Kate & Allie 1984 | TV Show Watchlist


A sweet blended-family sitcom about two divorcées who share a New York apartment with their three kids. The show had a five-year run that saw the children grow up and enter college while the moms started a business, tried the dating scene, and finally ended up in a high-rise Manhattan condo after Allie's new hubby took an out-of-town job.

Guest Stars

Wendie Malick
Claire, Charles' New Wife
Greg Salata
Kate's Former Boyfriend, Ted
Franc Luz
Allie's Ex-Boyfriend, Malcolm
James Rebhorn
Derek, Kate's Former Boyfriend
Alan North
Mr. Sloan, Mr. Sloane
Stephen James
Dr. Mulwray, Kate's Doctor
John Heard
Kate's Former Husband
Max Casella
Mike Sheridan