Johnny Bravo

  • 1995
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y7

Absurdist animation about a muscle-bound narcissist who thinks he's God's gift to women, when in reality his distaff admirers consist of his mother and the little girl who lives next door. This buff blond with a voice like Elvis but little in the brains department was inspired by Greg Brady's pop-star alter ego on `The Brady Bunch,' and first appeared a (more…)

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The Hansel & Gretel Project / I.Q. Johnny / Get Stinky! Season 3, Episode 50 Jun 14, 2002 Paid

"The Hansel and Gretel Witch Project" Suzy and Carl enlist Johnny to help them make their video documentary on the Hansel and Gretel Witch, who lives in a forest on the outskirts of town. After the three of them are captured by the witch and stuffed full of cake and pie, Carl and Suzy escape. Johnny stays, enjoying the witch's way with a dessert. "I.Q. Johnny" Fired by his boss for wasting his time inventing a smart drink that makes chimps intelligent, a young research scientist sells the potion to Johnny for dollar. Johnny's resulting genius comes in handy when the town's nuclear plant goes into meltdown. But will the drink wear off before he averts nuclear disaster? "Get Stinky" Johnny's childhood nemesis Stinky Brownstein has moved back to town and Johnny's sickened. Blind to the fact that she's now a beautiful woman who's actually interested in him, Johnny thinks of Stinky as the red-headed neighbor girl who used to torment him with practical jokes, and vows his revenge.

Lodge Brother Johnny / Chain Gang Johnny / Lumberjack Johnny Season 3, Episode 41 Apr 27, 2001 Paid

"Lodge Brother Johnny" Johnny finds out Pops and Carl are members of the highly- secret "Brotherhood of the Gnu" and agrees to undergo the secret initiation process to join, which includes eating only one potato chip and listening to Brother Ernie's long boring story about buying a couch. Johnny's so happy to be let into the secret organization that he alerts the media. "Chain Gang Johnny" After being arrested in a case of mistaken identity, Johnny and Carl are shackled to each other and sent to a maximum-security prison operated by a sexy but tyrannical lady-warden. Posing as an old married couple, they escape into the surrounding marshland and proceed to get on each other's nerves a lot. "Lumberjack Johnny" Johnny joins a lumberjack contest so he can get the "winner’s kiss" from the Lumberjack Queen. Through sheer dumb luck, Johnny continuously beats his giant, flannel-loving competition, only to find out that the beautiful young woman he thought was the Queen is actually the Princess, and from the looks of her mom, she was probably adopted.

The Great Bunny Book Ban / Enter the Chipmunk / Frankenbravo Season 3, Episode 36 Feb 23, 2001 Paid

"The Great Bunny Book Ban" Suzy's favorite children's book, "Harold and the Fuzzy Bunny" is banned by the town's richest citizen, Festus Blowhard, so she gets her fellow students to stage a protest by bribing them with brownies. When this fails, Suzy uses every trick at her disposal to make him listen to the story, and wins the day for freedom of speech. "Enter the Chipmunk" Johnny gets a chipmunk down his shirt at a karate meet and ends up leveling everything in his path, impressing his karate teacher's rival, The Amber Claw, who kidnaps Johnny in the hopes of forcing him to reveal the secret of his technique. Unable to recreate his moves, Johnny is about to be made into black belt soup when his friend the chipmunk makes a fortuitous appearance. "Frankenbravo" Johnny appears at Dr. Frankenstein's castle to get back his kite, and is soon convinced to give up his brain in exchange for the hand of the new "bride" the doctor has been working on. She finds Johnny hideous and runs towards town. Johnny saves her from an angry mob, only to find she makes quite the nagging shrew-wife.

A Walk On the Stupid Side / Lone Star Bravo / Toy Boy Johnny Season 3, Episode 32 Feb 2, 2001 Paid

"A Walk on the Stupid Side" Suzy gets Johnny to take part the "Walk Against Baldness," convincing Mama and Carl to join her in pledging a nickel a mile. When Johnny obnoxiously hits on one of the race coordinators, she alters his race map, sending him on a jaunt around the world. Suzy, Mama and Carl must band together to stop Johnny from crossing the finish line before they end up owing the charity billions of dollars. "Lone Star Bravo" One evening, Mama relates the story of their famous ancestor, Lone Star Bravo, whose exact resemblance to Johnny in flashback is both remarkable and convenient. We follow the saga of Johnny's ancestor, a simple backwoods lad who agrees to become sheriff of the town of Moist Rock to impress frontier chicks, then realizes that he must face off against the brutal outlaw Salad Fork Dan. "Toy Boy Johnny" Johnny is accidentally named the CEO of a huge toy conglomerate and has just days to come up with a best-selling Christmas toy in order to keep his cushy job. The "Johnny Doll with Destruct-O Chip" turns out not to be that toy.

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Season 1: Johnny Bravo: Season 1 Trailer
00:33 — The misadventures of the big, dumb (but good-hearted) cool guy Johnny Bravo!
Johnny Bravo Season 1
Cocky to the point of being delusional, Johnny Bravo assumes every "little mama" he sees will be good to him. But it's not so, and with his best dweeb (more…)

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  • Premiered: March 26, 1995
  • Rating: TV-Y7
  • Premise: Absurdist animation about a muscle-bound narcissist who thinks he's God's gift to women, when in reality his distaff admirers consist of his mother and the little girl who lives next door. This buff blond with a voice like Elvis but little in the brains de… (more)

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