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Kekkaishi Season 1 episodes

The End of Kokuboro Season 1, Episode 52

Tokine tries to wake the unconscious Yoshimori. read more

Yoshimori and Kaguro Season 1, Episode 51

Yoshimori releases his Zekkai during battle in order to protect Sen, but his efforts backfire. read more

The Final Battle! Season 1, Episode 50

Yoshimori heads into battle just after reuniting with Tokine. read more

Flower of Sorrow Season 1, Episode 49

Aihi discusses her past with Tokine, while Kaguro eavesdrops. read more

The Collapsing Castle Season 1, Episode 48

Yoshimori searches for Kaguro while Sen meets with Tokine. read more

Byaku and Matsudo Season 1, Episode 47

A grudge between Byaku and Matsudo is finally settled. read more

Through the Maze Season 1, Episode 46

Yoshimori tries to rescue Sen and meets a princess along the way; Tokine defeats Koshu. read more

Kokuboro's Hostage Season 1, Episode 45

Yoshimori is tortured and threatened at the Kokuboro. read more

The Battle of Karasumori Season 1, Episode 44

Yoshimori is captured by Shion, and Tokine follows his captors. read more

Resurgence Season 1, Episode 43

Yoshimori's skills are tested by the Night Troops; Tokine worries about the future. read more

Night Troops Arrive Season 1, Episode 42

The Night Troops stay in town to defend Karasumorie; Yoshimori visits Atora to discuss Gen. read more

Days in Training Season 1, Episode 41

Yoshimori refines his powers at a temple, where he encounters a mysterious group. read more

A Passage to Kokuboro Season 1, Episode 40

Yoshimori seeks revenge and follows Tokiko to Black Pampas Grass. read more

The Mystery of Karasumori Season 1, Episode 39

The secrets of Karasumori are pursued by Hekian at the Colorless Swamp. read more

Requiem Season 1, Episode 38

Memorial services are held for Gen; Masamori and Yoshimori meet Gen's older sister. read more

Gen Shishio's Last Stand Season 1, Episode 37

Gen battles Gain with his total transformation. read more

Karasumori in Flames Season 1, Episode 36

The attack continues as Gen fully transforms to fight Gain. read more

The Kokuboro Draws Near Season 1, Episode 35

The Kokuboro attack Karasumori. read more

Call of Darkness Season 1, Episode 34

Kaguro makes an offer to Gen, who's left feeling conflicted. read more

Hurry Grandpa Shige! Season 1, Episode 33

Matsudo is targeted by a member of the Kokuboro. read more

A Challenge From Atora Season 1, Episode 32

Atora plans a surprise test for Yoshimori, Tokine and Gen. read more

Gen's Dark Past Season 1, Episode 31

Masamori tells Yoshimori about Gen's past. read more

The Right Person for Karasumori Season 1, Episode 30

Gen is depressed after being dismissed, prompting Yoshimori to ask Masamori for help overturning the decision. read more

Seal of Dispelling Season 1, Episode 29

Gen loses his job for breaking his oath to support the Kekkaishi. read more

The Kokuboro's Declaration of War Season 1, Episode 28

A negotiation attempt by the Kokuboro goes wrong. read more

Council of Twelve Season 1, Episode 27

Masamori wins a seat on an influential council within the Shadow Organization. Elsewhere, a spirit possesses a teacher at Yoshimori's school. read more

A Night Without Yoshimori Season 1, Episode 26

Yoshimori is sick and can't guard the Karasumori site, so his grandfather steps in to help. read more

Tokine and the Prince Season 1, Episode 25

Tokine is abducted by an Ayakashi, so Yoshimori and Gen join forces to track her down. read more

A Crush on Gen Season 1, Episode 24

Yurina's friend has a crush on Gen, but Yurina still suspects that Gen is dangerous. read more

In Pursuit of the Legitimate Heir Season 1, Episode 23

Yoshimori helps Gen, who's injured in a battle. read more

Emissary From the Shadow Organization Season 1, Episode 22

The Ayakashi plot their next move to gain Karasumori's power; Yoshimori receives shocking news about his brother. read more

Gen Shishio the Heartless Transfer Student Season 1, Episode 21

Mr. Mino is attacked by a student with special abilities who's working for the Shadow Organization. read more

The Ominous Spy Season 1, Episode 20

Yoshimori and Tokine battle a spying Shirahago. read more

Assault of the White Feathers Season 1, Episode 19

Ayakashi triplets attack Yoshimori and Tokine and display a formidable ability. read more

A Day in the Life of Toshimori Season 1, Episode 18

Toshimori makes a mistake when his friends visit his home, so Yoshimori attempts to cheer him up. read more

The Divine Field Season 1, Episode 17

Yoshimori enters a black hole in the swamp to complete his mission. read more

Lord Uro of the Colorless Marsh Season 1, Episode 16

A deity shows up at the academy to ask Yoshimori to accompany him to a swamp. read more

Yoshimori's Ambition Season 1, Episode 15

Yoshimori reveals his plan to steal the Karasumori's power; Masamori chases a spy. read more

Masamori's Scheme Season 1, Episode 14

Masamori advises Yoshimori about controlling his power and later devises a test using a botanical Ayakashi. read more

Masamori Sumimura Chief of the Night Troops Season 1, Episode 13

Yoshimori's brother returns despite their strained relationship. read more

Sealing the Demon Dog Season 1, Episode 12

Madarao defeats Koya but has trouble containing his power and returning to his former self. read more

Kova and Madarao Season 1, Episode 11

A figure from Madarao's past returns and attacks Yoshimori out of hatred for humans. read more

Shikigami Chocolate Battle Season 1, Episode 10

Shuji tries to lift Yoshimori's spirits by telling him about a legendary cake. But when Yoshimori irresponsibly sends his shikigami to retrieve the cake, Tokine decides to end their relationship. read more

A Dangerous Teacher Season 1, Episode 9

Yurina seeks advice for dealing with her powers; Tokine realizes a teacher is being controlled by a parasitic Ayakashi. read more

A Day in the Life of Yoshimori Season 1, Episode 8

Yoshimori and Tokine combine their strengths during battle. read more

The Best Cake in the World Season 1, Episode 7

A pastry chef's ghost is stuck between worlds because of his concern for his younger brother. In order to bring the brothers together one last time, Yoshimori decides to bake a cake from their childhood. read more

Night Blooms of Karasumori Season 1, Episode 6

A classmate visits the school at night and sees Yoshimori and Tokine getting rid of the Ayakashi. read more

The Sweet Ghost Season 1, Episode 5

A ghost befriends Yoshimori, but Tokine is suspicious and wants the ghost to move on to the afterlife. read more

Her Treasure Season 1, Episode 4

Yoki loses control and Yomi can't stop the demon. Later, members of the Shadow Organization arrive to destroy Yoki and take Yomi into custody. read more

The Beautiful Demon Tamer Season 1, Episode 3

A demon tamer visits the Yukimura family, putting Yoshimori and Tokine in danger. Meanwhile, Tokine remembers the day her father died. read more

Yoshimori and Tokine Season 1, Episode 2

The school grounds are invaded by an Ayakashi, prompting Yoshimori to take action. read more

Scars Season 1, Episode 1

Two teens guard their town to carry out a family tradition. read more

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Premiered: May 30, 2010, on Cartoon Network
Rating: TV-14
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Premise: Two rival teens protect their home from demon invasions using a special technique they inherited from ancestors in this anime series.

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