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Are you sure Invasion's Tyler ...

Question: Are you sure Invasion's Tyler Labine is joining Boston Legal? I have not read that anywhere else but here.

Answer: In other words, you don't believe what you read here until it's confirmed by another outlet? That's rich. Well, not that I need to prove anything to you, but Tyler Labine corroborated my report himself during a phone call last week. "I'm signed on for the whole season, except for the first three episodes," he says. "I don't even know my character's name yet. I can only assume they want me to play some kind of quirky, unconventional ass---e lawyer. I loved playing that kind of character on Kevin Hill, but then the show got canned. I guess David E. Kelley saw [that show] and thought I'd make a great addition." Is that official enough for you, PGP? If not, I'll try to ob read more

Why did UPN cancel Kevin ...

Grey’s Anatomy

Question: Why did UPN cancel Kevin Hill?

Answer: I'm sorry, but with everything I've got on my plate this week (upfronts, season finales, a sore throat, a surprise visit from Chris Daughtry) my tolerance for inane questions is even lower than usual. If you don't have intelligent and, more importantly, timely Qs for me, please step aside.

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In response to the theory ...

Question: In response to the theory that Dawn Ostroff will favor UPN shows on the CW network, I feel this is an outrageous suggestion. It is more sensible to think how Ostroff will be anticipating getting control over more high-rated and critically acclaimed series that WB has. It is clear that she enjoys having critical buzz since she has shown much faith in series like Veronica Mars, Everybody Hates Chris and even last season's Kevin Hill. This certainly gives Everwood an advantage over something like Half & Half. Answer: Good point. But again, we really don't know yet what kind of a marketing/brand strategy CW is aiming for — we'll see it for real at the May upfront. I don't see CW turning away entirely from sitcoms skewed toward the African-American audience, but there also needs to be room for the traditional family-drama format that WB has excelled at for years ... read more

Can you tell me how many ...

Question: Can you tell me how many shows that premiered last season are still on the air? For example, does Fox have any returning shows that premiered last season that are coming back? If none of them is, then is that because the shows were not given enough time to draw an audience, or because they were scheduled poorly, or because they really did not have a chance because they were just terrible? Can you comment on all the networks using the above criteria? IMO, the problem is that shows are canceled prematurely. Answer: I'll start with Fox, since that seems to be your primary gripe. Keep in mind its schedule was a mess, with summer shows and reality filler bleeding into fall, and many shows not starting until much later. Of the fall shows, only House, a genuine hit, survived, along with negligible late-season starters American Dad and Stacked (but for how long?). Most of what Fox aired was truly terrible (Jonny Zero, Point Pleasant), so I think Fox is better off this fall with newer, ... read more

Press Tour Day 3 (UPN): Everybody Loves Rock

Everybody Hates Chris

Executive Session 9:09 "We’re thrilled to see everyone except Michael Ausiello today," UPN’s top PR gal, Joanna Massey, announces to the room. She might just as well have said the middle part ‘cause I know she was thinking it. As one insider recently confided to me, "You’re on UPN’s [poopy] list ever since you did that interview with [Veronica Mars creator] Rob Thomas." That probably explains why they didn’t deliver Snapple to my room like they did last year. I suppose I should be grateful I got the press binder. 9:11 Network chief Dawn Ostroff, in bragging about UPN’s impressive year, cites a 13 percent surge in viewership among the women 18-34 demo. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure read more

Are Your Fave Shows in Trouble?

Just call them Endangered Series — those unlucky shows whose declining ratings are killing their chances of survival. Is your favorite on the list? Here's a rundown of the programs that might get the ax to make room for next season's new shows.NBCThe West Wing has chosen Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda as candidates for a post-Bartlet White House, and NBC has reelected Wing for a seventh term, but only after Warner Bros. reportedly offered to halve the show's hefty license fee. Ad-buying executive Tim Spengler believes the political drama's appeal to upscale viewers, which makes it valuable to advertisers, convinced NBC to finance another fictional presidential campaign. Other shows in NBC's danger zone: Third Watch, read more

Taye Diggs, Be My Daddy!

Taye Diggs is having a baby! Okay, so maybe it's only on Kevin Hill, his new UPN drama about a hotshot hipster lawyer who inherits a child. But still, babies will be held by the gorgeous guy who helped millions of women (not just Stella!) get their grooves back. Here, we talk to the fine Mr. Diggs about the real and imagined children in his life. TV Guide Online: Is it true what they say — that you should avoid working with kids and animals?Taye Diggs: It was challenging just because they are children. They're finicky and they're twins. But in our case it ended up working out okay because one twin was always asleep and the other was always awake and crying. So we just interchanged them. TVGO: Have you been upstaged by the baby?Diggs: I don't think you can be. I'm of the school where you just let the baby be a baby. However the baby's acting, that's just where the scene goes because chances are, in real life, that's what would happ read more

Press Tour Diary: Day Nine

In case you didn't notice, it's no longer cool to make fun of UPN. Not only did the sixth-place network break through last season with the proud strut of America's Next Top Model, but it's entering the fall with one of the most critically acclaimed new shows of the season: the Taye Diggs legal drama Kevin Hill. And for the first time ever, folks are buzzing about UPN's summer programming — specifically, the controversial reality show Amish in the City (debuting July 28). So, when UPN wrapped up the broadcast portion of the TCA press tour Tuesday, it displayed a level of confidence not seen since the summer of 2001 — when it stole Buffy the Vampire Slayer right out from under crosstown rival WB. Don't believe me? Well, read my minute-by-minute guide to all the day's big events and you may never take a potshot at the little network that couldn't again.EXECUTIVE SESSION9:12 am Viacom chief Les Moonves read more

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Premise: A winning drama about a lawyer whose life changes dramatically when he is left to care for a baby whose father died.


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