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Perfidia Season 1, Episode 13

Well friends, it looks like the journey has come to an end. In what seemed to be Journeyman's final episode, Dan came into contact with a fellow traveler while in present day Jack went off to confront Dr. Langley and Katie's sister tried to convince her to leave Dan. But did it give us the closure we were looking for?At the start of the episode Dan found himself in the courtyard of a mental hospital where he met Evan, a patient claiming to be another traveler who's medication prevented him from jumping again. As Dan learned more about Evan's experiences and his lost love, he began to see a bit of himself in the stories he was hearing and he agreed to help Evan escape. After instigating a fight with another patient, Dan disappeared back to his own time while Evan made a break for it.Dan returned home to discover he had been gone for almost two days. His extended absence (not to mention the random blood trails he tends to leave) was starting to get to Katie who has been trying so hard... read more

The Hanged Man Season 1, Episode 12

It was all about the butterfly effect on this week's next to last episode of Journeyman. During a visit from Katie's sister, Dan disappeared on another journey which took him back in time to the back of a camper that was about to fall over the side of a cliff. After helping the mother and son inside the camper make their escape, he dropped his digital camera as he tried to get himself out. He returned to present day for a brief moment before vanishing once again to retrieve his camera from the past. It was 1984 and both Dan and Livia found themselves wandering around the offices of a software company. The two briefly caught up and discussed Livia's plans to marry her boyfriend in the past before the reason for their appearance in the office park became clear. As it turned out, the mother Dan had previously saved works for the software company and her son was visiting the office trying to make a deal to sell the digital camera Dan had dropped. When Dan tried to steal the camera away,... read more

Home By Another Way Season 1, Episode 11

It was a very merry Journeyman episode this week when Dan and Livia traveled to 1979 on Christmas Eve. It happened to be the night that Dan’s present-day tyrannical boss took over the paper and the night before his father left his family. Not the best way to spend the holidays but it had a certain scrooge-like charm. As things got underway, we caught a glimpse of Livia’s life in the 40’s and it seems she’s got a new man. Despite her lingering feelings for Dan made obvious by the futuristic picture of the two of them at a baseball game, Livia seems to finally understand that Dan has moved on and has a family of his own in his own time. In 2007, the Vasser family was preparing to host a Christmas party at the house when Dan learns that he is part of a planned 25% staff cut at work. After unsuccessfully pleading with his boss’ boss to save everyone’s jobs, Dan is tossed into another wormhole and emerges at his office Christmas party in 1979.While surveyin... read more

Blowback Season 1, Episode 10

Watching this week’s Journeyman, it became pretty clear just how much of a raw deal Dan got with this whole time traveling business. Since the show began, he’s not once gone back in time before the 1970’s and he’s never left San Francisco. Because of this, it has made it really difficult for present day Dan to avoid the people he has come into contact with in the past. We’ve seen this happen in previous episodes but in this week’s show, it really came back to bite him in the bum.When we left off last week, we saw Aeden Bennett (the kidnapper Dan sent away to prison in the past) out of jail and stalking Dan and his family. As things picked up again, the action kicked off within moments as Aeden burst into Dan’s house and shot him. Before Aeden could fully exact his revenge, Dan was saved by another journey into the past to 1980. Suffering from a gunshot wound, Livia rushed to his side and got him treated at a nearby hospital. Temporarily healed, Liv... read more

Emily Season 1, Episode 9

Part 1 of 2. Dan travels to the early '90s on the trail of a serial kidnapper (Raphael Sbarge); Katie is called to Zack's school; and Jack begins to see signs that his brother is telling the truth about his time trips. read more

Winterland Season 1, Episode 8

A new episode of Journeyman provided us with the answers to some of the lingering questions we've had since Day 1. Not only did we see the return of Professor Langley, but even Livia opened up and started talking. It all began with a trip back to the 1970s.In the past, Dan found himself at a key party with Livia. As he mingled with the party guests and Nixon's "I am not a crook" speech played on the television, a young girl showed up looking for her parents. Poor Abigail Armstrong walked into her parents' bedroom and found her mother having sex with a man who wasn't her father. Shocked and disgusted, she fled her home never to be seen again. Back in the present, Dan finally showed up for his dinner with Katie. She's not fully supportive of her husband's journeys, and as she put it, things were finally starting to seem normal. The next day, Jack continued to discuss the Dylan McCleen cash with the feds while Dan researched Abigail's whereabouts in present day. It turns out she was la... read more

"Double Down" Season 1, Episode 7

Another Monday night, another Journeyman. In recent weeks, the story has been moving along quite smoothly with exception to Lyvia. Can't she get killed off already? Dan knows his deal each week now. What purpose does she serve aside from unnecessary drama in his life? Anyhow, I'm getting away from the point. Now that the cat is out of the bag with his son, and his brother has laid off his investigation, perhaps Dan could find a bit of stability in his chaotic life. If only he could figure out a way to control his trips, then it'd be just another job for him. However, if there's one thing we've learned about this show, it's that things will never be that easy for him.During a game of Monopoly, Dan's son spilled the beans about Daddy's hidden cash stash, which sent Jack into investigation mode yet again. He collected some of the bills and brought them down to his buddy at the station, who was surprised at how new the bills from the '70s appeared to be. Meanwhile, as Katie prepares to ... read more

"Keepers" Season 1, Episode 6

At the end of last week's Journeyman, we were left with tons of questions. (Doesn't that always seem to be the case?) Is Dr. Langley good or bad? Why did he know Dan's father so well? What happens now that Dan's son has witnessed his father's disappearing act? Does Dan really think he could use Dylan Mcleen's money without any repercussions? And is a Jack and Katie reunion starting to blossom? Judging by the previews for this week's show, it seemed that the episode would explore Dan and Jack's relationship as Dan comes into contact with himself as a teenager. Let's see how it played out.The year was 1986 and A-Ha's "Take on Me" was playing on the radio in what appeared to be a mechanic's garage. Dan heard a young boy fighting with someone and went to investigate the argument. The boy is yelling some craziness about rocket-fuel ratio causing an explosion and Dan tries to help the boy's brother, who is trying to set a rocket off on a fire escape. In present day, Katie tells Zack (her... read more

"The Legend of Dylan McCleen" Season 1, Episode 5

This week the Journeyman found himself caught in the middle of some spy games. While enjoying a leisurely afternoon with the family, Dan disappears in the middle of a crowd, leaving his son all alone on a busy city street. His flashback takes him to the middle of a forest with no clue as to when or where he is, except that there's a mysterious man and a suitcase full of money. The man identifies himself as Dylan McCleen.In 2007, Dan returns home to yet another confrontation with his brother and wife. It's one thing for him to disappear from his wife, but when his son is put in danger, these issues need to be addressed. At his office the next day, his boss learns that the paper is losing money and layoffs are expected. Little do they know that Dan is busy trying to solve one of the city's oldest unsolved mysteries. Just the ticket to bring his paper out of the red. On his second trip back, he follows Mr. McCleen through a dry-cleaning business as he searches for the person in a photo... read more

"Year of the Rabbit" Season 1, Episode 4

A new episode of Journeyman set things in motion this week by bringing us right into Dan's latest trip. With the Spin Doctors playing in the background, we could only assume it is some time in the early '90s. Dan makes his way into a bar to find a younger version of his wife reporting the news on TV. He learns the year is actually 1994 before getting interrupted by a woman sitting at the bar who is waiting for a blind date. Just as the two get acquainted, the woman's angry ex busts into the bar and attacks Dan. Thus begins another mission for the Journeyman.In 2007, Katie is preparing for a benefit that she desperately hopes her husband will be around to attend. Their marriage has been on the rocks since the start of these adventures and has only worsened when she discovered that Dan has been seeing Lyvia on his trips back in time. Though she's starting to come around with the whole time-traveling thing, she can't help but feel jealous that Dan has been in contact with his first lov... read more

"Game Three" Season 1, Episode 3

When we last left the Journeyman, his MRI had come back clean and his wife was still not totally convinced about his trips through time. We've gotten very little from Lyvia about her own experiences hopping around in the past, and Dan has still not figured out how to control his own jumps. We're also waiting to find out how Dan went from being engaged to Lyvia to stealing his brother's girlfriend. I've said it once and I'll say it again: This show has way too much going on! Nevertheless, on to this week's show. Just as he's about to get some lovin' in the shower from the wifey, Dan has another one of his uncontrollable time leaps. Before even finding out what year it is, he finds himself smack in the middle of a kidnapping attempt by a nerdy attorney named Alan Pratt. Shortly after, he's back at work in present day. The only thing we learn is that a 15-minute trip for Dan equals three hours in real time. Using his skills as an investigative reporter, Dan figures out that he had tra... read more

Friendly Skies Season 1, Episode 2

Dan gets an MRI after doubting his time trips, but then he vanishes from a flight with Katie and finds himself in charge of delivering a baby. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

San Francisco journalist Dan Vasser is inexplicably transported to the 1980s, where he meets up with his ex-fiancée. He must figure out why he is there and how to explain his odd disappearances to his wife and boss. read more

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Premise: A San Francisco journalist mysteriously travels to the past and alters the path of people's lives. His unexplained disappearances strain his current job and family life, particularly when he reunites with his ex-fiancée, who holds the key to why he is repeatedly pulled into the past.



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