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Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List Season 3 episodes

Season 3 — Episode 7 (Season Finale) Season 3, Episode 7

This season finale was the perfect way to end the much too brief third season. Yes, we got one more episode this season than last, but Bravo, throw us a bone next season — how about twice as many episodes? Kathy brings in both the ratings and the Emmy nominations, so I think this D-lister-that's-actually-a-C-lister deserves a longer season, don't you?The promos indicated that Kathy would head to Ireland with her father's ashes. But so much else occurred before the poignant ending, so there were jam-packed highlights galore:— What's a Kathy episode without at least one Oprah diss? Would anyone else on this planet have the guts to say on national television things like: "Oprah thinks she's Jesus"? Nothing's funnier than Kathy-as-Oprah-as-Jesus getting a paper cut (holding her hand out): "Stigmata?" Oops. I'm wrong — there was something funnier. Kathy saying "I don't have the mansion in Montecito that she does. I don't have the hot girlfriend. But I can give." I had to r... read more

Season 3 — Episode 6 Season 3, Episode 6

As I expected, Kathy's trip to the U.K. was a nonstop laugh fest. Didn't it seem like there were more scenes with Kathy narrating than usual? The more the merrier, I say. I love when Kathy gets tips from experts in the field of wherever she is heading, and this time she got advice from some of today's best British comedy whizzes. Could Ricky Gervais have looked any more uncomfortable? You could tell he wanted to play the politically correct card, especially when he freaked out that Kathy was dissing Oprah ("the most powerful woman in the world"). You knew Kathy was in the wrong place when Ricky mentioned how he wasn't a fan of media whores (as Kathy looked at the camera and pointed to herself). You've got to give Ricky credit for being a sport. Luckily, Kathy was able to make Ricky legitimately laugh a few times.Graham Norton seemed like he was having more fun with Kathy than Ricky. She certainly chose the right Pied Piper to walk through the gay-populated Old Compton: "Just being w... read more

Season 3 — Episode 5 Season 3, Episode 5

This was definitely one of the best episodes yet. This season we've been getting glimpses of a more serious Kathy, but never too serious since she always follows a serious moment with something hilarious. I never thought I'd actually learn something from viewing a Kathy episode. All those questions she asked the prison wardens and the prisoners themselves were so interesting and produced even more thought-provoking answers. Now we know what ROY stands for: Rumor on Yard. And LURD: Lesbian Until Release Date. Hey — you gotta get some somehow, right? Kathy now has a way of making me cry just by crying herself. When you're not used to seeing someone that makes you laugh nonstop start to cry, doesn't it get you teary-eyed? Sure does for me. Just as it was for Kathy, it was a heartbreaker for me to hear that pregnant prisoner say that she won't be able to see her own baby after it is born... unless her husband brings the child for a visit.So many highlights, so I'll point out most o... read more

June 26, 2007: Season 3 — Episode 4 Season 3, Episode 4

Now, I would never turn on my Kathy, but come on. In her continual quest to try to convince us all she's on the D-list, this week she spoke at her 12-year-old nephew Johnny's school and only 30 kids showed up. Yeah, right. This is the same Kathy Griffin who sold out Carnegie Hall. Yes, I know that most of these situations are staged, but I'm not buying the "only 30 kids." If my grade school knew my famous aunt was taping her TV show at our actual school, it would've been standing-room only — and I'm from the Chicago suburbs just like Kathy. But hey, this doesn't mean I didn't thoroughly enjoy watching Kathy's adventures. While we're on the subject of staged situations, we all know Kathy can do better than Ron Jeremy. I did respect Ron for stating that Kathy was downgrading by dating him, referring to her as "E-list" after going on a date with him. I also liked that their date was at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset here in Hollywood (great pizza, and if every place I frequ... read more

June 19, 2007: Season 3 — Episode 3 Season 3, Episode 3

I feel like I just went to the funeral of one of my own family members. I knew this wasn't going to be an easy one to watch since Bravo sent out a press release last week announcing that this episode was dedicated to Kathy's father, John Griffin. As I've expressed in my Grey's Anatomy blog multiple times, I'm a crier. But crying while watching George deal with his dad dying on Grey's is one thing — Grey's is a fictional show. Watching Kathy deal with the death of her father was just devastating. However, she did it with such dignity and gave an absolutely beautiful tribute to him towards the end. You could tell Kathy inherited her father's sense of humor: "He truly passed his sense of humor down to me. That's what I'm gonna miss the most."When Kathy heard the news from her sister Joyce that their dad had passed, and Kathy had to get on a plane to L.A., it really hit home for me, especially when Kathy referred to it as "that moment I have been dreading my whole life." I say it h... read more

June 12, 2007: Season 3 — Episode 2 Season 3, Episode 2

It was great reading your comments last week. Glad to read that you all enjoyed the episode like I did. This one didn't quite measure up, but last week's season premiere was a tough act to follow. I guess it's because there were so many scenes depicting Kathy failing to make people laugh, and that is just something I cannot relate to. Didn't you just want those jewelry designers to get a life, or at least a sense of humor? Obviously, I like watching footage of what it is actually like to be in an average Kathy Griffin audience: nonstop laughter, screaming and applause. I also wanted more scenes with Kathy's parents, but, because we know the shape of things to come, every scene with Kathy's dad, John Griffin, is a treasure. Next week, according to a Bravo press release, the episode is dedicated to him, so do not miss it.Besides being bothered by the stone-faced corporate Tucson attendees and those chili cook-off Michiganites, there were a good amount of funny moments I'd like to poin... read more

June 5, 2007: Season 3 — Episode 1 (Season Premiere) Season 3, Episode 1

So glad to have my weekly dose of Kathy back! As I expressed last season, I worship the ground Kathy walks on, so you should expect me to say mostly positive things here. Kathy has the guts to say what most people in show business only think about saying. When you see Kathy's stand-up act live or on TV, and when you watch this show, all you do is wait and think: "What is she going to say next?" After watching, laughing and loving her preceding special Kathy Griffin: Everybody Can Suck It, I viewed this episode by myself, but then my roommate came home midway through it and went right to his room (he likes to watch things from the beginning like moi). All he could hear from his bedroom was me laughing my ass off nonstop. The part he missed was in the first half when I wasn't laughing — I was crying. Just a little. Did I ever imagine that Kathy Griffin would make my eyes water (besides the "laughing so hard I cry" type of crying)? I never thought I'd see Kathy captured on video s... read more

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