Johnny Test

2005, TV Show

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Johnny looks down at his hand and notices that he's developed an unsightly wart. He can't remember fraternizing with witches or handling toads, still there it is. He and Dukey sneak up to the lab to find a remedy. The girls are happy to help and give him a solution and within seconds the wart disappears! The next morning Johnny wakes up only to discover that the wart has returned and it's bigger than before. As the day goes on, the wart develops a "defiant personality" and tiny face and then it talks! Finally the girls confess they didn't give Johnny a wart killing solution, they wanted to see if they could bring a wart to life! And it worked! Soon the wart is trying take over Johnny. Johnny wants to get rid of the wart; but it keeps going into hiding inside Johnny. Will the girls be able to get rid of Warty before he takes over Johnny? / The girls want Johnny to have a sleepover and invite Gil so that they can sneak in and kiss him like Princess Charmings kissing Sleeping Beauty Dude however, Dad has spent hours cleaning up Johnny's mess and he wants Johnny to keep the house spic and span and quiet all night long. He agrees that Johnny and the girls can have a sleep over but if there is a mess or any noise he's holding Johnny responsible! Will Johnny and Dukey be able to keep things under control or will there be chaos in the Test house when Gil, Bling Bling and Jillian all sleepover?

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