Kate & Allie 1984 | TV Show Watchlist


A sweet blended-family sitcom about two divorcées who share a New York apartment with their three kids. The show had a five-year run that saw the children grow up and enter college while the moms started a business, tried the dating scene, and finally ended up in a high-rise Manhattan condo after Allie's new hubby took an out-of-town job.


Guest Stars

Wendie Malick
Claire, Charles' New Wife
Kate's Former Boyfriend, Ted
Homeless Man, Louis
Allie's Ex-Boyfriend, Malcolm
James Rebhorn
Derek, Kate's Former Boyfriend
Bachelor, Peter
Haven, Housemate
Mr. Sloan, Mr. Sloane
Neighbor, Sam
Chandler, Councilman Sloan
Dr. Mulwray, Kate's Doctor
Teacher's Mother
Charles Laser
Child's Father
Joseph Tupper
John Heard
Kate's Former Husband
Kate's Friend
Dr. Mitchell
Cooking Class Teacher
Max Casella
Mike Sheridan
Second Hand Man
Allie's Mother
Antique Dealer
Street Person
Jennie's Boyfriend
Charming Stranger
Max's Girlfriend
Jess Garfield
Piano Teacher
Natalie Bernstein
Store Owner
Judge Harper
Mr. Beckmesser
Barbara Dunleavy
Nurse Crieger