Justice League Action

  • 2016
  • TV Show
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Animated series following the adventures of Superman; Batman; Wonder Woman; and other members of the Justice League.

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Under a Red Sun
11:21 — After Steppenwolf teleports Superman to a planet with a red sun, making him powerless, Batman and Barda must somehow locate the planet before Superman (more…)
Double Cross
11:21 — When Batman has Plastic Man disguise himself as Two-Face in order to set a trap for Deadshot, things get complicated when the real Two-Face escapes cu (more…)
The Fatal Fare
11:18 — Space Cabbie inadvertently learns about a great threat to the Justice League when one of his passengers turns out to be Darkseid.
Nuclear Family Values
11:20 — Firestorm encounters the Nuclear Family, a misguided group of robots resembling a ‘50s sitcom family. Their intent is to detonate a nuclear power plan (more…)
Rage of the Red Lanterns
11:14 — Chased by the Red Lanterns, Lobo seeks sanctuary with the Justice League. As the League holds the Red Lanterns at bay, Lobo goes after a powerful weap (more…)
Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting
11:17 — Stargirl has to enlist Constantine’s help when Klarion the Witch Boy takes the place of the boy she’s supposed to be babysitting.
Follow That Space Cab!
11:16 — While escorting his prisoner, Mr. Mind, between planets, Superman is attacked by Lobo, who’s after a reward on Mind. Temporarily powered down, the Ma (more…)
Hat Trick
10:56 — When Felix Faust steals Zatanna’s magical top hat, the Justice League must help retrieve it before the evil wizard uses it to create a magical portal (more…)
Plastic Man Saves the World
11:14 — After Plastic Man feels shuffled off the side in the Justice League’s battle with Brainiac, he takes it upon himself to infiltrate the alien ship on h (more…)
The Trouble with Truth
11:05 — The Justice League find themselves in danger of losing Wonder Woman when the goddess Athena comes to Earth with an offer Diana can’t refuse – filling (more…)
Mxy's Mix-Up
11:19 — While the Justice League attempts to protect the United Nations from Grodd’s gorilla army, Mr. Mxyptlk pops up from the fifth dimension and thinks it (more…)
Trick or Threat
11:13 — Four kids in Justice League costumes are trick or treating on Halloween when they investigate a spooky house. As dangers befall them inside, however, (more…)
Freezer Burn
11:06 — Batman and Firestorm team up to fight their respective cold villains – Mr. Freeze and Killer Frost. Complications arise when Firestorm’s infatuation w (more…)
Battle for the Bottled City
11:47 — Atom shrinks Superman so he can visit his fellow Kryptonians in the bottled city of Kandor, but soon Brainiac attacks and takes off with the bottle. N (more…)
All Aboard the Space Train
11:17 — In a strange turn of events, the Justice League enlists the help of Space Cabbie and Jonah Hex to stop the hijacking of an intergalactic space train.
Time Out
10:59 — Batman must team up with Booster Gold when an interdimensional alien creature starts eating up time…literally!
Galaxy Jest
11:08 — When the Joker is abducted into space by Mongul in order to entertain his troops, the Justice League must recapture him before the Joker’s gas bomb de (more…)
10:49 — Lex Luthor infects Superman with a magnetic charge that repels everything. As the repulsing charge grows, the magnetized Man of Steel seems fated to s (more…)
Field Trip
10:56 — When a group of teenage super heroes are being shown around the Fortress of Solitude, they inadvertently cause the Phantom Zone Projector to release t (more…)
Garden of Evil
11:03 — Poison Ivy takes control of Swamp Thing, using his vegetative powers to overwhelm Gotham with dangerous plants.
Zombie King
11:21 — When Grundy escapes his Louisiana prison, intent on using a magical crystal to raise an army of the dead from their graves, only Batman and Swamp Thin (more…)
Speed Demon
11:05 — Batman has to enlist the help of Jason Blood (aka the Demon) when Brother Night transforms the Batmobile into a sentient, demonic entity.
Inside Job
11:12 — Batman and Wonder Woman go on a Fantastic Voyage-like adventure, when Atom shrinks them, so they can enter Superman’s bloodstream to destroy a lethal (more…)
Time Share
10:57 — Batman and Blue Beetle have to travel back in time to stop Chronos from destroying a young Dark Knight on his very first case!
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  • Premiered: December 16, 2016
  • Rating: None
  • Premise: Animated series following the adventures of Superman; Batman; Wonder Woman; and other members of the Justice League. (more)

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