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Why A Nikita Reboot Can Work


Why bother remaking La Femme Nikita? The 1990 French action film about a criminal-turned-government assassin already has been remade as a U.S. feature film starring Bridget Fonda and as a basic cable TV series starring Peta Wilson.

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NBC Adds Bruckheimer's Chase to Fall Lineup


NBC has added a fifth pilot to its fall season with the pickup of Chase, a drama produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

NBC picks up three more series for 2010-11 season

"Chase has all the undeniable elements of a thrill ride that you would expect from a Jerry Bruckheimer action series," said Angela Bromstad, NBC's president of primetime entertainment. "Equally important, it also features... read more

Is there any confirmation of ...

Question: Is there any confirmation of Anthony Anderson replacing Jesse L. Martin on Law & Order?

Answer: Not yet. I'm sure it's written in some contract that NBC can't announce his hiring until Fox officially cancels K-Ville. Meanwhile, I hear a gun plays a major role in Det. Green's impending exit.

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K-Ville — canceled or not?

Question: K-Ville — canceled or not?

Answer: Read this and you tell me.

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Now, I know you're not a mind ...

Question: Now, I know you're not a mind reader, but I am wondering what your opinion is on a rumor floating around that if the writers' strike were to drag on, chances are that shows that would probably (and in some cases, should) be canceled would be back on board for next fall, given that they already have the cast and crew in place and on contract. One show in particular I'm curious about (which I know you, and many others), didn't like: K-Ville. I actually found that it improved as it went along, except for that cringe-worthy plot devise of Cobb's backstory. But I actually think the chemistry between the leads was great, and when they stuck to the police stories, it worked well. Any chance a show like this could be given a second chance, especially if the writers were given the opportunity to go back and start fresh (ie: Kill that stupid plot point)? Answer: This logic seems like a reach to me, the sort of notion fans concoct in the false hope that the failing show they like wil ... read more

“Ride Along”

Now that was a well-done episode. I don’t think the crime or its perpetrator are unique to New Orleans but the twist about a New York reporter coming down to do an expose and actually admiring the boys in blue is. Good job. I’m not sure when we’re going to get a fresh episode so I’m glad the series ended the year with a bang.Let’s peel back the layers and see what emerges. First we’ve got Captain Embry trying to please his boss by making Boulet and Cobb to a ride along with the New York reporter. They protest at first but the guys got into a kind of rhythm with Jodi Mazetta that was fun to watch. I enjoyed her asking questions and having things explained that normally wouldn’t be. Or seeing tactics the police pursue to get the information they need. I thought they’d get into trouble when “questioning” those two young guys on the hood of the car while Jodi took notes and snapped photos. I also liked how she questioned Boulet and Cobb... read more

“Boulet in a China Shop”

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who noticed that there was something off in tonight’s episode. If I had to guess I’d say this episode was taped early in the season and it’s only seeing the light of day now. It seems like we’re still in the early stages of Boulet and Cobb’s relationship. My suspicions were confirmed (as least to my satisfaction) when Cobb called Boulet’s home and had to identify himself to Ayana using both his first and last name. Boulet was also riding Cobb pretty hard about his criminal past and it seems to me Boulet came to terms with that quite a few episodes ago.But let’s move on to the case: A guy Boulet saved right after Katrina turns out to be a local racketeer. Say what you will about his methods, Boulet gets results. I can’t condone what he does; I think I’d be horrified if I ever witnessed some of the things Boulet does. Despite that his methods seem to produce results. It would have been nice to ... read more

“Flood, Wind and Fire”

I can admit when I’m wrong or I’m headed in the wrong direction. I mentioned weeks ago that I thought Amanda Righetti was introduced as a potential love interest for Cobb. In fact, I think I might have also mentioned that Cobb had some chemistry with D.A. Swann. Those encounters were nothing compared to the chemistry Cobb has with Sarah Brown’s Eileen McGillis. Now, I must admit that I’ve followed Sarah Brown since her days on General Hospital. I loved her then and I love her now. I wouldn’t be sorry to see her back for a return engagement; she and Cobb have a spark. Back to that in a minute.The case: An insurance claims adjuster is examining the wreckage of a burned home. After of accusing the homeowner of arson, he stumbles upon a dead body. Literally. Cobb and Boulet are called in. They discover a conspiracy. Our insurance guy, Sheldon Lear, doesn’t seem like the nicest man, in fact his nickname is Dr. No. He goes around accusing people burning their... read more

Every year people complain ...

Question: Every year people complain that the networks are too impatient and that shows are yanked before they have a chance to hit their stride or build an audience. Well, because of the strike, shows that have been sagging in the ratings since day one or that premiered to mixed reviews have been allowed to stay on the air for months now. And, for the most part, the shows that sucked when they premiered still suck and the shows that flopped out of the gate still aren't attracting viewers. So what do you think — even in a normal season, should shows like Big Shots or K-Ville be given this much time? Is there still a chance they'll actually develop into quality or successful shows? Or is it just possible that (gasp!) the networks actually know what they're doing sometimes and that when shows get canceled there's a good reason? Answer: The good news this season is that when some of these new shows run out of episodes and finally bite the dust, the fans (who will still be upset; they ... read more


As I’m still recovering from my vacation (in a good way) I wasn’t able to catch up on last week’s episode so I won’t comment on it. But I really enjoyed tonight’s episode. I think this show can be a little uneven, but I liked tonight’s tone. Parts of the story seemed a little far-fetched but I thought the guest stars did a great job. I welled up a few times. I’m a big crybaby though so I expect nothing less of myself.One aspect of this show I really appreciate is how seamlessly Cobb and Boulet (usually) tie the case back to Katrina. There are so many things still going on in New Orleans that I can’t even fathom. It didn’t even occur to me that children were separated from their parents during the storm. I think we all heard about the shelters that took stray animals in but somehow I never heard about lost children. And that lost child, now known as Claire, is taken in by a couple that had been looking to adopt for a year. But before I tal... read more

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Premise: Two hard-nosed New Orleans cops struggle to clean up the streets of the hurricane-ravaged city. While tracking down dangerous criminals, they also attempt to hold together their complicated personal lives.


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