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1998, TV Show

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Latest Episode: The Cruise

Mar 01, 1999 Season 2 Episode 18 watch on Hulu (Free)

Kevin wins a Cruise and spends his days and nights in the ship’s casino playing poker with a loud-mouthed Texan named Big Earl as well as some familiar faces. When a storm hits, Kevin is shipwrecked.


Mar 01, 1999 Season 2 Episode 17

Kevin slips in and out of television-inspired dreams during a night of drinking and channel surfing. His surreal adventures mimic programming styles from a “Leave-it-to-Beaver” style sitcom to evangelical programming to porn.
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The Tomb

Mar 01, 1999 Season 2 Episode 16

While grave robbing one evening, Kevin and Percy fall into an abandoned, underground government testing facility where they encounter blood-thirsty zombies attempting to sway them to the Dark Side.
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Runaway: Featuring Big Jeezuz Truck

Mar 01, 1999 Season 2 Episode 15

Kevin runs away and becomes a roadie for a rock band after impressing them with his alcoholism. Anastasia’s plea to the media to help her find Kevin lands her some sweet stand up gigs.
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Corrupting Our Youth

Mar 01, 1999 Season 2 Episode 14

After a booze-up with dad is accidentally videotaped at the Music Station’s video-talk-back-booth, Percy gets arrested on live television and Kevin reaches celebrity status. Kevin gets an agent and shares the fame with Anastasia.
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The Stripper Strikes Back

Mar 01, 1999 Season 2 Episode 13

Instead of prosecuting Percy for shoplifting, Jimmy the pawnshop owner has Kevin work in the shop. Kevin endures Jimmy’s recounting of life story and learns that Jimmy has a long, lost sister whom Kevin later finds banging Percy in their garden shed.
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The Potted Goose

Mar 01, 1999 Season 2 Episode 12

It’s New Year’s Day and Kevin overdoses like an amateur on booze left behind at the scene of a car accident. Allan is disgusted with him and decides to try living in other people’s heads for a while – including the Widow Coulson’s.
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The Art of Pornman

Mar 01, 1999 Season 2 Episode 11

While on a tour of the porn studios, Kevin witnesses the split of partners Pornman and Afroman. Kevin becomes Pornman’s agent in the actor’s pursuit of more artistic endeavours and lands him various gigs.
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Field Tripping

Mar 01, 1999 Season 2 Episode 10

Kevin wanders away from his classmates while on a field trip to the over-commercial “Pioneer Village” and winds up getting a history lesson from a one-hundred-and- seventeen-year-old drunk.
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Good Will Spencer

Mar 01, 1999 Season 2 Episode 9

Kevin discovers a hidden knack for computers and joins a hackers club. Dr. Franklin, Kevin’s psychiatrist figures he has misdiagnosed Kevin.
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The Widow Coulson

Mar 01, 1999 Season 2 Episode 8

Kevin and Percy steel an old car from the delusional Widow Coulson.
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The Crime Fighting Vagina

Mar 01, 1999 Season 2 Episode 7

The hospital where Percy is being treated for a heart attack is taken over by terrorists. Kevin hides out with a bad ass nurse he’s fallen in love with while Percy gets stuck in an elevator.
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In Kevin We Trust

Mar 01, 1999 Season 2 Episode 6

Kevin is bored so he joins a religious group. The group plans an outing to shoot doctors at the abortion clinic where Anastasia happens to be taking advantage of the clinic’s “buy-six-get-one-free” offer.
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In Like Plunt

Mar 01, 1999 Season 2 Episode 5

When Charlie Plunt’s student loan money comes in, he takes Mom and Kevin to Niagara Falls after ratting out Percy to the cops. Kevin is bored and explores the town on his own.
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Malled by a Dog

Mar 01, 1999 Season 2 Episode 4

The Spencer’s visit the mall where Mom meets her favourite soap opera hunk Brock Brickleydale, who she ends up stalking and almost killing. Percy shoplifts Kevin a pet snake, but Kevin winds up arrested for the crime after his parents ditch him.
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