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Latest Episode: Sleepover At Johnny's / Johnny's Got a Wart!

Oct 25, 2010 Season 4 Episode 46 watch on (Paid)

Johnny looks down at his hand and notices that he's developed an unsightly wart. He can't remember fraternizing with witches or handling toads, still there it is. He and Dukey sneak up to the lab to find a remedy. The girls are happy to help and give him a solution and within seconds the wart disappears! The next morning Johnny wakes up only to discover that the wart has returned and it's bigger than before. As the day goes on, the wart develops a "defiant personality" and tiny face and then it talks! Finally the girls confess they didn't give Johnny a wart killing solution, they wanted to see if they could bring a wart to life! And it worked! Soon the wart is trying take over Johnny. Johnny wants to get rid of the wart; but it keeps going into hiding inside Johnny. Will the girls be able to get rid of Warty before he takes over Johnny? / The girls want Johnny to have a sleepover and invite Gil so that they can sneak in and kiss him like Princess Charmings kissing Sleeping Beauty Dude however, Dad has spent hours cleaning up Johnny's mess and he wants Johnny to keep the house spic and span and quiet all night long. He agrees that Johnny and the girls can have a sleep over but if there is a mess or any noise he's holding Johnny responsible! Will Johnny and Dukey be able to keep things under control or will there be chaos in the Test house when Gil, Bling Bling and Jillian all sleepover?

Johnny Dodgeball / Johnny and the Attack of the Monster Truc...

Nov 12, 2005 Season 1 Episode 13

Johnny's getting whupped by Sissy in Dodgeball, so in exchange for testing a "Dance-a-tron" (automatic thin-exoskeletal-dance machine) the girls give Johnny a bionic arm. / Johnny and Dukey love MONSTER TRUCKS! But the Monster Truck Rally Jam 3 is jeapordized when Bling-Bling creates a real living and breathing Monster Truck "The Road Ripper" to impress Susan (it doesn't) which then goes on a rampage destroying the monster truck species
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Johnny's Big Snow Job / Johnny vs. Brain Freezer

Nov 05, 2005 Season 1 Episode 12

Johnny's behind on his homework again so there's only one thing to do. Get Susan and Mary to make a snowstorm that will cancel school. / The coffee cart guy at the Mega-Institute wants to be a genius too, so he concocts a frozen blended beverage that freezes all the students brains and claims himself The Brain Freezer!
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Johnny's Extreme Game Controller / Li'l Johnny

Nov 05, 2005 Season 1 Episode 11

Johnny can totally shred skateboarding video games, but he has a much harder time doing the real thing on Sissy Blakely's half-pipe and comes close to breaking every bone in his body. / Johnny's ordered to put away all his toys in his room but gets a better idea and uses the Turbo Action Backpack to shrink all his toys super tiny so the room looks clean.
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The Dog Days of Johnny / Johnny's Pink Plague

Oct 29, 2005 Season 1 Episode 10

Dukey destroys one too many of Susan and Mary's things and Johnny won't do anything about it, so they invent a neural obedience collar to control Dukey's every move. / After Mary gets a giant zit on her face, they use a purplish cream to make it go away.
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Sonic Johnny / The Return of Johnny X

Oct 29, 2005 Season 1 Episode 9

Johnny is completely embarrased by his extremely slo mo scooter so he asks his sisters to make him a fast one. / Susan and Mary are presenting their Electro-Chromatic Blanket at the Science Expo when Bling Bling Boy shows up with his own invention- the Repto-Slicer- a genetic reptilian pet.
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Johnny's Turbo Time Rewinder / Johnny Hollywood

Oct 08, 2005 Season 1 Episode 8

Susan and Mary split Dad's bowling ball in half with their new MP3 Player/Photon Laser, and then use the device to rewind time and make sure that Johnny gets blamed. / Johnny and Dukey use the Ultra Reality Video Helmet to go into the latest Speed McCool movie- The Quickest and The Monkiest.
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Johnny and the Mega Robotics / Johnny Gets Mooned

Oct 08, 2005 Season 1 Episode 7

After Johnny agrees to test out their new Fuller Lip Lozenge, Susan and Mary use their Static Animator to bring his Mega Roboticle toy to life. / Mr. Black and Mr. White lose an alien spaceship, so they beg Susan and Mary to give them the one they just built.
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Johnny's Super Smarty Pants / Take Your Johnny to Work Day

Oct 01, 2005 Season 1 Episode 6

Johnny can't figure out how to spell "go" at the spelling bee, so insists his sisters make him smart. / Johnny doesn't think it's fair that Susan and Mary get to skip a day of school and go to work with Mom, so he and Dukey sneak into the Aeronautic Robotic Propulsion Lab and meet up with the girls.
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Johnny & the Ice Pigs / Johnny's House of Horrors

Oct 01, 2005 Season 1 Episode 5

The Ice Pigs hockey team are big losers, so Johnny asks his sisters for help. / Mom has a big client coming over for dinner and Dad's freaking out while trying to make everything perfect.
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Johnny Test: Party Monster / Johnny Test: Extreme Crime Stop...

Sep 24, 2005 Season 1 Episode 4

After much begging and pleading, the girls finally get permission to have their first dance party with boys. / A group of extreme teens is causing havoc in Porkbelly and it gets personal for Johnny and Dukey when they hijack all of the Extreme Cheesy Cheese Crunchies and Red Gush.
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Aqua Johnny / Johnny and the Amazing Turbo Action Backpack

Sep 24, 2005 Season 1 Episode 3

The girls are trying to attract Gil; Johnny and Dukey bribe the girls to give them gils so they can breath underwater. / It turns out that the entire school social heirarchy is based on what backpack you carry, and Johnny's at the bottom of the pack.
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Johnny vs. Bling Bling Boy / Johnny Impossible

Sep 17, 2005 Season 1 Episode 2

Susan and Mary create the Alchemy 5000, a device that turns objects to gold. / Johnny's awful at baseball and Sissy and Bumper make fun of him, so he goes to his sisters for help.
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Johnny to the Center of the Earth / Johnny X

Sep 17, 2005 Season 1 Episode 1

Things mysteriously disappear underground and Johnny and Dukey think it's mole people. / When Susan and Mary give Gil a special bubble love gum to make him love them it turns him into a rampaging monkey boy instead.
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