Judge Karen's Court Episodes

2008, TV Show

Episodes: Judge Karen's Court (240)

5/25/2011: Hairy Days and Loan-Some Nights!
5/24/2011: Minor Misfortune
5/23/2011: Princess Problems
5/20/2011: Looks A-Like a Con!
5/19/2011: Baby Booze Blues
5/18/2011: Don't Drink and Steal!
5/16/2011: Reality Bytes
5/13/2011: Marriage Is No Game!
5/12/2011: Dude, Where's My Van?
5/11/2011: The Jingle Jangle Joker!
5/10/2011: Bullied By My Boat Buddy
5/9/2011: BBQ Blues
5/6/2011: It's My Potty and I Can Use It if I Want To!
5/5/2011: Did He Do Diddy or Diddly Squat?
5/4/2011: Hey Baby Daddy You Took My TV!
5/3/2011: Twisted Tutor Tale!
5/2/2011: No, I'm Not a Ninja! Yes, I Want My Money!
4/29/2011: Stop Horsing Around!
4/28/2011: Sis---You Know You Owe for All The Dough!
4/27/2011: My Long-lost Brother Broke My Heart!
4/26/2011: Sex, Drugs and Rocky Roommate Ruckus!
4/25/2011: I Lost My Life-long Friend Over Some Lousy Loans!
4/22/2011: Smells Like a Scam!?
4/21/2011: Oh, What a Tangled Website You Weave!
4/20/2011: The Failed Fixed Floor Fiasco
4/19/2011: Your Boozin' Bash Turned My Place to Trash
4/18/2011: My BFF Trashed my Stuff!
3/2/2011: Hey Cuz...I'm Not Your Sugar Mama!
3/2/2011: Our Mortgage Broker Lost Our Home!
3/1/2011: My Phony Friend Owes for a Phone
2/28/2011: Tools for a Tool!
2/25/2011: My Princess Dumped Me for Prince!
2/24/2011: Caught in a Bad Bromance!
2/23/2011: My Gal Pal Stole My Bags..And My Man!
2/22/2011: Boyhood Buddy Battle!
2/21/2011: My Radio Star Sister Dumped Me for a Dude!
2/18/2011: Mother, Son, Sister, Brother Battle!
2/17/2011: My Stripper Loving Bro Stripped Me of My Cash!
2/16/2011: Bro, You Took Me---Book, Line and Sinker!
2/15/2011: My Band Mate Brothers Banged My Drums!
2/14/2011: Hey Dr. Real! You Really Owe Me the Money!
2/11/2011: You Hatched a Rotten Egg Scheme!
2/10/2011: Heavenly Roommate vs. Roommate From Hell
2/9/2011: My Brother Escaped Death to Be a Deadbeat!
2/8/2011: A Loan, a Louse, and a Lost Friend!
2/7/2011: My Cousin Got My Car Keyed!
2/4/2011: Bed Bugs in a Pig Sty - Oh My!
2/3/2011: My Big Brother Acts Like a Little Boy!
2/2/2011: Hair Divas in a Hairy Dispute
2/1/2011: You Gambled Away Our Friendship
11/24/2010: I Was Too Drunk to Sign So Don't You Whine!
11/23/2010: Dude! You Burned a Hole in My Party Car!
11/22/2010: My Cheating Ex Cheated Me Out of My Pay!
11/19/2010: She Ran Me Over Then Ran Away!; The Art of the Steal!
11/18/2010: My Cousin's Barbeque Was the Pits and I Got Burned!
11/18/2010: Runaway Bride Tryin' to Hide
11/17/2010: I Was Sold a Lemon and Squeezed for My Money!
11/17/2010: My Band Buddy Sold Our Party Van!
11/16/2010: Help! I'm Stuck With My Roommate and I Can't Get Out
11/16/2010: My Un-Real Estate Agent Stole My Idenity!
11/15/2010: You Dropped the Ball at the Exotic Erotic Ball
11/12/2010: Cop Out on the Buddhist Bail-Out and Roommate Food Feud!
11/11/2010: We Can't Make Up Until You Pay for the Makeup
11/11/2010: Hello Dolly! Goodbye Money!
11/10/2010: Hey Sis! You Trashed My Car and Trashed Our Bond!
11/10/2010: My Chauvinist Husband Lied, Cheated, and Stole!
11/9/2010: Peeping Tom Sold Me a Lemon!
11/9/2010: My Freeloading Cousin Is Wigging Out!
11/8/2010: Did the Party Princess Ruin the Party?
11/5/2010: Band Buddy Battle!
11/4/2010: My Gambling Boyfriend Drained Me Dry!
11/4/2010: Jailed, Bailed and Payback Failed!
11/3/2010: No Home Repairs and No Underwear!
11/3/2010: Terrible Tenant or Low-Down Landlord?
11/2/2010: The Beer Buddy and the Crash Dummy!
11/2/2010: A Real Shaggy Dog Story!
11/1/2010: Re-Mixed, Re-Sold...Ripped Off!
10/29/2010: The Massive Arrest and the Mastiff Mess!
10/28/2010: The TV Repairman Stole My TV!
10/28/2010: Rowdy Roommate Ruckus
10/21/2010: Oh Man! You Ripped Off My Boy Band!
10/20/2010: Cousins' Car Chaos!
10/19/2010: Hey Bro You Owe! Hey Sis You Dissed!
10/18/2010: Was the Boozed Up Clown Messing Around?
10/14/2010: Hey Cuz! Wii in a Dispute!
10/13/2010: Pay Back My Loan or Sleep With Me?
10/12/2010: The Careless Carless Model From Cameroon!
10/11/2010: School of Hard Knocks
10/8/2010: The Boozin' Borrower
10/7/2010: Hey Baby Bro! Where's My Loan?
10/6/2010: My Party-Crazy Sister Trashed My Home!
10/6/2010: Oh Brother! Tell the Truth About My Tooth
10/5/2010: Facebook Photo Friendzy!
10/5/2010: Throw Mama From the Wheelchair!
10/5/2010: My Stealing Slugging Sis Swiped My Stuff!
10/4/2010: Impotence Is No Joke!
10/1/2010: Your Dog-Watching Daughter Trashed My House!
9/30/2010: My Brother Bashed Me and Went Berserk!
9/29/2010: Distressed and Un-Sexed!
9/28/2010: My Brother Scammed Me on an Ice Cream Paint Job!
9/27/2010: Your Fleas Made Me Flee!
9/24/2010: Quarreling Cousins Split by a Séance!
9/23/2010: Hubby's Wild Ways Cause Wedding Woes!
9/23/2010: A Minor Rent Problem
9/22/2010: My Sister Conned Me on a Kitchen!
9/22/2010: I Sued an Einstein!
9/21/2010: Baby Mama Is Giving Grandma Drama!
9/21/2010: Seething Sisters!
9/20/2010: Teethin' Mad!
9/20/2010: You Broke My Heart So I Broke Your Lease!
6/10/2009: The Mold Was There Before Me
5/29/2009: You Ruined My Grand Opening; Dancer Hunt
5/27/2009: Run Away Rat Dog
5/26/2009: Shore House Shakedown
5/25/2009: I Never Locked Up Your Baby; The Bad Pension Check
5/22/2009: Take Your Blow and Go!
5/21/2009: Dog Attack/Dog Hit by Car; Repairman Runaround
5/20/2009: Where's My Pizza Dress?; Puppy Love
5/19/2009: Friendly Rental Car Fiasco
5/18/2009: Killer Dog!
5/15/2009: Bedfellows No More; The iPod Girl Squad
5/14/2009: Sobs Over Pixie-Bobs
5/13/2009: Dog Chases Girl, Girl Breaks Ankle
5/12/2009: You Crashed My Truck! Pay Up!; Grumpire Carpets
5/11/2009: Wedding Dress or Prom Dress?
5/8/2009: Best Friends Feud Over Stolen Wallet; Mommy Dearest's Cell Phone
5/7/2009: The Radio Frequency is Off
5/6/2009: Car Crash and the Lemon
5/5/2009: Diamonds Are Forever
5/4/2009: Sibling Split by Samurai Swordsman
5/1/2009: Doggy Daycare; The Computer Family Crash Down
4/30/2009: You Tried to Kidnap My Baby
4/27/2009: The Art of Love
4/1/2009: Micro-fusion Confusion
3/31/2009: Daughter, How Dare You Deny Me My Things; Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!
3/30/2009: A Box of Junk After Years of Funk
3/27/2009: This Teen Mom Is in Cold Water
3/26/2009: My Weave Was Stuck!; Patti Wants Her Padi Certificate
3/25/2009: The Condiment Fighter
3/24/2009: Case of the Dog Thief
3/23/2009: 50 Cent Washout
3/20/2009: Clashing Cousins
3/19/2009: Good Hearted Sister or Thief?; You Sold Me Damaged Furniture!
3/18/2009: I Shot the Hair, Now Pay Me My Share
3/17/2009: Grandpa Got Run Over by a Teenager
3/16/2009: Bridezilla's Vow Drama!
3/13/2009: Valerie Scissorhands; Lost Rings, Broken Heart
3/12/2009: The Craig's List Nightmare Roomie
3/11/2009: There Goes the Neighborhood
3/10/2009: You Break My Heart, I Take Your Car; Where's My $$ for the Movado Watch?
3/9/2009: Money Hungry Mama
3/6/2009: Home Girlz Gone Wild! Part 2
3/5/2009: Home Girlz Gone Wild! Part 1
3/3/2009: Inside Out Couch
3/2/2009: The Adams Family Funeral Home: Balance Owed
2/18/2009: Hair Salon Business Deal Gone Wrong
12/22/2008: The Stay at Home Dad
12/15/2008: No Funds for the Buns
12/8/2008: Broken Friendship, Broken Toe
12/1/2008: Artistic Painter vs. the Shady Florist
11/28/2008: A Romp in the Hay and This Colt's Not Okay!
11/27/2008: You Took My Hot Tub and Vandalized My House!
11/26/2008: The Actress' Apartment; Your Pop Art Fell Apart
11/25/2008: Emergency Hurricane Money---Moved!; Loan From a Student Loan
11/24/2008: Internet Love or Scam
11/21/2008: You're Not My Sister or My Roommate!
11/20/2008: Grumpy Old Neighbors!
11/19/2008: Doggie Daycare; Sister Love Triangle
11/18/2008: Pot Smoking Papa Dissed by Daughter
11/17/2008: Bathroom Blunderland
11/14/2008: Fatal Attraction for Rent; And A Baby Makes Three
11/14/2008: Your Goats Eat My Greens, I Kill Your Goats
11/13/2008: To Catch a Thief
11/13/2008: Case of the 4 Junk Yard Cars
11/12/2008: Brokeback Computer
11/12/2008: A Lotto Drama!
11/11/2008: Baby Brother Betting Big Time!
11/11/2008: Ruined Radio, Ruined Marriage
11/10/2008: Cesspool Playground
11/10/2008: You Can't Nurse My Settlement
11/7/2008: We Did Not Agree I'd Give You My Wii
11/7/2008: Broken Home Movers; The Pit Bull and the Rat Dog
11/6/2008: Phat Daddy's Braid Brawl
11/6/2008: A Bronx Tale; Cousins Feuding Over Computer Bill
11/5/2008: Flirting at the Bar, Crowbar on the Car
11/5/2008: Crusin for Trouble
11/4/2008: Graduation Promises Never Kept!
11/4/2008: You Broke My Face
11/3/2008: Diabolical Car Diagnostics; The Gold Digger Dug Me in a Hole!
11/3/2008: The Bartender Didn't Tend to the Rent
10/31/2008: Pimp-Provin' Ain't Easy
10/30/2008: Stolen Car, Broken Heart
10/29/2008: I Pay the Rent He Kicks Me Out!
10/28/2008: Hocking the Family Jewels
10/27/2008: Bohemian Rap-sody
10/24/2008: You Ruined Our 20th Anniversary!
10/23/2008: Jackpot Lovin'; Menage a Truck
10/22/2008: Cancun Vacation Miscommunication
10/21/2008: Headbutting Brotherly Love
10/20/2008: Jailbird Out of Dodge!
10/17/2008: Money Hungry Landlord and the Tenant Cash Cow
10/16/2008: Pour Relationship Breakdown
10/15/2008: Surrender My Scooter; Ex-boyfriend's Wicked Mother
10/14/2008: The Party Crasher
10/13/2008: Bonkers in Yonkers
10/10/2008: Creepy Old Roommate
10/9/2008: You Burned My Prom Dress
10/8/2008: Impounded Because of Your Stupidity; Repressed Roommate
10/7/2008: Sister Owes Me for Furniture
10/6/2008: Stimulus Check Drama
10/3/2008: The Noisy Upstairs Neighbor
10/2/2008: The Ring That Ended the Fling
10/1/2008: My Jealous Ex Crashed into My Car
9/30/2008: Wedding Photos of Disaster
9/29/2008: You Steal My Dog, I Kill Your Ferret
9/26/2008: The Flavor of Myamee
9/25/2008: Sgt. Pepper and His Lonely Heart
9/24/2008: You Ditched My Love Boat; My Car Was T-Boned
9/23/2008: Racist Repair Shop
9/22/2008: Stupid Cupid
9/19/2008: Don't Get Petty About Pinochle
9/19/2008: Give Me My Paycheck and Commission!; Damaged Entertainment Center
9/18/2008: Xbox Game Over
9/18/2008: The Landlord the Enforcer
9/17/2008: You Torched My Dress
9/17/2008: Birdcage: A Husband's Betrayal
9/16/2008: Housetrap Mousetrap
9/16/2008: Bedbugs in Brooklyn; Speed Racing Blew up the Engine
9/15/2008: The Writing Is on the Chair
9/15/2008: Twins, Slaves, Loans & Watermelons
9/12/2008: My Mom Stole My Identity
9/12/2008: You Used Me for Money and Then Dumped Me
9/11/2008: Massaging for Money
9/11/2008: Racist Landlord/My Sister-in-Law Scammed Me on a Car
9/10/2008: My Partner Couldn't Pay His Way
9/10/2008: California Schemin'
9/9/2008: Burning Down the House
9/9/2008: Six Feet Mis-Under-Stood
9/8/2008: Mother's Day Phone Mishap
9/8/2008: Raving Roomatic/You Stepped on My Dog!

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Premise: Judge Karen Mills-Francis presides over small-claims cases.


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