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Seeing as how Law & Order: ...

Question: Seeing as how Law & Order: Criminal Intent moved from NBC to USA Network, is there any chance that a USA Network original show could move to NBC? The most enjoyable TV I've watched since 24 first arrived would have to be Burn Notice, which is much better than most of the stuff the networks trot out, and I think it could really thrive on NBC. Watching it from late September to May would be a real treat. Any chance this could happen to Burn Notice, Psych or any other cable-TV show? Answer: Interesting question. But the answer is: Probably not. These shows were developed for USA and work very well for that brand, and while you're absolutely right that most of the networks would be lucky to have a show as enjoyable as Burn Notice on the fall lineup (NBC is instead saddled with bummers like Journeyman and Life), why punish USA by stealing it away? USA Network is not an insignificant player in the NBC/Universal empire. And it's also true that a show that looks like a hit on cable may ... read more

Ratings: Those Dancing Stars Dominate Yet Again

Julianne Hough by Carol Kaelson/ABC

There's a lot to cover for this Monday, so let's rip into the ratings:• Dancing with the Stars topped the evening, averaging 21.2 million total viewers over its 90-minute run. (That's on par with its previous season-opener.) Lead-out The Bachelor, however, dropped its partner, managing just 9.56 mil (a 500K dip from Officer and a Gentlemen's debut).• CBS' comedy lineup did as follows: Mother, 8.27 mil, down 2.2 mil from last year's launch; newcomer The Big Bang Theory, 9.58 mil, a marked increase on HIMYM's lead-in; Men, 13.45 mil; and Rules of Engagement, 12.09 mil.• On NBC, Chuck got his geek on to the tune of 9.3 million. That led into Heroes, which with 14.12 mil nearly matched its series premiere, and certainly improved on last May's season-ender. Journeyman (9.5 mil) then let slip nearly a third of its lead-in.• Fox's Prison Break (7.27 mil) slipped a bit from its premiere, while 31 percent fewer people decided to return to K-Ville (6.16 mil).• Monday'... read more

Series Premiere

In the months leading up to last night's series premiere of Journeyman, most of the buzz surrounding the show seemed to pigeonhole it as a Quantum Leap wannabe. A lot of the people I spoke to had written it off as just another unoriginal idea from Hollywood with little chance of success. To be honest, once I saw they had cast Moon Bloodgood, one of the key players in last season's attempt to mess with the space-time continuum, Daybreak, I too had my doubts. Nevertheless, I've always been a sucker for time travel (anyone else catch Ben Kingsley in Sound of Thunder?) So regardless of popular opinion, I had to check it out. Meet Dan Vasser. He's a family man, a reporter and a dude with some serious blackout issues. Just as he's about to hop in a taxi to celebrate his wedding anniversary with the missus, he has a bizarre trip back in time to watch the end of a classic ballgame and to catch one last glimpse of his lost love Livia before she supposedly dies in a plane crash. Not a terrib... read more

Deadwooder Tracks Sarah Connor, More Casting News

Garrett Dillahunt by Jesse Grant/

Garret Dillahunt (Deadwood) has come on board Fox's midseason drama The Sarah Connor Chronicles, as a mysterious character named Cromartie.... Also from the Reporter, Jennifer Siebel (In the Valley of Elah) has been cast as the ex-wife of Damian Lewis' cop in NBC's Life.... Adam Rose (The Squid and the Whale) has been added to the CW's Aliens in America as a misfit pal of Justin's.... Paul Schulze (Mad Men) is joining NBC's Journeyman as an FBI agent. read more

Has Journeyman Kevin McKidd's Time Finally Come?

Kevin McKidd, Journeyman

It'll be time to buckle up for the time-traveling adventures of Journeyman when it premieres tonight at 10 pm/ET on NBC. Here the show's star, Kevin McKidd, talks about playing dour, wearing a kilt and how he almost ended up in the whiskey business.  TV Guide: Who is your Journeyman character, Dan Vasser, and what's he doing traveling back in time? Kevin McKidd: Dan is trying to be a good guy despite his checkered past — he was a gambling addict. But for some yet-to-be-discovered reason, he starts to travel back to different periods in his life. There's a mystery in each episode where he also has to help change the path of another person's life. So there's this ongoing emotional drama because he's torn between the pas read more

Maybe I'm being a little ...

Question: Maybe I'm being a little simplistic, but is there a reason why all of the networks start their fall schedule during the same week? I seem to remember the Emmys leading into the start of the new season, but this year there's a week between the awards and the fall kickoff. Why wouldn't a network like NBC, which is in need of some viewers, give its new series a boost by starting them a week or so before everyone else? Instead of facing off against brand-new episodes and shows, why not start off by competing against reruns? Wouldn't a show like Journeyman have better ratings by not competing with CSI: Miami in Week 1? Answer: You're no doubt right (although I'm betting CSI: Miami repeats will outdraw Journeyman most weeks), but the theory is that Journeyman will also benefit by launching behind a brand-new episode of Heroes, so NBC would essentially have to start its entire Monday lineup a week before official measurement begins. I have no idea why the official premiere week isn't ... read more

Just got back from ...

Question: Just got back from Blockbuster with the free NBC-preview DVD, which includes the pilot episodes of Life, Journeyman and Chuck, as well as a two-minute trailer for Bionic Woman. I've only watched Journeyman so far but will probably watch the others before their official premiere. My questions are: Why don't the other networks do this? Although we would have probably tuned in to Journeyman anyway (my wife liked it better than I did and we are both fans of Heroes), we are looking at the others, something we may not have done without the DVD. I'd think that all of the networks would want to follow suit. Also, what did you think of Journeyman? I kind of liked the star and the concept, and it will go on the DVR list, but I did think it was a bit slow. And finally, should I read anything into the fact that this DVD only had a trailer for Bionic Woman and not the complete pilot? Answer: Each network has its own way of promoting its new shows. NBC is especially aggressive this year with ... read more

I was just reading the Fall ...

Question: I was just reading the Fall Preview issue and I don't remember ever being this excited over so many new shows. Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Bionic Woman and Journeyman all look great. But if most of these new "genre" shows catch on, how many can survive? I worry that with so many to choose from, some great shows will suffer and maybe some old favorites will suffer and end up being canceled because the networks have little patience and people can only watch and DVR so many shows. They gave Ugly Betty and Friday Night Lights time last year and thankfully listened to the critics; let's hope they give these a little time also if necessary. It helps that critics like you and newshounds like Ausiello love many of them. And it's great that NBC paired Heroes with Chuck and Journeyman. This likely will become my new "must-see TV" night; I just hope they do as planned and draw on each other and the new shows stay around. Answer: You've posed this season's multimillion-dollar question. Last ... read more

Bionic Woman Runs Free... on Amazon's Unbox

As of, like, right now, Amazon's Unbox service is offering free downloads of the very first episodes of four new NBC series: Bionic Woman, Chuck, Life and Journeyman. I can vouch for at least two of these shows, thus far.If you're on dial-up, there's always the VHS tape you have of last season's Twenty Good Years.For much more on the upcoming "Is it here yet?" season, check out our super-special online Fall Preview Guide. read more

Since you are always a source ...

Question: Since you are always a source of trusted guidance, I was wondering if you could give me advice on how I should set my TiVo Season Passes this fall? Of course, I'll keep my returning favorites: Heroes, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, ER and Prison Break, but what new shows need to be added?

Answer: Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, Samantha Who?, Aliens in America, Reaper and Chuck. You should also tag Gossip Girl, Bionic Woman, Journeyman and The Return of Jezebel James, but you may wanna go week-to-week on those until they prove themselves Season Pass-worthy.

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