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Latest Episode: Johnny X...Again? / Johnny Green

Nov 07, 2011 Season 5 Episode 26 watch on (Subscription)

Johnny's former pet lizard, Reptoslicer, heads back to Earth in search of metal to eat. / Johnny gets a ghostly lesson in caring for Mother Earth.

It's All Relative Johnny / Johnny Rich

Oct 24, 2011 Season 5 Episode 25

Johnny and Dukey journey back to medieval times. / One of the girls' inventions is sold, and the Test family becomes richer than Bling Bling.
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Johnny McCool / It's an Invasion, Johnny

Oct 17, 2011 Season 5 Episode 24

The girls make Johnny look like Speed McCool so he can land a job as a stunt double. / Agents Black & White send a distress signal from outer space.
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Magic Johnny / Dolly Johnny

Oct 10, 2011 Season 5 Episode 23

Johnny becomes an amazing magician, thanks to the girls' Magi-nator. / The girls create a Johnny doll that can control Johnny's actions.
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Johnny O's / It's Du-kay, Johnny

Oct 03, 2011 Season 5 Episode 22

Johnny launches his own breakfast cereal with a real alien blaster found in each box. / Mary and Susan give Dukey a DNA upgrade, but it backfires.
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Bugged Out Johnny / Johnny Test's Quest

Sep 26, 2011 Season 5 Episode 21

Johnny and Dukey accidentally free a special ladybug with a monstrous appetite. / Johnny, Dukey and Mary go on a deep ocean quest to save Susan.
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Johnny's Left Foot / Johnny vs the Tickler

Sep 19, 2011 Season 5 Episode 20

When Johnny breaks his foot, the girls give him a robotic replacement. / To get at Johnny, a villain first goes after Susan and Mary.
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Johnny's Treasure / Extra Credit Johnny

Sep 05, 2011 Season 5 Episode 19

Johnny, Dukey and the girls discover a treasure map in the attic. / Johnny is failing in school and has to earn extra credit to avoid summer school.
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Johnny's World Record / Mush Johnny Mush

Aug 29, 2011 Season 5 Episode 18

Johnny is determined to get in to the "Stout Book of Crazy-Inane & Useless Records." / A bratty rich kid challenges Johnny to a dog sled race.
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Lakeside Johnny / Johnny Germ Fighter

Aug 22, 2011 Season 5 Episode 17

Johnny gets sent to a broken-down summer camp where Dukey isn't allowed. / Germs from Johnny's bathroom grow out of control and attack Porkbelly.
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A Holly Johnny Christmas / Johnny's 1st Annual Snow Ball

Aug 15, 2011 Season 5 Episode 16

Johnny must change from naughty to nice if he wants to get the Christmas present he wants. / Johnny hosts an epic snowball fight.
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Cool Hand Johnny / Roller Johnny

Aug 08, 2011 Season 5 Episode 15

Johnny changes gender to enter an all-girls roller derby contest. / Johnny and Dukey get trapped in Whacko's "No Escape" video game.
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Johnny Trick or Treat / Nightmare of Johnny's Street

Aug 01, 2011 Season 5 Episode 14

Johnny and Dukey spend the night in a haunted house. / Trying to win Gil's heart, the twins invent a machine that makes dreams come true.
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My Dinner with Johnny / Johnny Alternative

Aug 01, 2011 Season 5 Episode 13

Johnny and Dukey enter another dimension where they meet a girl and her dog. / Johnny and his dad bet that Johnny can't show proper table manners.
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Johnny Two-Face / Johnny Susan Susan Johnny

Jul 25, 2011 Season 5 Episode 12

Johnny and the twins find out that sometimes the truth can hurt. / Susan switches bodies with Johnny so she can enter a boys-only science contest.
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Johnny's Winter Jacket / Johnny's Keys to Success

Jul 25, 2011 Season 5 Episode 11

Johnny gets a key that opens any door and lock in the city. / Johnny must wear a ridiculous winter coat, but finds out it has tricks up its sleeves.
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How to Become a John-i Knight / The Return of Johnny Super S...

Jul 18, 2011 Season 5 Episode 10

Johnny tries to stop Dark Vegan's plans to destroy Sirloin, a planet made of meat. / A pair of pants takes over Johnny's brain, making him a genius.
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Johnny Goes Camping / Johnny's World Prank Wars 1

Jul 18, 2011 Season 5 Episode 9

Johnny turns Dukey into a woodlands beast to frighten his dad out of a camping trip. / Everyone tries to win the Super Duper Pranking World Super Cup.
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Lawn Gone Johnny / Johnny's Ultimate Treehouse

Jul 11, 2011 Season 5 Episode 8

Johnny's chore turns into an all-out, souped-up lawnmower race. / Johnny borrows his sisters' building clones to build the hippest teen hangout.
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Fangs a Lot Johnny / Johnny Testosterone

Jul 11, 2011 Season 5 Episode 7

Susan and Mary transform into vampires to get Gil's attention. / The girls give Johnny a growth injection that turns him into a hulking beast.
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Black & White & Johnny All Over / Johnny's Rat Race

Jun 27, 2011 Season 5 Episode 6

Johnny hypnotizes Susan and Mary's lab mouse. / The agents ask Johnny to help them find their deadliest rogue agent -- a cuddly robotic puppy.
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Johnny Swellville / Johnny Irresistible

Jun 27, 2011 Season 5 Episode 5

Johnny and Dukey travel back in time and land in the black-and-white 1950s. / Johnny asks the twins to make him more popular, but he soon regrets it.
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Cat Scratch Johnny / Johnny of the Deep

Jun 20, 2011 Season 5 Episode 4

Johnny and Dukey ask the twins to make them 3-D glasses to wear every day. / Bling Bling uses a hypnotizing ring to make Susan fall in love with him.
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Spotless Johnny / Johnny vs Bling Bling: The Ultimate Battle

Jun 20, 2011 Season 5 Episode 3

Johnny discovers the advantages and disadvantages of being invisible. / The twins team up with Johnny against Bling Bling in their biggest clash yet.
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Johnny Cruise / Rated J for Johnny

Jun 13, 2011 Season 5 Episode 2

Bling Bling schemes to win Susan's heart by rescuing her from a sinking ship. / Johnny and Dukey make every attempt to purchase a hot new video game.
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Johnny Goes Nuts / Johnny Daddy Day

Jun 13, 2011 Season 5 Episode 1

Johnny is finally old enough to join in Porkbelly's Annual Running of the Squirrels, but he has to get past his mom, who thinks it's too dangerous.
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