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Johnny Test

The suburban adventures of a fearless 11-year-old who thwarts a spoiled, rich kid's evil schemes with help from his genetically engineered dog and genius twin sisters.

Premiered: September 17, 2005

Rating: TV-Y7

User Rating:3.97 out of 5 (59 ratings)

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Sleepover At Johnny's / Johnny's Got a Wart! Season 4, Episode 46 Oct 25, 2010 Paid

Johnny looks down at his hand and notices that he's developed an unsightly wart. He can't remember fraternizing with witches or handling toads, still there it is. He and Dukey sneak up to the lab to find a remedy. The girls are happy to help and give him a solution and within seconds the wart disappears! The next morning Johnny wakes up only to discover that the wart has returned and it's bigger than before. As the day goes on, the wart develops a "defiant personality" and tiny face and then it talks! Finally the girls confess they didn't give Johnny a wart killing solution, they wanted to see if they could bring a wart to life! And it worked! Soon the wart is trying take over Johnny. Johnny wants to get rid of the wart; but it keeps going into hiding inside Johnny. Will the girls be able to get rid of Warty before he takes over Johnny? / The girls want Johnny to have a sleepover and invite Gil so that they can sneak in and kiss him like Princess Charmings kissing Sleeping Beauty Dude however, Dad has spent hours cleaning up Johnny's mess and he wants Johnny to keep the house spic and span and quiet all night long. He agrees that Johnny and the girls can have a sleep over but if there is a mess or any noise he's holding Johnny responsible! Will Johnny and Dukey be able to keep things under control or will there be chaos in the Test house when Gil, Bling Bling and Jillian all sleepover?

Johnny Cakes / Johnny Tube Season 4, Episode 43 Oct 4, 2010 Paid

It is Mom's birthday and the Test Family want to surprise her. The girls are on breakfast duty, Dad is shopping and Johnny is on birthday guard duty. But Johnny can't make his special Johnny Cakes if he's on guard duty! Susan and Mary agree to trade places with him and Johnny heads to the kitchen to start his Johnny cakes. Everything is going well until the batter starts to walk away, with the girls refusing to help Johnny he is forced to steal the keys to the lab and get the construction drones to help him with the breakfast but what happens when a group of hungry lumber jacks smell the Johnny Cakes and make their way to the Test house for a much needed breakfast? / Gil, Bling-Bling, Susan and Mary and even Dad have all been given fat Hollywood contracts after being discovered on Snoob Tube, Johnny wants to be a star too but can't seem to get discovered. Just when Johnny gives up his dreams of becoming a Snoob Tube star the girls convince him to do his 1000th test for them. They ensure him that the self strumming Rock 'n' Roll Guitar 9000 will guarantee his stardom! The girls help Johnny make a Snoob Tube Feature Video - will this be Johnny's shot at fame and a fat Hollywood contract or will he be a Snoob Tube flop once again?

Guess Who's Coming to Johnny's for Dinner / Johnny's New BFF Season 4, Episode 33 Jul 26, 2010 Paid

Mr. Black is devastated when Mr. White ends their friendship. With nowhere to go Mr. Black turns to the Tests for shelter. But it doesn't take long before he wears out his welcome with Johnny. Agent Black takes away Johnny's video games, replacing his Red Gush with fruit juice and fills his room with.....books! This has to stop! Johnny puts in a call to Mr. White, but the only way Mr. White will take him back is if he becomes an amazing dancer in the next hour and competes in Super Secret Agent Idol. The girls give Mr. Black wireless Mimic-tronic Disco Dance Pants, which allow him to mimic all of the moves of Disco King Dukey. Trouble starts when Dukey spots a cat backstage and starts to chase it. Will Mr. Black be able to redeem himself or will this be the end of a friendship everlasting? / When Mom and Dad discover Johnny has no friends, they set out to find Johnny a new best friend. They set up a series of horrible play dates that nearly finish Johnny off. Fortunately the girls are working on a new school project - a robot named Luke. Johnny agrees to test Luke and uses the opportunity to fool Mom and Dad into thinking that he's made a new friend. Everything goes well until Johnny accidentally destroys Luke. When Mom and Dad threaten more bad play dates Johnny breaks down and tells them that his best friend is a talking dog! Once the shock wears off, Mom and Dad take up all of Dukey's time so that he doesn't have time to spend with Johnny. This has to end, Johnny needs to find a way to make Mom and Dad forget that Dukey talks and get things back to normal.

Good Ol' Johnny Test / Johnny X Strikes Back Again Season 4, Episode 26 May 3, 2010 $2.99

It's school play time and Johnny is depressed - Sissy is the director once again and her plays stink like horse poots! / When another one of the girls "kiss Gil" experiments goes wrong they need Johnny X and Super Pooch to strike back...again.

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  • Premiered: September 17, 2005
  • Rating: TV-Y7
  • User Rating:3.97 out of 5 (59 ratings)
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  • Premise: The suburban adventures of a fearless 11-year-old who thwarts a spoiled, rich kid's evil schemes with help from his genetically engineered dog and genius twin sisters. (more)

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