Wed Aug 5 2:30am
Attic-a; Free Gunther DISXD

Gunther is grounded for destroying his dad's lawn, but Kick tries to gain his freedom.

Thu Aug 6 2:30am
Poll Position; Jock Wilder's Nature Camp DISXD

Kendall runs for class president, but Kick tries to get Wacky Jackie elected instead; Kick and Gunther attend a nature camp and are paired with two extremely different counselors.

Sat Aug 8 2:30am
Bwar and Peace(Season 2, Episode 43) DISXD

Gunther is mistaken for an ancient Viking warrior when he visits the Old Country.

Sun Aug 9 2:30am
Say Cheese; Pinch Sitter DISXD

Kick, Brad and Brianna accidentally ruin their mom's favorite picture; Kick tries to get rid of a new babysitter.

Mon Aug 10 2:30am
Big Mouth; Last Fan Standing DISXD

Kick and Gunther become sidekicks to a scheming classmate after they seek his help to attend a live TV broadcast; two of Kick's fans compete to see which one is his biggest admirer, and they throw a celebration in honor of their hero's latest stunt.

Tue Aug 11 2:30am
Only the Loan-ly; Roll Reversal DISXD

Kick borrows money from his sister to buy an engine, but then finds it difficult to repay her; Kick disguises himself to compete in an all-girl roller derby league.

Wed Aug 12 2:30am
Runaway Recital; Trike X-5 DISXD

Kick turns a piano practice into his newest stunt; Kick's sister steals his beloved first stunt bike and turns it into a pink princess mobile.

Thu Aug 13 2:30am
Knocked Out; Not Without My Cereal DISXD

Gunther accidentally knocks Kick out just before Kick is to attempt his greatest stunt for a talent scout; Kick babysits his little sister, but she runs off.

Fri Aug 14 2:30am
Kickasaurus Wrecks; Battle for the Snax DISXD

Kick performs during halftime at a local football game; Kick tries to raise money to prevent Gunther's parents from being forced to sell their restaurant.

Sat Aug 15 2:30am
Obsession: For Kick; Flush and Release DISXD

An obsessed fan follows Kick; Kick and Gunther attempt to locate a legendary giant goldfish.

Sat Aug 15 12:00pm
Kart to Kart; Kyle 2.0 DISXD

Kick is banned from a local go-kart track after its owner sells the place; Kick spends time with his cousin in order to secure tickets to a dirt-bike competition.

Sun Aug 16 2:30am
Morning Rush; A Fistful of Ice Cream DISXD

Kick tries to complete two months' worth of missed homework assignments in one night; Kick searches for his dad's favorite ice cream as a birthday present on the hottest day in the town's history.

Mon Aug 17 2:30am
Those Who Camp, Do; Dog Gone DISXD

Kick goes camping with his family and tries to spend a night alone in the wilderness; Kick takes care of a neighbor's dog, but it runs away.

Tue Aug 18 2:30am
Mellowbrook Drift; Gift of Wacky DISXD

Kick challenges a physics-obsessed bully to a race; Kick throws Jackie an elaborate birthday party.