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The Mentalist Exclusive: William Forsythe Is Rigsby's Dad!

Owain Yeoman, William Forsythe

Talk about perfect casting: Notorious film villain William Forsythe has been tapped to play yet another heavy on CBS' The Mentalist, has learned exclusively.

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Forsythe, perhaps best remembered as Flattop in Dick Tracy, will play Steve Rigsby, a career criminal and the... read more

I've just finished watching ...

Question: I've just finished watching Kyle XY Season 1 on DVD and the new Season 2 episodes. The opening sequence immediately made me flash back to John Doe, and the feeling of déjà vu only grew. Here we have an advanced, genetically engineered human created in a lab by a company called Madacorp (sound anything like Manticore to you?) loose in Seattle with company goons hunting him down. Did I miss the footnote saying that this is Dark Angel: The High School Years? I've enjoyed the show, but having watched Dark Angel and John Doe, I often feel like I'm watching a prequel. Answer: So Kyle XY is derivative. What isn't in this genre? If it's providing a more youthful, family-friendly twist on a sci-fi staple, enjoy it for what it is. Dark Angel and John Doe are long gone, and if you enjoy shows of that ilk, at least rest assured that because this show is on ABC Family instead of on a broadcast network, it's likely to be kicking around a lot longer than either of those other shows did o ... read more

In 2002 John Doe opened with ...

Question: In 2002 John Doe opened with a naked man curled on his side in a clearing. It moved to a close-up of his eye as it opened and looked around. In 2003 Stargate SG-1 opened its seventh season with a naked man curled on his side in a clearing. It moved to a close-up of his eye as it opened and looked around. Now in 2006 we have Kyle XY which opened with a naked man.... I know TV repeats itself, but this is a bit much. Were the same writers on all three shows? Or did everybody just like this scene so much we have to see it again and again? Answer: Not being familiar with the Stargate setup, I would just say the similarities between the John Doe and Kyle XY premises go beyond the naked-hunk-in-the-woods image, though it is a striking one. Even a classic one. Which is why it's fair game to try it again, because the fact is that this image works. Kyle seems to be getting some mileage out of it. Producers often express surprise when confronted with a scene or a shot that copies ... read more

Nearly every week, someone in ...

Question: Nearly every week, someone in your column is complaining about Lost. They're upset that we don't yet know what the numbers mean, or they want to know why no one wants to get off the island anymore or something else. Why haven't people realized by now that Lost isn't about the island, or the hatch, or the numbers or any of that? It's about the people who are on the island, or in the hatch or know the numbers. Why not just sit back and enjoy the ride from week to week? Answer: That has been my point all along. One echoed by Brian K.: "I may be in the minority, but I don't want to know much of anything that's truly behind the island from Lost. At this point, I do not believe any full explanation could satisfy me or the majority of the fans, even as much as they think they want it. I remember when John Doe was canceled and the creators decided to release info about where the story was going and where John's abilities came from. Like many others, I thought to myself, 'Well, glad it ... read more

Do you know who is playing ...

Question: Do you know who is playing the part of Lewiston's daughter on Boston Legal? Please say it's not 24's Elisha Cuthbert.

Answer: Think older and someone from David E. Kelley's exclusive repertory company. Think Hannah's mother on Everwood. Think the female lead on Fox's John Doe. Think an actress with the first name Jayne and the last name Brook.

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Now that Reunion's producers ...

Question: Now that Reunion's producers have announced that there is not going to be a resolution to the murder, or any of the other story lines, why is Fox going to bother airing the rest of the 13 episodes? I like the show and will be sorry not to see how it unfolds, but what is the point of airing six more episodes of a show that is going nowhere? It seems more logical to either let the show run the whole season or to cut their losses and air something else. The audience certainly isn't going to increase after an announcement like this. I'm very disappointed in Fox for not giving the show a chance (not that I'm surprised), but even more disappointed with the writers and producers who can't come up with a bone to throw to those of us who have been watching. Answer: I think I got mail from every single Reunion fan out there in the wake of the cancellation and the producers' statement that they weren't going to be able to wrap up the whodunit by the 13th and final episode. This letter ... read more

With the cancellation ax swinging...

With the cancellation ax swinging left and right this week, let's accentuate the positive, shall we?

As in: Prison Break announcing, at the end of its "fall finale" episode Monday night, that it would return sometime in March, not in May as previously rumored. The addicted among us will still chafe at the wait, no matter how long (or short) it might be. But I'm cool with the show waiting out the first rush of mid-season madness in January and sweeps (complicated by Winter Olympics) in February. When it comes back, in whatever time period Fox chooses, we'll be there.

The episode itself was relatively intense, with Michael & Co. hitting a wall — or, rather, a pipe — in their escape effort, while Veronica finds herself back in the crosshairs of that ridiculous psycho-agent, who murdered his partner in the night's biggest nonsurprise, though not before we learned that Lincoln's so-called "victim" is read more

OK, I'm ready. I've been ...

Question: OK, I'm ready. I've been expecting it for two weeks now. When is Fox going to cancel Reunion? I only ask because it's just what Fox does. I really like this show, so I know that means it's getting axed soon. (Paging John Doe and Tru Calling!!!) And knowing Fox, it's going to be canceled it before we find out what the "secret" is and which friend got "murdered." So give it to me straight, Matt.
Answer: Relax. What matters with Reunion is how much of The O.C.'s audience it holds on to, and so far, it's doing better by that low standard than anything Fox has previously aired in this time period. So it's safe for now, and I'm cautiously betting it will make it to the end of a first full season. After that, especially given the changeable nature of the show from season to season, renewal may be a trickier hurdle ... read more

Ultimate Escapism
Could Fox have a new breakout hit?

Watching the opening hours of Prison Break (premiering Monday, Aug. 29, at 8 pm/ET), I kept trying to blot out the inner voice telling me, "C'mon, Jack Bauer could get out of this mess in less than a day." In other words: If you think 24 stretches the bounds of logic, wait till you see this doozy. But for thrill-hunters willing to suspend disbelief and sign up for another tense, violent, improbably entertaining adventure, this new exercise in serialized suspense will do just fine until 24 returns in January. (It sure beats letting Fox's reality hacks get the time period.) The first leap of faith comes early, as stoic hero Michael Scofield (the terrifically taciturn Wentworth Miller) clumsily robs a bank for the express purpose of being sent to a maximum-security prison where his brother (John Doe's Dominic Purcell) is on death row for murdering the vice president's brother. Scofield, a st read more

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Premise: A man who knows literally everything---except his own identity---helps the Seattle police solve crimes as he tries to figure out who he is and where he came from. The high-concept sci-fi series had its loyal fans, but just not enough of them to get it renewed for a second season.


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