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Aug 27, 2004 Season 4 Episode 24 watch on (Paid)

"Johnny Makeover" Johnny’s cartoon is chosen to get a complete makeover from The Cartoon Makeover team: Don Knotts, The Blue Falcon, and “Weird” Al Yankovic. (Don Knotts, Weird Al Yankovic, Gary Owens) "Back on Shaq" Johnny becomes Shaquille O’Neal’s good luck charm after Shaq finds that great things are thrust upon him when he’s touching Johnny.

Some Walk By Night

Aug 20, 2004 Season 4 Episode 21

"Some Walk By Night" Moonlighting's Allyce Beasley and Curtis Armstrong put Johnny in their new reality TV series, "Who wants to star in their own pilot for a prime time series as a detective or a detective’s sidekick?" (Allyce Beasley, Curtis Armstrong, Tentative celeb) "Adam West’s Date-O-Rama" Johnny goes on a reality TV dating show and is hooked up with a super villainess: The Black Widow.
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Wilderness Protection Program

Aug 06, 2004 Season 4 Episode 19

"Wilderness Protection Program" Johnny helps a poor moose on the lamb from the mob by posing as her elephant husband. [Melissa Peterman (Reba)]. "A Page Right Out of History" Prehistoric Johnny meets up with Fred, Barney, and an older Pebbles when Fred reluctantly saves Johnny’s life. (Fred, Barney, Pebbles, Wilma, Betty, Mr. Slate, and Dino).
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Time of My Life

Jul 30, 2004 Season 4 Episode 17

"The Time of My Life" In a flashback to Johnny's 80's high school days, Johnny tells Little Suzy the story of his first love and how he went from a 98 pound weakling to a super buffed stud. Music by Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Yaz, Erasure). "Run Johnny Run" Johnny must run to a date. Basically, he runs a lot.
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It's a Magical Life

Jul 24, 2004 Season 4 Episode 15

"It's a Magical Life" Johnny thinks that a magician has turned him invisible and paints the town red with his new found invisibility. Truth be told, Johnny isn’t really invisible. "The Hunk At the End of This Cartoon" Johnny is in fear of his own being when he discovers that there’s a new hunk in town ready to take his place.
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Gray Matters

Jul 17, 2004 Season 4 Episode 13

"Gray Matters" Johnny must face his mortality when he discovers a gray hair on his perfectly blond head. "Double Vision" While leaving the Make-Up Mega Mart, Johnny mistakenly follows the wrong woman home and thinks that his Mama has gotten an extreme makeover. He doesn’t even miss a beat when he discovers that she has a son, which makes him Johnny’s new brother. [Amy Acker (Angel)].
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That's Entertainment

Jul 02, 2004 Season 4 Episode 10

"That’s Entertainment!" Suzy, Mama, and Donny Osmond create an evening of storytelling when the TV is found broken on TV night. [Donny Osmond, Lea Salonga (Miss Saigon, Tony Award winner)]. "Non, Oui Oui Pour Johnny" Johnny and Mama enlist in a French class after Mama decides that they’re going to vacation in Paris, France.
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Home Alone

Mar 19, 2004 Season 4 Episode 6

Johnny tries to prove to Mama that he can take care of himself when she leaves him home alone for a week.
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Win an El Toro Guapo

Mar 12, 2004 Season 4 Episode 4

"Win an El Toro Guapo" In order to win an El Toro Guapo truck, Johnny enters a contest where he must keep one hand on a giant sassy bull longer than any other contestant. (Tia Carrere) "Witch-Ay Woman" Johnny is turned into a woman by a disgruntled fortune teller in order to show him what it truly means to be a woman.
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Traffic Troubles

Mar 05, 2004 Season 4 Episode 2

"Traffic Troubles"Johnny goes to Musical Comedy Traffic School in hopes of meeting some high kicking musical comedy chicks. Instead, he gets a lesson a la Schoolhouse Rock from The Sensitive Male. [Guest Stars: Jack Sheldon (Schoolhouse Rock), Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy), David Faustino (Married With Children)] "My Funny Looking Friend" Johnny enlists the help of a funny looking friend to help him score with chicks. Song by Mac Davis.
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