first impressions on the quality. So 36 of these kids are bussed in and then four others are flown in and made the town council. I assumed the show would start off with the kids picking their own town council, but having even the slightest bi... read more

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Premise: Forty kids, ages 8-15, attempt to create an operating town in 40 days without the help of adults in a former New Mexico ghost town. The kids are responsible for all chores, including cooking, cleaning and running businesses. They also establish their own rules and set up a government. They hold a town-hall meeting at the end of each episode to talk about issues and to determine which one should win the Gold Star, worth $20,000.


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