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Fri Oct 7 1:32pm
Malcolm Meets Martin(Season 1, Episode 2) COMEDY

A traffic reporter in a helicopter struggles to deal with turbulence; a community-theater crowd enjoys the show; an R&B singer shares a revelation with his partner during a performance.

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Fri Oct 7 2:05pm
The Branding(Season 1, Episode 4) COMEDY

Sketches include the black-college experience; celebrity entourages; a neighborhood's reaction to a mythical creature; controversial words; and President Obama's anger translator.

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Fri Oct 7 2:37pm
Obama Booty Call(Season 3, Episode 5) COMEDY

Sketches include a man getting too high; a soccer player going to extremes to get expelled from a match; and sex advice from a pair of experts.

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Fri Oct 7 3:05pm
Biological Dad(Season 2, Episode 10) COMEDY

Sketches in the Season 2 finale include a tutorial on female anatomy for an extraterrestrial; a game of one-upmanship; and the last two men on Earth.

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Fri Oct 7 3:38pm
Wendell's Broken Bed(Season 3, Episode 6) COMEDY

Sketches include Mr. T teaching life lessons; Wendell needing a new bed; and an insult comic crossing the line.

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Fri Oct 7 4:11pm
Meegan & Andre Break Up(Season 5, Episode 10) COMEDY

Sketches include two friends arguing at a club; Meegan and André having a serious discussion; a rapper walking out of an interview; Conrad flying business select; and a man sporting a new mustache.

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Fri Oct 7 4:43pm
Airplane Showdown(Season 5, Episode 2) COMEDY

Sketches include British explorers discussing their travels; a prayer group receiving divine intervention; a flight attendant dealing with a passenger who won't fasten his seatbelt; and two couples trying to avoid spoilers on a double date.

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Fri Oct 14 10:20am
Key & Peele(Season 1, Episode 1) COMEDY

In the premiere of this sketch-comedy series, President Obama expresses his true feelings with help from an anger translator; Lil Wayne gets used to life in jail; and two men tread carefully when it comes to talking about the women in their lives.

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Fri Oct 14 10:52am
Non-Stop Party(Season 2, Episode 7) COMEDY

Sketches include a man who goes to extremes while chasing his girlfriend; and a nonstop party for the electro-pop duo LMFAO.

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Fri Oct 14 11:25am
Alien Imposters(Season 4, Episode 1) COMEDY

Sketches in the Season 4 premiere include an alien invasion of Earth; a family reacting to a gay relative's wedding; and surprising views from a couple of racists.

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Fri Oct 14 11:58am
Old Ladies and Satan(Season 4, Episode 3) COMEDY

Sketches include two women battling Satan; a man shopping for mattresses; and nightclub patrons confronting the truth about themselves.

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Fri Oct 14 12:31pm
Country Music(Season 2, Episode 3) COMEDY

Sketches include Ice-T as a misbehaving puppy; Steve Jobs' successor; and a Rihanna-Chris Brown reconciliation.

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Fri Oct 14 1:04pm
The Return of East/West Bowl(Season 3, Episode 12) COMEDY

Sketches include more college-football all-stars from the East/West bowl; Jordan's landlord searching his apartment; and a man taken aback by a coworker's sex appeal.

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Fri Oct 14 1:37pm
The Return of Substitute Teacher(Season 3, Episode 1) COMEDY

Sketches in the Season 3 premiere include inner-city substitute teacher Mr. Garvey and A-Aron; a man's girlfriend catching him watching porn; and a send-up of "Les Misérables."

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Fri Oct 14 2:10pm
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Fri Oct 14 2:42pm
The 420 Special(Season 5, Episode 9) COMEDY

Sketches include a telemarketer devising a new strategy; Neil deGrasse Tyson relaxing at home; a tailor dealing with a gassy client; a man trying to maintain his composure at a job interview; and the valets discussing "Game of Thrones."

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Fri Oct 14 3:10pm
Black Ice News(Season 3, Episode 10) COMEDY

Sketches include a police detective meeting his new partner; Samuel and Lashawn celebrating their marriage; and Lando Calrissian being followed by a "Star Wars" fan.

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Fri Oct 14 3:43pm
Soul Food(Season 1, Episode 7) COMEDY

Sketches include the Tea Party's new hope; innovative military recruiters; and a duel between vocalist Bobby McFerrin and sound-effect expert Michael Winslow. Also: Jordan and Keegan discuss who is more black, and being the only black guy at a party.

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Fri Oct 14 4:16pm
Obama College Years(Season 2, Episode 1) COMEDY

Sketches in the Season 2 premiere include a look back at President Obama in college; a Civil War reenactment; and Jesus' encounter with a pimp.

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Fri Oct 14 4:48pm
Killer Concept Album(Season 5, Episode 5) COMEDY

Sketches include a politician who denies sending lewd photos; a detective questioning a rapper; two Southern gentlemen complimenting women; Cedric and Levi finding lightning in a bottle; Jordan running into an old friend; and a cop taking things too litera (more…)

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