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Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List Season 2 episodes

July 18, 2006: Season 2 — Episode 6 (Season Finale) Season 2, Episode 6

How sad that this was the season finale! Not “sad” because the episode itself wasn’t good, but because it sucks to have only six episodes of Kathy. But I must say, I was at least pleased that tonight's show prominently featured my two favorite supporting duos — Kathy’s parents and Kathy’s dogs. Let’s break this down....Kathy’s ParentsJohn and Maggie Griffin are just like relatives of mine back in Chicago, and like them they are an absolute riot. I could watch them every week so I was glad they were on so often. Tonight I enjoyed how Kathy said that no matter how positive her news is, she always has to “talk them into everything,” such as taking them to a fancy beach resort. It was hilarious to watch Kathy give them a talking-to about the proper way to tip, since, in their minds, “everything costs the same as it did during the Depression.”Kathy’s DogsChance and Pom Pom each have personalities of their own, so how perfec... read more

July 11, 2006: Season 2 — Episode 5 Season 2, Episode 5

First of all, how wonderful was it last week to hear the news that Season One of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List was nominated for outstanding reality program? Certainly one of the few positive things that came out of those nominations (don’t even get me started). And since Kathy is an Executive Producer on the show, she can now always be referred to as the “Emmy-nominated Kathy Griffin,” and I just love that. Now on to tonight’s show....Right away, it was strange to watch Kathy and Matt be all cheery on TV one night after the Larry King Live appearance finally aired. Poor Kathy. Even though these episodes were taped months ago, how ironic that she made a reference to trusting an accountant with her money. Anyway, I was looking forward to this episode since they’ve been referring to it for weeks — the Pom Pom dog from hell/Kathy in the rat suit episode! I’m an easy sell for dog-related tales, and this did not disappoint — the more reactio... read more

June 27, 2006: Season 2 — Episode 4 Season 2, Episode 4

I was glad we got to see more footage of the Iraq trip, since last week's hour wasn't enough. Because the army wanted to cancel Kathy's Baghdad show due to the insurgent bombing, how great was it when they turned the lights on? I couldn't imagine Kathy doing her whole show in the dark. Right away, I was laughing at her comment about crabs in Iraq: "My vagina has seen enough combat!"Other highlights:— I thought it was good that Kathy gave the soldiers an opportunity to be a part of her show during the improv portion. You could tell how happy they were to get their minds off the war for a brief moment.— I found it interesting that the troops are forbidden to make any jokes or disparaging remarks about President Bush, but that Dick Cheney is open target (so to speak).— Kathy saying she has "never felt so attractive" by being around the men in uniform, calling them "my new demographic — guys who hardly see any women at all" and saying, "They treated me like an A-List... read more

June 20, 2006: Season 2 — Episode 3 Season 2, Episode 3

This episode certainly put things into perspective. Next time I'm feeling down or having a “Woe is me!” moment, all I’ll need to do is think of what the troops are going through in Iraq and I won’t feel so bad about whatever my own situation is. I thought what Kathy and gang did was beyond courageous, and, as we could see tonight, much appreciated. My favorite comment was from the female soldier who described Kathy’s act as “highly inappropriate and hilarious — exactly what the soldiers needed.” Don’t we all need it? I know that I go to Kathy for nonstop laughs and am always fulfilled, but tonight that fulfillment went a step further — watching someone do a good deed by providing much-needed laughter. Yes, I know that Kathy isn’t the only celebrity who has entertained the troops, but do I really want to observe Nick and Jessica’s attempts? I don’t wanna see that! But Kathy? Bring it on.Some highlights:— Seeing tha... read more

June 13, 2006: Season 2 — Episode 2 Season 2, Episode 2

Thanks for all the awesome comments last week. I just knew I wasn’t alone in my Kathy worship. Of course, there were a few of you comment-makers who just aren’t FOKs (Fans of Kathy), but I’ll accept that. As long as most of y’all “get” it, I’m happy.Tonight, Kathy was at her self-deprecating best, but how many of you wanted to strangle that Michael, the eBay auction winner from Cleveland — let alone be him? I couldn’t believe he wasn’t on Cloud 9 the whole time. Total Debbie Downer. I was like “You paid $5,000 to be there — show some enthusiasm!” It killed me that Kathy lied during her Costume Designers Guild Awards presentation speech and said his bid was $60,000. Glad she ended up telling the LA Times guy the truth. I loved how Kathy and Matt, along with Kathy’s parents, John and Maggie, were dying to figure out “how he got the dough.” It was so creepy when he went back into their house looking for the... read more

June 6, 2006: Season Premiere — Episode 1 Season 2, Episode 1

I'll start this out by saying that I worship the ground that Kathy Griffin walks on, so you should expect me to say mostly nice things here. Kathy is one of those people who, if they recited the phone book to me, I'd laugh. I've seen Kathy perform her stand-up act several times, and I've had the pleasure of meeting her (she's just as hilarious in person). Why do I love Kathy so much? Because she says what's on her mind and she's the only one in Hollywood who has the guts to say out loud what most of us are thinking. When you watch her stand-up act, you become exhausted from laughing, but also from being shocked at what comes out of her mouth. Actually, your own mouth rarely shuts from all the gaping you do ("Oh no, she didn't!"). So I was obviously overjoyed when I heard that Bravo renewed Kathy's show for a second season. My only complaint to Bravo — why only six episodes?Tonight's season premiere was a great way to catch up from last season. Kathy has had some unfortunate thi... read more

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